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From Mairbek Khadikov <>
Subject SerializableCoder Structured Value
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 23:55:52 GMT
Hi all,

Currently SerializableCoder#consistentWithEquals returns false, which
contradicts it's own documentation "{@link SerializableCoder} does not
guarantee a deterministic encoding, as Java serialization may produce
different binary encodings for two equivalent objects".

In practice, it leads to failures in org.apache.beam.sdk.util.
MutationDetectors$CodedValueMutationDetector. For example, some libraries
cache hash values

I'm thinking about changing SerializableCoder#consistentWithEquals to
return true, so that the structural value would be the object itself
instead of it the serialized bytes. Thoughts?

WIP branch



Mairbek Khadikov |  Software Engineer |

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