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From Daryl Olander <>
Subject Re: contrib samples
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 20:07:38 GMT
So far the AJAX support is still just being played with.  We are too
early to say exactly how things will shape up.  There has been some
work with the Ruby libraries.  There has been a bit of work on
thinking about the features and how to layer them into the current
tags, again though this is just prototype work.  I think we will begin
to get much more solid in terms of features and tag support in the
next month, after we wrap up V1.0 and branch for new feature work.

Feel free to send in your thoughts on the subject....

On 8/29/05, Glauber Adriano Reis <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I send along a netbeans friendly blank netui project and have also
> made netui-samples a bit more netbeans friendly (the mailer deamon
> wont allow me to sent it to the list because of its size, though) :(
> Directory structure
> are much like jakarta recommendation
> (
> I have attached a minimal guide as to the netbeans blank project and
> spotted a couple of typos in some jsp inside samples/, the patch is
> attached.
> Any ideas as to how AJAX is supposed to be implemented for some tags
> (from the ground up, use some already available library etc) ?
> I am playing a bit with it and would really want to be in synch with you
> guys...
> Adriano

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