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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: tags versus branches for releases
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:42:47 GMT
  We can certainly create tags for releases, though in SVN a tag and a
branch are the same thing.  See:

So, the beehive/branches/v1/m1 is going to be exactly the same as
beehive/tags/v1/m1 except that the former (at least today) will have a
few additional documentation changes since this is where the doc is
published for the v1m1 release -- Steve tends to fix a few doc issues
after we release.

Any code changes that go into either are disallowed and will be backed out.

Thus, it's a different name for the same thing, but if there's demand
for tags, it's easy enough to create them.


On 6/14/05, Jeremiah Johnson <> wrote:
> Beehive does not currently use tags in SVN.  This isn't a big issue,
> but I think that the infrastructure isn't complete without at least
> discussing it.  I don't think that there is a standard in Apache for
> tagging a release, so it seems that it is up to the individual
> projects.
> As a user of Beehive, it would allow me to sleep better to know that
> there are tags on each release.  If my well-adopted and impressive
> applications run into a critical defect, I would know that the source
> is easily accessible via a tag and a fix could be made without me
> having to upgrade.
> Because of SVN's stability in renaming and moving files, it seems that
> tags offer less value than in other source control systems.  In fact,
> since SVN doesn't force tags to be read-only, it almost seems that
> tags provide no value at all.  I can't really identify any value
> except that I feel better with tags.
> I see that other projects in Apache (i.e. Axis 2, Geronimo, and
> MyFaces) use tags - so maybe Beehive should just do as they do :)
> Maybe this is a reason to tag.
> I suggest that
> be updated to be more explicit about branching (as happened in v1m1)
> and then creating a tag from the branch after a successful vote
> (didn't happen in v1m1).
> - jeremiah

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