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Subject Re: endpoint interface
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 16:37:00 GMT
Hi Jonathan and Michael.

I've attached 3 files ( a patch file (wsm_diff.txt),
and )

> If no endpointInterface is specified, things behave as they were and the
> rest of the annotations will be loaded from the implemetation as usual.

At the end of page 35 of JSR-181 states 
"If the JSR-181 service implementation bean does not reference a service endpoint 
interface through the @WebService.endpointInterface annotation, the JSR-181 processor 
is required to generate the interface from the annotations on the implementation bean."

So my implementation of will generate a service endpoint interface

(actual java source file) and read annotations from the service implementation bean.
Doesn't need to generate an actual java source file (java interface) ?

> if someone puts
> @WebService(endpointInterface = "") we try to
> load the source

It can load annotations from the source specified by the @WebService.endpointInterface.
However, It currently allows only the full path of the source file.

> if a class name is used we try to find a matching
> source file and if that fails, just load the class and use reflection to
> create the object model.

It can load the class and use reflection to create the object model but cannot 
find a matching source file.
Implementing the functionality of finding a matching source file is actually easy , but 
at least I gotta know the base directory where the search started from and how deep 
the search is allowed to dig into. 
Otherwise, It's gonna take a long time to find out the search succeeded or actually failed.
So I left the part.

I will refactor to take those options ( the base directory , 
depth of directory the search is allowed to dig into ) later.

Thanks in advance.

why is the attachments from BEA guys allowed, but me ( mail) ?

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