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From Ekrem Aksoy <>
Subject Re: An update on Eugene
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 10:30:24 GMT
Thank you for all of your contribution. Good luck with your new venture.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 10:17 PM Eugene Kirpichov <>

> Hi beamers,
> After 5.5 years working on data processing systems at Google, several of
> these years working on Dataflow and Beam, I am moving on to do something
> new (also at Google) in the area of programming models for machine
> learning. Anybody who worked with me closely knows how much I love building
> programming models, so I could not pass up on the opportunity to build a
> new one - I expect to have a lot of fun there!
> On the new team we very much plan to make things open-source when the time
> is right, and make use of Beam, just as TensorFlow does - so I will stay in
> touch with the community, and I expect that we will still work together on
> some things. However, Beam will no longer be the main focus of my work.
> I've made the decision a couple months ago and have spent the time since
> then getting things into a good state and handing over the community
> efforts in which I have played a particularly active role - they are in
> very capable hands:
> - Robert Bradshaw and Ankur Goenka on Google side are taking charge of
> Portable Runners (e.g. the Portable Flink runner).
> - Luke Cwik will be in charge of the future of Splittable DoFn. Ismael
> Mejia has also been involved in the effort and actively helping, and I
> believe he continues to do so.
> - The Beam IO ecosystem in general is in very good shape (perhaps the best
> in the industry) and does not need a lot of constant direction; and it has
> a great community (thanks JB, Ismael, Etienne and many others!) - however,
> on Google side, Chamikara Jayalath will take it over.
> It was a great pleasure working with you all. My last day formally on Beam
> will be this coming Friday, then I'll take a couple weeks of vacation and
> jump right in on the new team.
> Of course, if my involvement in something is necessary, I'm still
> available on all the same channels as always (email, Slack, Hangouts) -
> but, in general, please contact the folks mentioned above instead of me
> about the respective matters from now on.
> Thanks!

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