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Subject Re: Looking for source directories
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 20:00:12 GMT
Hi there,

I've tried building Beehive with eclipse 3.1-M1 on Win2K.

The directory setting is almost same as Ias's. 

# source directories 

# required libraries 

And add junit.jar in ANT's classpath. (Not eclipse's classpath)
( window -> Preferences -> Runtime under Ant tree ->
  add BEEHIVE_HOME/external/junit/junit.jar in Global Entries in Classpath tab)
Otherwise, you will fail in the junit ant task.

With the settings above,
ant bootstrap -> successful
ant clean -> successful
ant build -> successful
ant deploy -> successful
ant wsm.drt -> successful
ant controls.drt -> Tomcat is stuck
ant netui.drt -> Tomcat is stuck

In the both controls.drt and netui.drt target, right after having started, 
Tomcat was stuck... I don't know why. 
I guess those settings are okay, but there's something between eclipse and 
tomcat. I couldn't figure it out.

Thanks in advance.


> Hi all,
> For those who use IDEs (perhaps IDEA 4.5 or Netbeans 4.0 because of their
> full Tiger support), where source directories and required libraries are is
> important and helpful even though build.xml may explain it indirectly. In
> case of WSM,
> source directories - wsm/src/api, wsm/src/runtime 
> required libraries - wsm/lib/xmltypes.jar, J2SE_HOME/lib/tools.jar,
> external/junit/junit.jar, external/xmlbeans/apache-xbean.jar
> How about adding such information to
> ?
> Thanks,
> Ias

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