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From Cliff Schmidt <>
Subject Fwd: Getting out of Incubation.
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:12:49 GMT
As mentioned in my last post, I am forwarding an email I sent to the
-ppmc list in response to some questions about graduation.  Nothing I
wrote in my email had any reason to be kept private, so I am
forwarding it to this list since the discussion is taking place there
(as it should).

...and it should go without saying...of course, I removed the rest of
the quoted email since it's not my decision to make other people's
posts to -ppmc public (although IIRC, none of it was necessary to keep
private on the -ppmc list).


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Cliff Schmidt 
Date: Jul 7, 2005 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: Getting out of Incubation.
To: beehive-ppmc

Speaking of the TLP issue, once the Incubator PMC approves a project
for graduation, there is another step that TLP-destined projects need
to go through:

The ASF Board is the authority that creates a TLP with a resolution,
usually during one of their monthly meetings.  I believe the next
monthly board meeting is July 20th.  The resolution must be crafted
and proposed to the board based on the consensus of this PPMC and
contains three particular items of interest:
a) a list of initial members of the PMC
b) the chair of the PMC, who becomes "Vice President, Apache Beehive"
c) a few words to indicate the scope of the project

for a), we're generally talking about members of this PPMC; however, I
prefer to force PPMC members to specifically say that they understand
what it means to be on the PMC and are volunteering to do so, rather
than just transfer the names of ppmc members to the new pmc.  In the
past I've done this as part of the vote for the resolution -- if you
don't vote and specifically say you want to be on the PMC, you are not

for b), we need to have some (1+) nominees and then call a vote of the
ppmc.  As with just about all votes, this should be done on a public
list, such as the beehive-dev list.  For those interested, see

for c), the scope should be broad enough to allow for future growth
(e.g. "Java, metadata-based, web programming models").  You can see
examples of previous board resolutions by browsing through the Board
minutes at  However,
I've pulled out a few here:

They almost all start with "responsible for the creation and
maintenance of software related to"...

and finish with something like:

"XML-Java binding based on full XML Schema support and full XML
Infoset fidelity"
"identifying unsolicited email"
"the implementation of the Java Servlet and Java Server Pages specifications"
"building Java Server application GUIs based on JavaServer Faces (JSR-127)"
"XML parsing technologies"
"a directory server and naming related software"
"managing the conversion of XML formats to graphical output, and for
related software components"

You basically want something that is broad enough to allow for future
growth, but doesn't significantly overlap with the scope of other
projects.  One possibility (off the top of my head) for Beehive would
be "Java, metadata-based, web programming models".  That's on the
broad end of the spectrum, but is better than "JSR 181, NetUI, and
Controls", because the latter is a little too reflexive (NetUI and
Controls are defined nowhere but in the project itself) and would
require a new Board resolution for any kind of growth.


To summarize all this, see the vote that I called for the xmlbeans
project, just after it graduated from the incubator:


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