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From Bryan Che <>
Subject Re: [vote] cleaning up jira by renaming v1 to v1m1
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:30:03 GMT


Eddie ONeil wrote:
> All--
>   In the course of releasing Beehive 1.0 v1m1, we overloaded the use
> of the "V1" release Fix Version in JIRA to really mean "V1m1".  The
> result is that we've now stolen the "V1" release version from the bug
> tracking system making it harder to explain how to file / fix bugs
> going forward.
>   It appears that JIRA has a "merge" option for releases, and given
> this, I believe that we can take the bugs currently with a "Fix
> Version" in "V1" and reassign them to a new release "V1m1".
>   This would allow us to use the "V1" moniker for work that is going
> on as we actually move toward a 1.0 (Incubating) release.  We could
> then bring bugs back from TBD that will be fixed before 1.0
>   So, I'd like to suggest that we rename the "V1" bugs to "V1m1" and
> use "V1" to mean the bugs going forward en route to 1.0.  Please vote!
> Eddie
> Vote:
> [+1] Yes, push the "V1" bugs back to "V1m1"
> [0]  Abstain / not sure / don't care.
> [-1] No, leave the bugs in "V1".  If you vote this way, please provide
> an explanation and add a new moniker for what to actually call 1.0
> that isn't "V1".  :)

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