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From Johannes Lehmann <>
Subject Windowing with TextIO
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2017 18:30:01 GMT

I have banged my head against this for a little while now and I was hoping
someone could point me in the right direction :):

We are reading time-series data from a text file (TextIO), Windowing,
aggregating it using a custom CombineFn and writing the result to MongoDB.
The runner is Flink.

All of this works in principle, but for a large file, the memory gets
filled up even if we are using a tiny window. For all I can tell elements
that are read never get released / GCed when there's windowing involved. A
simplified section of the pipeline that exhibits the problem looks like


Default trigger, nothing fancy.

I found it suspicious that Flink never records a watermark (as seen in the
UI) for data read from TextIO. Could that have something to do with it - it
doesn't have a processing time and therefore cannot make an assumption that
there will definitely not be any more data from that window? If so how can
I fix this?

Otherwise (I realise I haven't shared much code here, but can share
whatever may help) any other idea what might cause the memory to not be

Many thanks,

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