Looked at the PR, and added another comment: the gogradle.lock file was deleted, which would definitely cause the errors in the original post.

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 12:04 PM Robert Burke <robert@frantil.com> wrote:

It seems this is related to the specific PR rather than the usual cause for that error. If one runs into similar errors, it's usually faster to get a resolution if you include the PR where it's happening since errors are rarely context free.

Otherwise, incase someone finds this thread looking for Go SDK assistance:

1. Unless you're working on the the Go SDK itself there's no reason to run the gradle commands.  Stick to what's available via the go tools for pipeline authoring and you'll have a better time.

2. If you are working on the SDK itself, doubly welcome! What are you trying to add/fix? Is there a JIRA for it?

Most often you still shouldn't use the gradle commands to develop the Go SDK. Use the go tools directly, until it's time to create a PR. Even then, create a PR and have jenkins run everything, which is the prime user for the go gradle commands.

(This is what happened in the OPs case.)

3. Problems with that command usually means there's stale vendor directories somewhere and they should be removed think Kyle added a cleaning command which I can't look up just now. 

Adding deps to the gogradle.lock file is only required if you're adding new Go package dependencies to the SDK though.

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 11:41 AM Sonam Ramchand <sonam.ramchand@venturedive.com> wrote:
Hi Devs,
For ':sdks:go:resolveBuildDependencies' task, I have been getting:

Exception in resolution, message is:
  Cannot resolve dependency:github.com/ajstarks/deck: commit='LATEST_COMMIT', urls=[https://github.com/ajstarks/deck.git, git@github.com:ajstarks/deck.git]
  Resolution stack is:
  +- github.com/apache/beam/sdks/go
   +- golang.org/x/net#6772e930b67bb09bf22262c7378e7d2f67cf59d1
    +- golang.org/x/build#0a4bf693f6139da99647cdcccd3fd0b8a6fbfd70
     +- golang.org/x/perf#bdcc6220ee906f6e3759ef5784cb0bf9e60aec1e
      +- github.com/aclements/go-gg#abd1f791f5ee99465ee7cffe771436379d6cee5a
       +- github.com/ajstarks/svgo#7a3c8b57fecb7bee36eee443630bb30bffbb37fc

From my understanding, I need to add/delete these dependencies somewhere, being unfamiliar with the Go language, I do not have an idea exactly where these dependencies should be added.

Can you please help with that? If my understanding is not right, please correct me.
Thanks in advance.

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