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From Carlin Rogers <>
Subject checkin request netui page flow
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 18:40:53 GMT
Hi All,

I have another checkin request for Page Flow. The following patch
file (output from "svn diff") contains a couple minor fixes for the
declarative validation support. It also contains the changes to
PageFlowRequestProcessor.processMapping() given in a previous patch
but not yet submitted. Can just use this patch. Thanks!

- Trim blank spaces from the lang, country, and variant value of
the Jpf.ValidationLocaleRules annotation so that blank spaces are
not written to the validator rules XML.
- Add support for locale variant in the Jpf.ValidationLocaleRules
annotation and creation of the validation rules XML file.
- Minor refactoring to update a couple of method signatures that
had arguments not being used.
- Modified code to support our RequestProcessor override method
PageFlowRequestProcessor.processMapping(). Now if there is no for shared flow and a page has an unresolved action
we will produce the correct action not found error message.

CR: Rich
BB: self (WinXP)


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