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From Dan Halperin <>
Subject Tracking backward-incompatible changes for Beam
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2016 00:21:41 GMT
Hey everyone,

In the Beam codebase, we’ve improved, rewritten, or deleted many APIs.
While this has improved the model and gives us great freedom to experiment,
we are also causing churn on users authoring Beam libraries and pipelines.

To really kick off Beam as something users can depend on, we need to
stabilize the Beam API. Stabilizing means a commitment to not making
breaking changes -- except between major versions as per standard semantic

To get there, I’ve started a process for tracking these changes by applying
the `backward-incompatible` label [1] to the corresponding JIRA issues.
Naturally, open `backward-incompatible` changes are “blocking issues” for
the first stable release. (Or we’ll have to put them off for the next major

So here are some requests for help:
* Please review and appropriately label the components I skipped:
runner-{apex, flink, gearpump, spark}, sdk-py.
* Please proactively file JIRA issues for breaking API changes you still
want to make, and label them.

Thanks everyone!


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