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From "Michael Merz" <>
Subject Proposal for continously testing JSR-181 functionality
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 22:01:13 GMT
Hi Wolfgang (and all),

Thanks for your offer to help! A lot of implementation work has already
been done on the JSR-181 processor; however, there are still pieces
missing. I'm currently working on test cases and scenarios; we would
certainly appreciate any help in that area. More specifically, for
testing functionality and feature completeness we'll soon need:

 1) Test cases/scenarios
  a) We need to identify test scenarios and create annotated .jws files
for test cases that model those test scenarios; e.g. for testing JSR-181
rules such as '@Oneway cannot have any "out" parameters', etc.
  b) We need to integrate those test files into a test framework (see 2)

 2) Test framework, which takes test scenarios in form of a <Web
service> (see below) and does something like the following:
  a) Automatically builds and deploys the <Web service> in Axis
  b) Retrieves the WSDL descriptor for the (deployed) <Web service> from
  c) Tests the equivalence of Axis' WSDL w/ the original WSDL
  d) Generates a client for the <Web service> (e.g. in a temporary
directory) w/ junit tests (e.g. w/ WSDL2Java)
  e) Builds the client
  f) Runs generated junit tests against the <Web service>
  g) Returns the results and removes all temporarily generated files

The aforementioned <Web service> contains all source-, class- and other
files that make up a Web service, including a WSDL descriptor for the
Web services. The files would ideally reside in a directory structure
such as:
+- <Web service> name
+-+- service (contains the .jws file)
  +- src (contains source files for all supporting classes)
  +- wsdl (contains the WSDL descriptor for the Web service)

An example (with documentation) that adheres to the same directory
structure will soon be added to the Beehive/wsm repository. Let me know
if you have any questions/suggestions, please.
Generally, any form of contributions to discussions/feedback/suggestions
on the overall architecture/implementation is also greatly appreciated.



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