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From Antony Mayi <>
Subject Re: exclusive window per event
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2017 05:36:27 GMT
In my case the GroupByKey happens to be used internally when calling Combine.globally() on
the flattened event elements (so I don't need GroupByKey explicitly but it gets used unavoidably).
I already tried using triggers instead of windowing - (trying to trigger for every event)
something like this:
but that's not advancing - it seems to be waiting for more events and not really passing the
event through the pipeline.

    On Monday, 3 April 2017, 22:06, Ben Chambers <> wrote:

 If your goal is to just process events as they come in, you should be able to do something
 Source -> DoFn -> DoFn -> Sink
You only need to GroupByKey if you want all the elements associated with a specific key to
be processed together -- which it sounds like you don't. If you do need a GroupByKey, you
could then use a trigger (every element or something like that) to trigger the grouping after
every element. 
On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 12:14 PM Antony Mayi <> wrote:

I thought group-by-key in streaming mode cannot run without windowing? This is what I get
when removing my Window.into():
java.lang.IllegalStateException: GroupByKey cannot be applied to non-bounded PCollection in
the GlobalWindow without a trigger. Use a Window.into or Window.triggering transform prior
to GroupByKey.
 my case is:receiving streaming eventseach event is a list of elementsI need to process elements
of each event independently of elements of other events - hence my approach of putting each
event in its own window, then expanding it (since event = list) using flat map and then running
group-by type of transformation on that window (which would mean it is still isolated from
other event elements).
thx for ideas,a.

    On Sunday, 2 April 2017, 23:43, Ben Chambers <> wrote:

 Can you elaborate on your use case? If your goal is to just group things, you can assign
a key to each element and then apply a group by key. You shouldn't need to use windowing for

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017, 2:34 PM Csaba Kassai <> wrote:

Hi Antony, 
there is a small custom windowing example in this github repo which can be useful for you:
code is not documented yet, so let me know if you have any question about it. 
Regards, Csabi

On Fri, 31 Mar 2017 at 18:04 Robert Bradshaw <> wrote:

Yes, you can extend BoundedWindow to be your own Window type that has
additional members and different equality semantics (rather than
re-using IntervalWindow). The only requirement is that it have an
endpoint. (You'll also have to write a Coder for your new Window
subclass and return that in your WindowFn.

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 11:19 PM, Antony Mayi <> wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a way to implement windowing so that each input event gets into its
> own exclusive window?
> I can see the PartitioningWindowFn can be extended. If I implement the
> assignWindow to return new IntervalWindow with both start and end time set
> to the even time and in case there are two distinct events arriving at the
> same time (indistinguishable within Instant granularity), would this be
> processed as two separate windows without interfering the event data during
> any transformations?
> My motivation is to to be able to flatmap individual input events into a
> pcollection of multiple elements that - being a single exclusive window -
> can be grouped/... independently of other events (even if the other event
> has same time).
> thanks,
> Antony.


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