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From "Daryoush Mehrtash" <>
Subject RE: [proposal] move the system controls from controlhaus to Apache
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 19:35:56 GMT
I think the interfaces are decoupled from the implementation at least as
far as the service control is concern.

For service control the base interface is defined in:

It can be used as the base interface for any flavor of the service
control you wish to develop.

The JAX RPC implementation that is being moved from the controlhaus is
an instance of such implementation in org.controlhaus.webservice.jaxrpc
package. Original plan was to make this purely JAXRPC, but currently it
has some Axis dependencies, my goal is to re-factore out Axis
dependencies.  The JAXRPC implementation uses the "ServiceFactory" to
get Service implementation.  After the re-factoring, you should be able
replace the Axis implementation with other flavors of JAX RPC compliant
Service classes by setting the properties of the factory.


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From: Matthew Stevens [mailto:Matthew.Stevens@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 11:13 AM
To: Beehive Developers
Subject: Re: [proposal] move the system controls from controlhaus to


Is it possible to decouple the Control interfaces for these controls 
from the specific implementations.  It strikes me that the beehive 
developer focus is on the Control interface and the Control 
implementation is replaceable.  I would think that developers would like

to rely on a stable and common Control interface for staple controls 
like jdbc and jms...but not want to be dependent on the 
implementations.  For instance, one may want to have a J2EE JSR 109 
based implementation of the web service control versus an Axis based 
implementation.  Can you comment?


Eddie O'Neil wrote:

> All--
>   I'd like to propose that we move the code / samples / tests / 
> documentation for the four core system controls from 
> into the Beehive SVN repository.
>   These four controls would include those at:
> We would put these into:
>     trunk/systemcontrols
> under the:
>     org.apache.beehive.controls.system.[jdbc|ejb|jms|webservice]
> packages.
>   I've just received confirmation that the code grant covering these 
> four controls (and all supporting files) has been received and 
> recorded by the ASF, so we should be clear of any legal / copyright 
> issues given that this code currently is BEA copyright in the 
> controlhaus SVN repository.  We *will* change this to the ASF 
> copyright before it's 'in the repository.
>   I for one am totally +1 on this -- it will be great to have all of 
> the code shipping with a Beehive distribution together in a single 
> repository with shared test / doc infrastructure, etc.
> Eddie

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