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Subject [Apache Beehive Wiki] Updated: For Beehive Developers
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 22:52:58 GMT
   Date: 2004-09-17T15:52:58
   Editor: KenTam <>
   Wiki: Apache Beehive Wiki
   Page: For Beehive Developers
   URL: Beehive Developers

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Change Log:

@@ -12,11 +12,9 @@
   mkdir beehive
   cd beehive
-  svn checkout svn checkout
+  svn checkout
- * install Ant 1.6.2 from `$BEEHIVE_HOME/external/` into `$BEEHIVE_HOME/installed`.
 This should create an `$BEEHIVE_HOME/installed/apache-ant-1.6.2` directory
- * define the shell variables JAVA_HOME and BEEHIVE_HOME to reference the root of the JDK
1.5 install and the root of the Beehive `trunk/` directory
- * run `ant clean deploy`
+ * follow the instructions in {{{BUILDING.txt}}}
 = Build Conventions =
 The Beehive build is structured such that the Beehive components are peers and have a location
in which to reference shared components.  Artifacts of these shared components are defined
as properties in the `/` file, which can be included by any downstream Ant
build file.  Some of these artifacts include references to the XMLBeans JAR, the Servlet and
JSP API JARs, and the common JUnit JAR.  The motivation behind this is to minimize the number
of properties used to refer to the same resource, and when possible, these common properties
should be used in component projects.

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