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From "Rotan Hanrahan" <>
Subject RE: drt - Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:58:05 GMT
I agree. Seeing the "errors" is unpleasant, particularly when you know that emigrating to another
country will fix the problem :)
A modified build process that avoids such tests would make the errors go away, but that's
just fixing something by hiding it.
I'm not familiar enough with that region of the code to offer a fix, but someone must be.
So we'll just keep mentioning it until the right person comes along.

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	From: Ias [] 
	Sent: Fri 17/09/2004 10:21 
	To: 'Beehive Developers' 
	Subject: RE: drt - Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )

	> Rotan--
	>   The failure of the FormatTags on a non-US locale should't
	> keep you from developing with NetUI in Beehive. 
	It shouldn't, but seeing failure from "ant drt" on NetUI everytime due to
	locale problem doesn't seem pleasant, I think. Is there any feasible way to
	figure this situation out? For example, if it's really hard to go straight,
	disabling those test cases in case of non-US locale may help (either
	automatically or manually).
	>   Beehive itself isn't failing in your locale -- just a
	> specific instance of a test using a <netui:formatDate> tag. 
	> This is because the test itself was recorded in a US locale
	> and that Locale just isn't being set / picked-up correctly
	> for the given JSP page.
	>   The ModuleConfigLocator test you mentioned was another
	> Locale-related failure we've seen in the last few weeks --
	> the diff showed that the "lang" attribute on the <html> tag
	> was showing up localized rather than "en". 
	>   Hope that helps.  Have fun!
	> Eddie
	>       -----Original Message-----
	>       From: Rotan Hanrahan []
	>       Sent: Sun 8/15/2004 5:50 PM
	>       To:
	>       Cc:
	>       Subject: drt - Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )
	>       [ Developing with NetBeans4 (a beta, but fairly ok for
	> Java 1.5), on WinXP and SuSE 9.1 ]
	>       I can build: clean deploy drt
	>       but the drt build has one little error:
	>            Playback FAILED for test( FormatTags )
	>       which, as you know, is likely caused by locale problems.
	>       I'm building on a machine configured for my locale
	> (English language, Irish environment) and I prefer not to
	> make any global changes because that would break other things
	> I'm working on.
	>       I've isolated NetBeans4 into its own execution
	> environment so that (for example) its JAVA_HOME is JDK1.5.0,
	> and not the 1.4.2 I use normally. Having to further isolate
	> the build environment into a temporary US locale defeats the
	> purpose of the test, so I'll leave it alone. Should I have
	> any further reason to worry if I continue to experiment on
	> Beehive while in a locale it fails on?
	>       And did ModuleConfigLocator have a problem with locale?
	> Or was it just a coincidence that it previously failed at the
	> same time as FormatTags (which *did* have a problem with locale)?
	>       I've attaced the ant build output to this message if
	> anyone is interested (though I'm unsure about how the Apache
	> mailer handles attachments).
	>       ---Rotan

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