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From Cliff Schmidt <>
Subject Re: beehive 1.0 release status update
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 08:42:45 GMT
On 7/20/05, Eddie ONeil <> wrote:
> For those who may not have seen, it seems that Beehive has been
> released from the Apache Incubator, so congratulations are in order
> for members of the community (user and dev) for having reached this
> milestone.

it does seem that way. ;-)  We should see an official vote result
summary on the incubator general list shortly (I think Dims will be
sending that since he started the vote.)

>   As per Noel, Cliff and Dims's mails, we're awaiting an Apache Board
> meeting for the discussion about having Beehive become a
> top-level-project (TLP).  More there when we hear further news.  And,
> Cliff, please correct me if I've conveyed any of this information
> incorrectly.

I believe the next Board meeting is scheduled for next Thursday.  The
only correction to what you wrote is that Beehive needs to provide a
resolution (which includes a proposed VP) BEFORE the Board meeting --
in fact, preferably a couple days (Tuesday) before the Board meeting. 
The idea is that we give the Board something to vote on and hopefully

What this means is that the following things need to happen really soon:
a) discussion and a vote on the resolution for Beehive (including a
1/2-line project scope),
b) a vote to determine the proposed VP for the future Beehive TLP

To have both of these things done by Tuesday (including a three-day
voting period), we should probably start a) today and b) by Friday. 
I'd recommend that anyone who wants to nominate one of the PPMC
members (including nominating one's self) as the VP does so in the
next 48 hours or so.  If the Board meeting is Thursday, we could
probably let the VP vote run up until Wednesday and just plug a name
into the resolution text (which we want to have submitted to the Board
by Tuesday to allow them to review it).

Hope this quickly-written email makes sense.  BTW, I sent info about
this process in response to a PPMC thread.  I will resend that info to
this -dev list (the process is not a secret ;-).  All discussion and
probably the resolution vote should happen on this list, but we may
choose to cast VP votes on the private ppmc list.


>   I think that it makes sense to start stabilizing for a Beehive 1.0
> release in order to deliver Controls + NetUI to the community in a 1.0
> form.  The situation for WSM relative to JSR 181 TCK compliance has
> not changed, though I'd guess we'll start the TCK work in the next few
> weeks.  Once this has been passed, WSM will be added to Beehive in a
> subsequent release.
>   I'd suggest waiting a week or so to hear the outcome of the Apache
> Board's decision relative to TLP status.  Depending on the outcome of
> this discussion, we could do a 1.0 release soon thereafter as a
> full-fledged Apache project (!) or wait / discuss our options if that
> decision is delayed for some reason.  Either way, it makes sense to
> deliver stable APIs soon.

makes sense to me

>   Status mail tracking our bug progress will appear shortly --
> currently, I think we've only got a couple of issues to be resolved in
> the "V1" category.
>   Thoughts / comments welcome.
> Eddie

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