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Subject TwoPhaseAnnotationProcessor
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:46:35 GMT
Hi Michael, Jonathan.

Thank you for adding Jsr181ProjectPlan page on Wiki.

In the section "4.2. Tasks", it says "update generate(): open".
However, what does the TwoPhaseAnnotationProcessor(WsmAnnotationProcessor) generate ?
The processor reads annotated java source files or jws, and is supposed to generate 
normal java source files ?
If so, I think it doesn't make sence.

In case @WebMethod(operation="GoLoco") public boolean getNutty(...) is fine.
Just modify the method name from getNutty to GoLoco and generate a normal java file.

But @WebMethod(action="LocoAction") is applied, it cannot generate a normal java file 
since the "action" doesn't have any places to fit in a normal java file.
Or, it can add the @WebMethod annotation to the generated java file (which is of course
annotated )
The processor reads an annotated java file and will generate an annotated java file again...
 -> nonsense.

Thanks in advance.


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