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From Scott Wegner <>
Subject Gradle Status [April 6]
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2018 16:32:02 GMT
I wanted to start a thread to summarize the current state of Gradle
migration. We've made lots of good progress so far this week. Here's the
status from what I can tell-- please add or correct anything I missed:

* Release artifacts can be built and published for Snapshot and officlal
releases [1]
* Gradle-generated releases have been validated with the the Apache Beam
archetype generation quickstart; still needs additional validation.
* Generated release pom files have correct project metadata [2]
* The python pre-commits are now working in Gradle [3]
* Ismaël has started a collaborative doc of Gradle tips [4] as we all learn
the new system-- please add your own. This will eventually feed into
official documentation on the website.
* Łukasz Gajowy is working on migrating performance testing framework [5]
* Daniel is working on updating documentation to refer to Gradle instead of

If I missed anything, please add it to this thread.

The general roadmap we're working towards is:
(a) Publish release artifacts with Gradle (SNAPSHOT and signed releases)
(b) Postcommits migrated to Gradle
(c) Migrate documentation from maven to Gradle
(d) Migrate perfkit suites to use Gradle

For those of you that are hacking: thanks for your help so far! Progress is
being roughly tracked on the Kanban [6]; please make sure the issues
assigned to you are up-to-date. Many of the changes are staged on
lukecwik's local branch [7]; we'll work on merging them back soon.


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