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From Richard Feit <>
Subject Re: updating the beehive web site -- a two pronged approach
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 03:55:29 GMT
+1 to both -- I totally agree with this.


Eddie ONeil wrote:

>  After having worked on the Beehive website some in the last couple
>of days, I've got a couple of suggestions for how we can make this
>process significantly easier.  The approach has two parts...  The
>first is the most (immediately) important.
>1) check the generated website into beehive/site in a read-only part
>of SVN.  This would allow committers to generate the website, check it
>into SVN, and then check it out on the server.  This process avoids
>the generation and "scp" of a .zip file to the server and then the
>"ssh" to crack the .zip file.  To update the site, just run "svn
>update" on the live site.  This also makes it easier to roll back
>after a failed change.
>2) the next step would be to decouple the release-independent content
>of the site from the release-dependent documentation.  This would move
>things like the links to the mailinglists, downloads page, news page,
>etc out of trunk/ and up a level so that it's versioned independently
>of the versions of Beehive.  This is checked into something like:
>  site/
>    author/ -- location for the content in the tree
>    publish/ -- location of the generated site
>Then, the release documentation can be generated, copied up to
>publish/, checked into the tree, and "svn update"ed on the live site.
>Step (1) is something we can do now and would make updating the site
>quite easy.  Step (2) is something we can do longer term but would
>decouple the release documentation from the more static website.
>  Thoughts?

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