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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Looking for source directories
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 00:22:55 GMT

  Hey, glad you're getting up and running. 

  One thing that's curious is the need to have the "junit.jar" in the 
shell's classpath -- this shouldn't be necessary.  Why did you need to 
add it?  What are your JDK and Ant versions?

  When you say "tomcat is stuck", how far do the tests get?  For help 
getting going with the NetUI tests, you might start here:

which describes how the test infrastructure starts / stops Tomcat and 
give some hints at how to diagnose trouble.

  Hope that helps!

Eddie wrote:

>Hi there,
>I've tried building Beehive with eclipse 3.1-M1 on Win2K.
>The directory setting is almost same as Ias's. 
># source directories 
>   wsm/src/api
>   wsm/src/runtime 
># required libraries 
>   wsm/lib/xmltypes.jar
>   JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar,
>   external/junit/junit.jar
>   external/xmlbeans/apache-xbean.jar
>And add junit.jar in ANT's classpath. (Not eclipse's classpath)
>( window -> Preferences -> Runtime under Ant tree ->
>  add BEEHIVE_HOME/external/junit/junit.jar in Global Entries in Classpath tab)
>Otherwise, you will fail in the junit ant task.
>With the settings above,
>ant bootstrap -> successful
>ant clean -> successful
>ant build -> successful
>ant deploy -> successful
>ant wsm.drt -> successful
>ant controls.drt -> Tomcat is stuck
>ant netui.drt -> Tomcat is stuck
>In the both controls.drt and netui.drt target, right after having started, 
>Tomcat was stuck... I don't know why. 
>I guess those settings are okay, but there's something between eclipse and 
>tomcat. I couldn't figure it out.
>Thanks in advance.
>>Hi all,
>>For those who use IDEs (perhaps IDEA 4.5 or Netbeans 4.0 because of their
>>full Tiger support), where source directories and required libraries are is
>>important and helpful even though build.xml may explain it indirectly. In
>>case of WSM,
>>source directories - wsm/src/api, wsm/src/runtime 
>>required libraries - wsm/lib/xmltypes.jar, J2SE_HOME/lib/tools.jar,
>>external/junit/junit.jar, external/xmlbeans/apache-xbean.jar
>>How about adding such information to
>> ?

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