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From Jeremiah Johnson <>
Subject tags versus branches for releases
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 21:31:27 GMT
Beehive does not currently use tags in SVN.  This isn't a big issue,
but I think that the infrastructure isn't complete without at least
discussing it.  I don't think that there is a standard in Apache for
tagging a release, so it seems that it is up to the individual

As a user of Beehive, it would allow me to sleep better to know that
there are tags on each release.  If my well-adopted and impressive
applications run into a critical defect, I would know that the source
is easily accessible via a tag and a fix could be made without me
having to upgrade.

Because of SVN's stability in renaming and moving files, it seems that
tags offer less value than in other source control systems.  In fact,
since SVN doesn't force tags to be read-only, it almost seems that
tags provide no value at all.  I can't really identify any value
except that I feel better with tags.

I see that other projects in Apache (i.e. Axis 2, Geronimo, and
MyFaces) use tags - so maybe Beehive should just do as they do :) 
Maybe this is a reason to tag.

I suggest that
be updated to be more explicit about branching (as happened in v1m1)
and then creating a tag from the branch after a successful vote
(didn't happen in v1m1).

- jeremiah

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