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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: [proposal] move the system controls from controlhaus to Apache
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 15:29:49 GMT

  We've had 8 +1s (9 including mine) which is terrific, and the
migration of code from ControlHaus to Apache SVN will start Monday

  This means that the tree is going to get a little bigger and that
our 3rd party dependencies will grow to include some core J2EE JARs
like the APIs for EJB and JMS among others.  We'll check anything that
we can into SVN so that there are fewer JARs to download.

  The first priority is going to be getting the code into the tree,
building in the "org.apache.beehive" package, and available in a
nightly.  Forrest documentation and other loose ends will get tied up
after that.

  If you've got questions, let me know.


On 5/4/05, Ken Tam <> wrote:
> +1
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eddie O'Neil
> Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 9:23 AM
> To: Beehive Developers
> Subject: [proposal] move the system controls from controlhaus to Apache
> All--
>    I'd like to propose that we move the code / samples / tests /
> documentation for the four core system controls from
> into the Beehive SVN repository.
>    These four controls would include those at:
> We would put these into:
>      trunk/systemcontrols
> under the:
>      org.apache.beehive.controls.system.[jdbc|ejb|jms|webservice]
> packages.
>    I've just received confirmation that the code grant covering these
> four controls (and all supporting files) has been received and recorded
> by the ASF, so we should be clear of any legal / copyright issues given
> that this code currently is BEA copyright in the controlhaus SVN
> repository.  We *will* change this to the ASF copyright before it's 'in
> the repository.
>    I for one am totally +1 on this -- it will be great to have all of
> the code shipping with a Beehive distribution together in a single
> repository with shared test / doc infrastructure, etc.
> Eddie

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