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From "Heather Stephens" <>
Subject Quick summary on how to update the beehive project website
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:01:14 GMT
1. You will need to install Forrest
   DTD --
   More info --

2. Sync to the latest Beehive source on your local machine.

3. Make your changes to content files in

4. Build the site
    * Navigate to the $BEEHIVE_HOME/trunk/site/ directory from a command
prompt or shell.
    * $>Forrest
    * NOTE:  There is a small problem I haven't yet figured out how to
deal with, though I'm sure there is a solution.  Please manually ensure
any images you added to
$BEEHIVE_HOME/trunk/site/src/documentation/resources/images/ are also
added to the $BEEHIVE_HOME/trunk/site/build/site/images/ directory.

5.  Run the jetty server to test out your changes
    * $>Forrest Run
    * Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8888/

6.  Checkin changes to the $BEEHIVE_HOME/trunk/site/ directory
(including the generated files).

7.  Now sync the Apache beehive website to SVN
    *Log on to with your userid/pwd.  I use PuttySSH.
    *Make sure umask is set to 002.  The best way to do this is to
change your default in your profile (.cshrc and .shrc files in your home
    *Navigate to ~www/
    * $>svn up

8.  And test to make sure all is well in the land.

I'll put these directions up on the web when I get a chance.

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