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From Kyle Marvin <>
Subject Re: controls-spring sample question
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 23:14:49 GMT
Well, I wanted to make it clear that the integration stuff wasn't
_part_ of the sample webapp (other than in jar form), but something
that was usable for any Spring/Beehive webapp.   I worry a little that
merging them might lose that point... but calling from the webapp one
to the integration one (if the jar isn't already there) seems fine.

On 5/11/05, Eddie ONeil <> wrote:
> Kyle--
>  Hey; quick question on the controls-spring sample we've got now
> (which is cool!).  I was looking at getting controls-spring into the
> Beehive distribution, and noticed that there are two build files in:
>  controls-spring/
>                   integration/
>                               build.xml
>                   web/
>                       WEB-INF/
>                             src/
>                                 build.xml
> Was wondering what you'd think if I compacted these into a single
> build file?  You would still be able to build the Spring integration
> JAR separate from the webapp, but there would be only one place to
> configure / build / etc.
>  Thoughts?
> Eddie

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