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From Patrick Osborne <>
Subject Re: junit test container
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 15:47:21 GMT


Is there support for JDBC controls that use a data source?  For example 
if you the following annotation when declaring a control will it work?

        @JdbcControl.ConnectionDataSource(jndiName = 
private MyJdbcControl jdbcControl;


Eddie ONeil wrote:

>  I've written a small, standalone JUnit test container that can be
>used for out-of-container testing of Controls.  This is a pretty
>simple set of classes that are described below.
>  When a test class runs, a new control container context is created
>and control fields declared with @Control are instantiated, the test
>code executes, and both the context and controls are removed.  I think
>this should be sufficient to replace the custom control test
>containers defined in both the JDBC and web service controls.
>  Non-goals of this test container include:
>- facilitate in-container testing as part of EJBs / Servlets / JSPs /
>ServletFilters / etc.  Frameworks like Cactus are good at this sort of
>thing, and Beehive should ensure that the facilities to ensure
>controls in a test case work there.
>- define a new annotation-based model for writing test classes / test
>methods.  JUnit 4.0 and TestNG are already defining these annotations
>/ semantics.
>  The classes involved are:
>- ControlTestCase -- abstract base class used to setup the control
>container context and initialize fields marked with @Control.  Also
>has convenience methods for creating controls programmatically.
>- ControlTestUtils -- static helper methods that can be used in a test
>environment when a test case needs to extend a different base class. 
>These would be called in user code from the setUp / tearDown methods.
>- ControlTestContainerContext -- simple ControlContainerContext
>implementation that allows a test author to wire-up contextual
>services, etc
>and a sample test is pasted at the bottom of the mail:
>  I'm considering putting this in the tree under:
>      trunk/controls/src/junit-testing/...
>and producing a JAR called "beehive-controls-junit-testing.jar" that
>can be used from the samples / applications / etc and is included in
>the Beehive distribution.
>  It's definitely time that we started making this sort of testing easier.  :)
>  Thoughts / comments?
>::::: sample test
>public class ContainmentTest
>    extends ControlTestCase {
>    @Control
>    private Hello _declarativeHello;
>    public void testDeclarativeInstantiation() {
>        System.out.println(_declarativeHello.hello());
>    }
>    public void testContainment() {
>        Hello hello = (Hello)instantiateControl("pkg.containment.HelloBean");
>        System.out.println(hello.hello());
>    }

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