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Subject Re: endpoint interface
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 18:56:07 GMT
Hi Michael,

> I am trying to find out how to do that as part of the switch from
> reflection/byte-code processing to apt. Stay tuned...

okay, please let me know when you make it.

I'm thinking to implement the service endpoint interface for 
the as well.
But before doing that, I wanna make sure one thing.

How does the caller retrieve the object model of the service 
endpoint interface ?

For example, (in svn) specifies "Cheetorama" as its @WebService.endpointInterface.
Using the last code I sent you, the caller gotta follow the procedures below.

The caller uses the class to get an object model of the
(Like in drt/tests/org/apache/beehive/wsm/jsr181/processor/apt/

   String[] _args = {

   int status = new Main().compile(_args);
   this.objectModel = WsmAnnotationProcessor.getObjectModel("Foo");

The object model(this.objectModel) of the is in the caller's hands now, 
so the caller now gotta check whether the endpointInterface exists in the object model.
In this case, it exists and specifies "Cheetorama".

The caller finally can get the object model of the Cheetorama by invoking 

Is this sequence right ?

When WsmAnnotationProcessor.getObjectModel("Foo"); is invoked in the First part,
Is the object model of "Cheetorama" actually returned ?
(So the caller doesn't need to care whether has the service endpoing interface.
If the doesn't have the service endpoint interface, the object model of

will be returned.)

Even though I implemented WsmAnnotationProcessorFactory as former way, somehow I think 
latter way looks correct to me according to JSR-181. (not sure though)

But by the latter way, we can never get the object model of if the service 
endpoint interface exists. Foo's object model will be overrided by the one of the service

endpoing interface (Cheetorama).

Former or latter way, which is correct ??

Thanks in advance.


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