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From Cliff Schmidt <>
Subject Re: beehive 1.0 release status update
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:14:48 GMT
To reiterate the schedule I mentioned in my previous email.  Here's my

Today (Wednesday): start nominations for anyone interested in being VP/PMC chair

Today: someone (probably someone willing to be the chair) should
propose a resolution -- really just the single phrase that defines the
project scope inserted into the standard template (see below)

Friday morning (PDT): start vote on resolution

Sunday evening (PDT): start vote for VP (giving the rest of this week
and weekend for anyone to consider nominations)

Tuesday morning (PDT): close vote on resolution and send to Board for
review before meeting, leaving VP name blank for the moment.

Wednesday evening (PDT): close vote and insert Beehive's proposed VP
name into the resolution before board votes on it the next day.

Sound good?


On 7/20/05, Cliff Schmidt <> wrote:
> On 7/20/05, Eddie ONeil <> wrote:
> > For those who may not have seen, it seems that Beehive has been
> > released from the Apache Incubator, so congratulations are in order
> > for members of the community (user and dev) for having reached this
> > milestone.
> it does seem that way. ;-)  We should see an official vote result
> summary on the incubator general list shortly (I think Dims will be
> sending that since he started the vote.)
> >   As per Noel, Cliff and Dims's mails, we're awaiting an Apache Board
> > meeting for the discussion about having Beehive become a
> > top-level-project (TLP).  More there when we hear further news.  And,
> > Cliff, please correct me if I've conveyed any of this information
> > incorrectly.
> I believe the next Board meeting is scheduled for next Thursday.  The
> only correction to what you wrote is that Beehive needs to provide a
> resolution (which includes a proposed VP) BEFORE the Board meeting --
> in fact, preferably a couple days (Tuesday) before the Board meeting.
> The idea is that we give the Board something to vote on and hopefully
> approve.
> What this means is that the following things need to happen really soon:
> a) discussion and a vote on the resolution for Beehive (including a
> 1/2-line project scope),
> b) a vote to determine the proposed VP for the future Beehive TLP
> To have both of these things done by Tuesday (including a three-day
> voting period), we should probably start a) today and b) by Friday.
> I'd recommend that anyone who wants to nominate one of the PPMC
> members (including nominating one's self) as the VP does so in the
> next 48 hours or so.  If the Board meeting is Thursday, we could
> probably let the VP vote run up until Wednesday and just plug a name
> into the resolution text (which we want to have submitted to the Board
> by Tuesday to allow them to review it).
> Hope this quickly-written email makes sense.  BTW, I sent info about
> this process in response to a PPMC thread.  I will resend that info to
> this -dev list (the process is not a secret ;-).  All discussion and
> probably the resolution vote should happen on this list, but we may
> choose to cast VP votes on the private ppmc list.
> Cliff
> >
> >   I think that it makes sense to start stabilizing for a Beehive 1.0
> > release in order to deliver Controls + NetUI to the community in a 1.0
> > form.  The situation for WSM relative to JSR 181 TCK compliance has
> > not changed, though I'd guess we'll start the TCK work in the next few
> > weeks.  Once this has been passed, WSM will be added to Beehive in a
> > subsequent release.
> >
> >   I'd suggest waiting a week or so to hear the outcome of the Apache
> > Board's decision relative to TLP status.  Depending on the outcome of
> > this discussion, we could do a 1.0 release soon thereafter as a
> > full-fledged Apache project (!) or wait / discuss our options if that
> > decision is delayed for some reason.  Either way, it makes sense to
> > deliver stable APIs soon.
> makes sense to me
> >
> >   Status mail tracking our bug progress will appear shortly --
> > currently, I think we've only got a couple of issues to be resolved in
> > the "V1" category.
> >
> >   Thoughts / comments welcome.
> >
> > Eddie
> >

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