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From Daryoush Mehrtash <>
Subject Re: Service control free threading cleanup...
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 21:12:13 GMT

The ThreadLocal was primarily designed to handle the
getInputHeader/setOutputHeader interface of the Service Control.  As
you pointed out the Controls depends on its container to maintain a
single threaded environment, which means the thread safety concern has
added  unnecessary complication.  I don't have problem removing this

IMHO though, the problem is actually in the interface of the service
control.  I think it is worth while to bring this up and see if there
are any other suggestions on this.

The problme that I see is that getInputHeader/setOutputHeader doesn't
really make sense.   Headers should be responsibility of Handlers and
should not be concern of the service control.  For instance, let's
assume headers are to be used as message checksum.  With the current
interface this is impossible to do since the client would not have
access to the Soap message to generate the checksum.  What you need is
a user defined  Handler that is  installed in the processing chain
such that it would add the header elements based on the checksum of 
the whole message, or validate the message checsum for incomming

JSR 181 defines the similar functionality on the server side that we
can use as a model.     My suggestion would be to adopt the same model
which menas to add annotations for defining Handlers and removing the
getInputHeaders/setOutputHeaders interface all together.     I think
this would solve your concern and also make the interface of the
service control usable.


On 7/26/05, Chad Schoettger <> wrote:
> Currently the service control is coded to be able to be used in a
> free-threaded manner (such as from a servlet) which is not the use pattern
> for Beehive controls. Over the next couple of days I would like to do some
> cleanup in the service control so it will conform more closely to the usage
> patterns of Beehive controls. The modifications I would like to propose are:
> 1) Remove the Thread.locals from the HeaderHandler class of the control.
> 2) Add onAquire() and onRelease() control event handlers to the service
> control (see jdbc control for examples of these)
> 2a) Move the invocation of the initialize() method from the invoke() method
> of the control to the onAquire() method
> 2b) Do any control cleanup in the onRelease() method
> 3) Add a cache for Call objects created by the control, and the logic
> necessary to resuse the cached Calls.
> Anything else I may be missing or anyone would like to see?
> - Chad



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