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From Eddie O'Neil <>
Subject documentation update
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 01:28:15 GMT

  Just an update on some ongoing documentation work...

  I've been looking at a few issues with the 1.0 release documentation
and have looked at the following issues:

- clean-up and consistency to make things look similar, remove
duplicate headings, remove unused / empty documents, etc
- add documentation on building controls projects
- canonicalize directory names / paths to be UNIX style rather than win32 style
- updates to site.xml to provide a cleaner set of links for intra-site hrefs
- fixup build / project model instructions in the tutorials
- NetUI data grid documentation and samples
- code reformatting in documentation for consistency with the samples
- site / release documentation updates which should be done now

  I've got a few things I'd like to finish before shipping 1.0 including:

- finishing the controls project model documentation
- adding some items to the NetUI FAQ (use of two expression languages, etc)
- work on the NetUI data binding documentation
- adding 1.0 release notes
- documentation for various possible Beehive web project models (Rich
is also probably working on this)

  Going forward, I'd also like to add some information to the website
about how to get involved in Beehive and so on, but that can be done
once 1.0 has shipped.  :)

  Anyway, that's where I stand with documentation work; feedback
welcome for additions / deletions / etc.


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