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From Etienne Chauchot <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] commit granularity in master
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2019 09:16:22 GMT
Hi all,
It has already been discussed partially but I would like that we agree on the commit granularity
that we want in our
Some features were squashed to only one commit which seems a bit too granular to me for a
big feature.
On the contrary I see PRs with very small commits such as "apply spotless" or "fix checkstyle".

IMHO I think a good commit size is an isolable portion of a feature such as for ex "implement
Read part of Kudu IO" or
"reduce concurrency in Test A". Such a granularity allows to isolate problems easily (git
bisect for ex) and rollback
only a part if necessary. 
WDYT about:
- squashing non meaningful commits such as "apply review comments" (and rather state what
they do and group them if
needed), or "apply spotless" or "fix checkstyle"
- trying to stick to a commit size as described above

=> and of course update the contribution guide at the end


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