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From Ankur Chauhan <>
Subject Emitting results saved using state api without input (cleanup)
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2017 10:03:08 GMT

I am attempting to do a seemingly simple task using the new state api. I have created a DoFn<KV<Sting,
Event>, KV<String, Event>> that accepts events keyed by a particular id (session
id) and intends to emit the same events partitioned by as sessionID/eventType. In the simple
case this would be a normal DoFn but there is always a case where some events are not as clean
as we would like and we need to save some state for the session and then emit those events
later when cleanup is complete. For example:

Let’s say that the first few events are missing the eventType (or any other field), so we
would like to buffer those events till we get the first event with the eventType field set
and then use this information to emit the contents of the buffer with (last observed eventType
+ original contents of the buffered events),

For this my initial approach involved creating a BagState<Event> which would contain
any buffered events and as more events came in, i would either emit the input with modification,
or add the input to the buffer or, emit the events in the buffer with the input.

While running my test, I found that if I never get a “good” input, i.e. the session is
only filled with error inputs, I would keep on buffering the input and never emit anything.
My question is, how do i emit this buffer event when there is no more input?

— Ankur Chauhan
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