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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: .ser files in WSM
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 00:46:11 GMT

  So, today, the WSM annotation processor produces .ser files in order
to allow a web service stack (Axis 1.2 today) to discover the formal
argument names of methods exposed as @WebMethod.

  I was speculating -- which perhaps I shouldn't do :) -- that if WSM
were to target a web service technology in addition to Axis that the
.ser file wouldn't necessarily be needed.

  For example, if the WSM annotation processor produced a JSR 101 /
109 deployable unit (or the source files / descriptors for such a
unit), it might include enough information that the .ser file wouldn't
be needed.  In this case, Beehive WSM only runs at build time and
doesn't have a runtime component.

  I agree that there is nothing Axis specific in the .ser file and was
just making the point that the .ser file might not be needed depending
on how WSM is integrated into Axis or if / when WSM targets additional
web service stacks / standards.

  I'm not a web service expert by any means (clearly!), but it seems
like generation / use of the .ser file should be a *choice* and not a

  Does that make more sense?



On 6/16/05, Daryoush Mehrtash <> wrote:
> Eddie in the previous thread you said:
>  The .ser file is an artifact of the fact that the services are
> deployed on Axis. Were the annotation processor targeting JAX-RPC
> directly, the output of the annotation processor might not use the
> .ser file.
> I am not sure I follow your point here. As I said in the previous thread on
> the .ser file, the original of this was to solve the parameter name default.
> We started off in WSM by deploying source and compile at runtime (similar to
> the drop in deployment model in Axis), then evolved into having seperate
> build time and run time phases that deployed services by doing reflection on
> .class files, to the current iteration that uses the .ser file which means
> all the work is done at build time..
> You have looked at the .ser file more closely recently, but AFAIK, there is
> nothing Axis specifc in it. It is essentially the 3rd itteration of the
> model we are using to deploy services. It is true that our Axis
> implementation understands the .ser file, but if we were say to port the WSM
> to XYZ stack, our apprach would be to write an extension in the XYZ stack
> that would understand the .ser file.
> I don't follow what you mean when you say if we were "targeting JAX-RPC
> directly....". Can you please be more specific here.
> --
> Daryoush
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