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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Flink_Gradle #694
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2018 04:17:09 GMT
See <>


[tgroh] [BEAM-409] Avoiding integer division in ceil

[kenn] Relocate everything shaded by Java SDK harness

[tgroh] Remove "beta" from the Cancel Command Prefix

[jbonofre] [BEAM-1017] Add RedisIO

[rangadi] Kafka exactly-once sink. Tested manually with direct runner and on

[rangadi] Disable other sink tests. Need to fix how tests use global

[rangadi] 1) Add a note about metadata expiration. 2) Fetch number of partitions

[rangadi] Add basic metrics.

[rangadi] Input PCollection has the coder for elements. No need to ask for them

[rangadi] Close producers after one minute of inactivity. This closes producers

[rangadi] assign a random shard id once in setup(), rather than each time in

[rangadi] Improve how we use MockProducer in tests. Remove global instance and use

[rangadi] Support version 0.11 through ProducerSpEL (reflection). Tests work with

[rangadi] Add runner check. Add withReadCommit() to reader.

[rangadi] update JavaDoc for withEOS().

[rangadi] update JavaDoc for withEOS().

[rangadi] Add missing license header in

[kenn] Add RawPTransform.migrate(SdkComponents) for re-serialization

[kenn] Add TransformPayloadTranslator.rehydrate to optionally specialize

[kenn] Add custom rehydration for TestStream

[kenn] Add custom rehydration for Combine

[kenn] Add custom rehydration for ParDo

[kenn] Add custom rehydration for WriteFiles

[kenn] Better error message for RehydratedComponents.getCoder

[kenn] Reinstate proto round trip in Java DirectRunner

[kenn] Fix typo in UnboundedSource deserialization error message

[kenn] Support side inputs in CombineTranslation

[kenn] Add NotSerializable.forUrn to key by URN for non-serializable overrides

[kenn] Clearer getOrDefault style in RehydratedComponents

[altay] Wordcount on fnapi pipeline and IT test.

[kenn] DirectRunner: Replace use of RawPTransform with NotSerializable.forUrn

[tgroh] Update PipelineTest.testReplacedNames

[rangadi] [BEAM-2720] Update kafka client version to

[kenn] Improve GcsFileSystem errors messages slightly

[kenn] Add ability to stage explicit file list

[kenn] Stage the portable pipeline in Dataflow

[kenn] Stage the pipeline without using a temp file

[kenn] Add assertion that valid jobs must have staged pipeline

[kenn] Remove duplicate mocking in DataflowRunnerTest

[valentyn] Pin runner harness also for official BEAM releases.

[kenn] Add standalone version of seed job

[altay] Created Java snippets file

[kenn] Unit test to repro NPE in PTransformTranslation

[kenn] Do not crash when RawPTransform has null spec

[chamikara] Avoids generating proto files for Windows if grpcio-tools is not

[chamikara] Adding lull tracking for python sampler

[klk] Clone source to a distinguished subdirectory of Jenkins workspace

[ekirpichov] [BEAM-2682] Deletes AvroIOTransformTest

[kenn] Add dep on Apache-licensed findbugs-annotations implementation

[kenn] Make Java core SDK root dir NonNull by default

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/coders

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/annotations

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/runners

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/state

[kenn] NonNull by default for sdk/testing

[kenn] Ignore findbugs in AutoValue generated classes

[kenn] NonNull by default in metrics

[altay] Unit test for label pipeline option

[robertwb] Implement FnApi side inputs in Python.

[github] Increase job_beam_PreCommit_Java_MavenInstall timeout from 2.5 to 4

[kenn] Make the main seed job standalone

[kenn] Increase seed job(s) timeout to 30 minutes

[kenn] Increase seed job(s) timeout to 60 minutes

[kenn] Fix typo in seed jobs

[kenn] Rename seed job so it is first in glob used by prior seed job

[kenn] Fix typo in seed job

[kenn] Rearrange .gitignore slightly

[kenn] Fix RAT exclusions

[kenn] Manage RAT plugin more centrally; only toggle skipping

[kenn] Increase Java postcommit timeout to 240

[kenn] Fix remaining nullability errors

[altay] Add zip to the list of accepted extra package file types.

[klk] Stage the pipeline in Python DataflowRunner

[herohde] [BEAM-3005] Add resource limits to provision proto

[herohde] [BEAM-3005] Set JVM max heap size in java container

[herohde] Declare .go and Dockerfile as text in gitattributes

[herohde] Update rat exclusion for python and Go protos

[herohde] CR: [BEAM-3005] Set JVM max heap size in java container

[altay] Add python_requires to

[lcwik] [BEAM-2566] Decouple SDK harness from Dataflow runner by elevating

[lcwik] Add missing @RunWith to test.

[kirpichov] Many improvements to TikaIO

[kirpichov] Adds ParseResult.failure()

[kenn] Remove coveralls invocations from all jobs

[klk] Remove extraneous type arguments in PAssert

[klk] Remove extraneous type arguments in

[klk] Suppress AutoValue warnings in TextIO

[ekirpichov] Reading spanner schema transform

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms/windowing

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms/reflect

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms/display

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms/join

[klk] NonNull by default in sdk/transforms/splittabledofn

[klk] Temporarily disable Dataflow pipeline_url metadata

[iemejia] [BEAM-3111] Upgrade Elasticsearch to 5.6.3 and clean pom

[iemejia] [BEAM-3112] Improve error messages in ElasticsearchIO test utils

[chamikara] [BEAM-2979] Fix a race condition in getWatermark() in KafkaIO.

[kirpichov] [BEAM-1542] SpannerIO: mutation encoding and size estimation

[chamikara] Added VoidSerializer for KafkaIO. Modified KafkaIO.Write.values() to

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3054] Uses locale-insensitive number formatting in ESIO and tests

[kirpichov] [BEAM-2468] Reading Kinesis records in the background

[chamikara] Allows to set a Cloud Spanner host.

[lcwik] Changed the mutation detector to be based on structural value only

[lcwik] [BEAM-2482] - CodedValueMutationDetector should use the coders

[tgroh] Update Website Precommits to new RVM instructions

[lcwik] Remove obsolete extra parameter

[chamikara] Updates Python datastore wordcount example to take a dataset parameter.

[tgroh] Do not relocate generated Model Classes

[kenn] Fix working dir in website precommits

[mingmxu] [BEAM-2203] Implement TIMESTAMPADD

[robertwb] Ensure producers are always set on unpickling from runner api protos.

[tgroh] Add License Header to SqlTypeUtils

[lcwik] Getting AutoValue 1.5.1 working in Beam.

[chamikara] Updates BigQueryTableSource to consider data in streaming buffer when

[altay] [BEAM-3135] Adding futures dependency to python SDK

[tgroh] Add sdks/java/fn-execution

[tgroh] Add a runners/java-fn-execution module

[ekirpichov] [BEAM-2728] Extension for sketch-based statistics : HyperLogLog

[tgroh] Add all portability protos to Go

[tgroh] Fix Go package comment for syscallx

[tgroh] [BEAM-3113] Disable stack trace optimization in java container

[tgroh] [BEAM-3114] Generate text proto config properly in container boot code

[ajamato] update dataflow.version

[tgroh] Migrate shared Fn Execution code to Java7

[tgroh] Fix Repackaging Configuration in the the DirectRunner

[chamikara] Added a preprocessing step to the Cloud Spanner sink.

[kenn] Check that bigtableWriter is non-null before calling close().

[kenn] Stage the portable pipeline; put URL in pipeline options

[xumingmingv] [BEAM-2203] Implement TIMESTAMPDIFF()

[tgroh] Ban any Java SDK dependency in Fn Execution Libs

[kenn] Fix syntax error in ReadSpannerSchema

[kenn] Remove extraneous profiles from Python build

[kenn] Remove extraneous runner profiles from non-IT steps of pipeline build

[niemo] Fix BigTableIO to use non-deprecated Futures.addCallback function

[xumingmingv] [BEAM-2203] Implement 'timestamp - interval'

[echauchot] [BEAM-2853] remove Nexmark now that the doc is in the website

[chamikara] Added vcf file io source and modified _TextSource to optionally handle

[chamikara] Ensure Kafka sink serializers are set.

[mingmxu] [BEAM-2528] create table

[robertwb] [BEAM-3040] Disable flaky subprocess variant of ULR test.

[tgroh] Fork Control Clients into java-fn-execution

[tgroh] Fork Data Service Libraries to java-fn-execution

[ekirpichov] Adds logging at INFO for all creation, deletion and copying of files in

[xumingmingv] change `withAllowedTimestampSkew`

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3118] Fix thread leaks in ElasticsearchIOTest.testWriteWith* when

[github] Set OnTimeBehavior in windowing strategy to FIRE_ALWAYS.

[lcwik] Fix typo in GLOBAL_WINDOW_CODER urn constant.

[kenn] Stage the portable pipeline; put URL in pipeline options

[lcwik] Set save_main_session to True for csv module

[lcwik] Remove redundant public modifier on inner interfaces

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/io

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/values

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/io/fs

[kenn] NonNull by default in sdk/io/range

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core/construction

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core/construction/metrics

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core/triggers

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core/fn

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core/metrics

[kenn] NonNull by default in runners/core

[bchambers] Dataflow: Add option to upload heap dumps to GCS

[lcwik] Add A FnService, FnServer to runner Fn Execution

[chamikara] Properly handle side input exception when all reader threads complete

[wcn] Introduce a property to influence output location.

[chamikara] [BEAM-3060] Adds TextIOIT for DirectRunner and local filesystem

[xumingmingv] support topicPartition in BeamKafkaTable

[chamikara] Integrate bundle retry code for the DirectRunner

[ccy] Fix flakiness in sideinputs_test

[kenn] Fix expectations in CombineTest

[kenn] Tidy a troublesome TestStreamTest

[kenn] Truncate the very last fixed window if it goes beyond representable time

[kenn] ReduceFnRunner: Do not manage EOW hold or timer, set GC hold and timer

[holden] Flush stderr on failures

[robertwb] [BEAM-3150] Fix threading for progress reporting in SDKHarness

[robertwb] Update minimum cython version to 0.26.1

[kirpichov] WriteFiles improvements:

[chamikara] Updated jdbc's pom.xml

[lcwik] [BEAM-2926] Migrate to using a trivial multimap materialization within

[lcwik] Rebase and update code to honor findbugs @Nullable/@Nonnull conversion

[lcwik] Update Dataflow worker image to be compatible with side input changes.

[lcwik] Replace the View.As transforms for Dataflow batch because the entire

[lcwik] Fix BatchViewOverrides ViewAsSingleton to apply the combine fn that was

[kedin] [Nexmark] Extract GeneratorCheckpoint into a separate class. Move

[kedin] [Nexmark] Extract PersonGenerator, StringsGenerator, LongGenerator from

[kedin] [Nexmark] Extract AuctionGenerator, PriceGenerator from Generator

[kedin] [Nexmark] Extract BidGenerator from Generator

[altay] Fixed adding timestamp and id attributes to pubsub messages

[kirpichov] Specifies numShards on windowed writes examples, as it is now required

[valentyn] Fix user_score example.

[lcwik] [BEAM-3202] Ensure that PipelineOptions.getOptionsId is always

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3035] Introduces Reify transform

[iemejia] [BEAM-3206] Shut down executor when spark runner finishes

[lcwik] Move AVRO files to avro source location

[lcwik] Initial gradle build definitions for all java based modules which is

[lcwik] Add license headers to all build.gradle files.

[lcwik] Add provided scope plugin and migrate compileOnly/testCompileOnly to

[lcwik] Add the ability to list dependencies recursively. Also ban the

[lcwik] Update comments

[lcwik] Configure the checkstyle plugin

[lcwik] Add support to run the Apache Rat plugin Add gradle generated files to

[lcwik] Adding Python gradle changes

[lcwik] Fix python tasks to not re-use the default gradle lifecycle names.

[lcwik] Add test task dependencies for testCython and testGcp and also add lint

[lcwik] Create build_rules file moving out specific plugins to them.

[lcwik] Add missing build_rules file.

[lcwik] Ignore test categories NeedsRunner, ValidatesRunner, and all *IT tests

[lcwik] Add code style validation and auto-formatting to Gradle build.

[lcwik] Add beam-sdks-java-core dependency to beam-local-artifact-service

[lcwik] Add gradle build for sdks/go

[lcwik] Get evaluation dependency order fixed because of dependency on

[lcwik] Update comments on root project

[lcwik] Set beamUseDummyRunner = true

[lcwik] Move spotless plugin to delegate config

[lcwik] Fix spotless config

[lcwik] Change hamcrest and junit to testCompile in

[lcwik] Add findbugs to the build

[lcwik] Add test to check phase

[lcwik] Filter resources to set dataflow environrment versions in

[lcwik] Force dependency resolution of common Java dependencies

[lcwik] Filter, set pom.version and build timestamp

[lcwik] Use dummy runner in tests in google-cloud-dataflow-java

[lcwik] Add test dependecy on beam-sdks-java-core to

[lcwik] Migrate findbugs to be configurable from the JavaNatureConfiguration

[lcwik] Setup several maven-surefire-plugin configurations

[lcwik] Remove added sdk-core dependencies because of

[lcwik] Fix provided scope in sdks/java/extensions/sorter

[lcwik] Ban hamcrest-all/mockito-all and migrate to hamcrest-core/mockito-core

[lcwik] Add gradle rule for python container

[lcwik] Fix python container gradle build

[lcwik] Fix hadoop-file-system test dependencies Explain why hcatalog is failing

[lcwik] Add license header to sdks/python/build.gradle

[lcwik] Get spark runner unit tests to pass.

[lcwik] Define the correct versions of apex-core Add comments to hcatalog/hbase

[lcwik] Simplify ApexYarnLauncher matching Attempt to create dependency tree

[lcwik] Enable configuraton on demand by default Get ApexYarnLauncher test to

[lcwik] Fix sdks/java/core testCompile dependency to bring in

[lcwik] Re-enable Python SDK

[lcwik] Disable findbugs within sdks/java/io/kafka to match findbugs

[lcwik] Add a task dependency visualization plugin. Resolve a spurious error

[lcwik] Fix classpath bundling issue caused by Hive and its dependencies

[lcwik] Define Tika dependencies version as variable

[lcwik] Rebase on apache/master and add new subprojects, update versions of

[lcwik] Skip test failures in hadoop related modules due to dependency

[lcwik] Add Jacoco plugin

[lcwik] Add Gradle builds for gcemd and gcsproxy

[lcwik] Add Java SDK Container Gradle build file

[lcwik] Create uber jar of the Java SDK harness and copy it into the location

[lcwik] Make docker tasks correctly depend on required build tasks

[lcwik] Fix runners/gcp/* go package paths

[lcwik] Add shadow configuration for sdks/java/core updating all other projects

[lcwik] Configure default shading profile on all java sub-projects to shade away

[lcwik] Shade direct-java and sql projects. Update repackaged locations to

[lcwik] Fix gcemd and gcsproxy builds. Fix whitespace formatting.

[lcwik] Enforce that gogradle dependency resolution/installation is done

[lcwik] Also ensure that resolving test dependencies are done sequentially with

[lcwik] Use valid repackage path on shadow relocations Fix Spark runners tests

[lcwik] Move user.avsc to directory which corresponds with namespace under

[lcwik] Add comments to various parts of build_rules.gradle

[lcwik] Fix excludes to correctly match the .idea/ directory.

[lcwik] Update build.gradle files to correspond with pom.xml changes within

[lcwik] Enable FFMP -> JavaCC path to generate Beam SQL parser for

[tgroh] Add a Local Java Core Module

[tgroh] Move StructuralKey to the local execution module

[tgroh] Add A TransformExecutorFactory

[chamikara] Clarify documentation on support for reading from/writing to time

[lcwik] Enable Java Gradle Precommit in Jenkins

[lcwik] Simplify maintainability by generating tasks and command line from list

[lcwik] Limit the commit status length to 255 characters to honor Github limit

[lcwik] Revert PR/3976, the Jenkins Gradle plugin expects the Gradle Wrapper to

[lcwik] Sync with master and add new subproject for beam-runners-local-java-core

[kirpichov] Improved validation of DynamicDestinations results in BigQueryIO.write

[chamikara] Dataflow and PerfKit profiles; hash for 100.000.000 lines

[lcwik] Re-apply PR/3976 and disable the Jenkins Gradle build to fix the other

[lcwik] Update the location of the root build directory to coincide with the

[robertwb] Add option to run PTransform steps from PipelineRunner

[robertwb] Minor cleanup.

[robertwb] Add logging and test aborting for timeouts.

[lcwik] Add precommit integration tests to examples/java

[lcwik] Update Gradle PreCommit to publish test results.

[robertwb] Cleanup temp file handling in tests.

[robertwb] Remove obsolete dependence of FnApiRunner on MapTaskExecutorRunner.

[tgroh] Remove dupe dep (

[altay] Bump Python SDK harness container version to use with Beam HEAD

[lcwik] Update sdks/java/io/hadoop/jdk1.8-tests to run and pass for Gradle

[altay] Update julia set example comments

[lcwik] Move fn-execution

[lcwik] Move Common Fn Execution Concepts to fn-execution

[lcwik] Fix test runtime class conflicts and get hbase tests passing.

[jbonofre] Update scm to use

[dimon.ivan] Adds withInstanceId and withProjectId to the BigtableIO Read and Write

[dimon.ivan] Removes call to .withBitableOptions() form JavaDoc.

[luke_zhu] Allowed for declared state to be accessed as a supertype

[luke_zhu] Edited an incorrect comment in the test case.

[github] Removed trailing whitespace.

[tgroh] Add a Logging Service implementation to FnExecution

[tgroh] Implement an Slf4j Log Writer

[tgroh] Update UNSPECIFIED level documentation

[tgroh] Add an interface to execute Bundles

[tgroh] Move outstanding work maintenance out of evaluateBundle

[tgroh] Add an ExecutionDriver to local java

[tgroh] Migrate MonitorRunnable into QuiescenceDriver

[tgroh] Rename BundleExecutor to BundleProcessor

[chamikara] [BEAM-3060] Add Compressed TextIOIT

[valentyn] Fix repository path for Python Jenkins builds. Source directory was

[github] Fix typo

[github] Fix typo in proto files.

[tgroh] Fork FnDataService from runners-core

[tgroh] Remove core-java/fn package

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3130] View.asMap() causes a ClassCastException in Apex runner

[kenn] Add license header to SideInputTranslationTest

[kenn] DataflowRunner: delegate @Setup and @Teardown in stateful ParDo

[iemejia] Make ParDoLifecycleTest exception tests part of the ValidatesRunner set

[iemejia] Disable ParDoLifecycleTest from the ValidatesRunner set on failing

[rmannibucau] better error message when there are conflicting anonymous names

[tgroh] Add logging when Staging takes a long time

[szewinho] Added support for multiple filesystems in TextIO

[tgroh] Maintain In-flight preparation requests

[robertwb] Also backoff on IO Exceptions.

[szewinho] Typo in name

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3247] fix Sample.any performance

[bjchambers] Updating dataflow API version to newer release.

[kirpichov] Fixes flaky error in JmsIOTest

[xumingmingv] [BEAM-3238][SQL] Move Coders to map in BeamRecordSqlType

[xumingmingv] [BEAM-3238][SQL] Add BeamRecordSqlTypeBuilder

[altay] Use pip from currently executing Python.

[rmannibucau] adding comments to make the code more obvious and extracting the

[iemejia] Fix missing type in View transform javadoc

[iemejia] Make timeout longer for Spark ValidatesRunner tests

[altay] preinstall various packages for better startup performance and

[mingmxu] convert JOIN as LOOKUP

[kirpichov] [BEAM-2870] Strips partition decorators when creating/patching tables in

[msaul] Added loose failure mode to allow individual VCF record reads to fail

[aaltay] Spell out isort arguments

[github] Various worker cleanups. (#4195)

[rmannibucau] adding tostring in ParDo.*Output and removing unstableNames variable

[iemejia] [BEAM-3244] Ensure execution of teardown method on Flink's DoFnOperator

[iemejia] [BEAM-3244] Enable PardoLifecycleTest for the Flink runner

[mingmxu] add BeamSqlSeekableTable to SurfaceTest

[altay] Add support for --save_main_session flag

[dimon.ivan] - Adds ability to provide configuration function for BigtableOptions. -

[szewinho] Temporary fix for failing tests on dataflow runner. Bug is described in

[tgroh] Verify that the exposed endpoint stages artifacts

[dimon.ivan] Fixes JavaDoc problem with @Override

[wcn] Revert "Introduce a property to influence output location."

[wcn] Introduce a property to influence output location.

[kirpichov] Fixes a bug in Sample.Any

[batbat] Moved floating point equality findbugs annotation from generic xml file

[kirpichov] enforce fixed sharding

[kirpichov] Merges Writer.openWindowed/Unwindowed and removes result of close()

[kirpichov] non-null window/pane in FileResult

[kirpichov] remove ShardAssignment

[kirpichov] consolidates windowed/unwindowed finalize fns somewhat

[kirpichov] Unifies windowed and unwindowed finalize.

[kirpichov] Refactors WriteFiles into sub-transforms

[kirpichov] Converts WriteFiles to AutoValue

[kirpichov] Makes checkstyle and findbugs happy

[kirpichov] Renames spilled back to unwritten

[kirpichov] Fixes tests

[kirpichov] Reintroduces dynamic sharding with windowed writes for bounded

[kirpichov] Adds a deduplication key to Watch, and uses it to handle growing files

[dimon.ivan] - Removes local instance related JavaDoc - Adds iinfo to toString and

[dimon.ivan] Simplifies if condition around deciding apply or not optiosn

[tgroh] Extract LogicalEndpoint to java-fn-execution

[arostami] Remove a test case from VcfIO.

[Pablo] Updating Dataflow Api protos

[tgroh] Move StreamObserverFactory to java fn-execution

[robertwb] [BEAM-1872] Add IdentityWindowFn for use in Reshuffle (#4040)

[lcwik] Update the version of org.xolstice.maven.plugins to 0.5.1 to attempt to

[ekirpichov] [BEAM-3060] add TFRecordIOIT

[ekirpichov] add post-review updates

[dariusz.aniszewski] Added AvroIOIT with static schema

[github] statesampler will not be relative-imported in test

[github] Remove redundant six dependency

[lcwik] Fix duplicate test name.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2957] increase desiredBundleSize in testSplit so that ES slices

[lcwik] [BEAM-2957] Change assert in testSplit to allow up to 50% of empty

[ehudm] Show diffs when isort complains about Python import order.

[tgroh] Remove DockerContainer from beam_fn_api

[dariusz.aniszewski] added support for passing extra mvn properties to pkb to be transferred

[altay] Use the correct endpoint for cancel call

[klk] Add @RequiresStableInput annotation

[github] Renaming properties form IO target counter name.

[arostami] Ensure temp file is closed before returning.

[altay] Adding debug server to sdk worker to get threaddumps

[tgroh] Port DataBufferingOutboundObserver

[tgroh] Add a ReferenceRunner class

[tgroh] Implement JobService#run in the ReferenceRunner

[tgroh] Start Servers only in a ServerFactory

[robertwb] [BEAM-3183] Add to Python SDK.

[tgroh] Use FnDataReceiver in the SDK Harness

[tgroh] Replace ThrowingConsumer with FnDataReceiver

[lcwik] Replaces BoundedSource with a composite transform when using Fn API

[github] Minor changes to the FnApi Runner to allow Java to run. (#4220)

[github] Followup fix to pr/4195.

[herohde] Add worker id to provisioning api

[dariusz.aniszewski] reshuffle for AvroIOIT and TFRecordIOIT

[lcwik] Fix javadoc in FnDataReceiver

[mariagh] Add Python processing-time timers and clock injection

[mariagh] Fix linter error

[mariagh] Add review comments

[mariagh] Address review comments

[mariagh] borrar

[mariagh] Add review commnets

[melissapa] [BEAM-3351] Fix Javadoc formatting issues

[dariusz.aniszewski] job for performance tests of file-based IOs

[github] Allow Java Harness to understand Fns the Java Runner produces. (#4214)

[altay] Add grpcio upper bound

[melissapa] Update Context references to links

[aaltay] [BEAM-3189] Sdk worker multithreading (#4134)

[aaltay] [BEAM-2101] Allow anonymous access of GCS blobs. (#4254)

[dimon.ivan] Moves out common configuration parts from BigtableIO.Read and

[github] Fix code comment to match code

[jbonofre] [BEAM-1920] Upgrade to Spark runner to Spark 2.2.1

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3340] Update Flink Runner to Flink 1.4.0

[robertwb] [BEAM-3143] Type Inference Python 3 Compatibility (#4183)

[robertwb] Fix getitem and list comprehension type inference.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2929] Remove Dataflow expansions for PCollectionView that have

[ekirpichov] [BEAM-2865] Introduces FileIO.write() and adds support for it in AvroIO

[ekirpichov] Addresses comments

[github] Guard against closing data channel twice (#4283)

[dariusz.aniszewski] make it possible to trigger this job from PR

[jbonofre] Fix global match test in localfilesystem

[robertwb] [BEAM-3369] Fix typehint errors introduced in PR #4282.

[robertwb] [BEAM-3369] Allow any coder to specify its deterministic variant.

[chamikara] Adds support for processing Splittable DoFns using DirectRunner.

[kirpichov] Makes gradle findbugs plugin produce an html report rather than xml

[aaltay] [BEAM-3174] Don't parse the release version just directly use the

[github] [BEAM-3357] Remove upper bound for protobuf (#4274)

[kirpichov] Supports a sink for XmlIO

[kirpichov] Adds TFRecordIO.sink()

[github] [BEAM-3041] Support various pip based dependency options for python sdk

[dariusz.aniszewski] FIX: remove overriding Google project in file-based IOs performance

[chamikara] Set min version of protobof so that the range is compatible with grpc

[altay] Update wordcount fnapi example to use now supported save_main_session

[github] [BEAM-2937] Basic PGBK combiner lifting. (#4290)

[github] Fix for side inputs following flatten/gbk. (#4281)

[ehudm] Enable multiprocess docs generation

[aaltay] [BEAM-3357] Add generated pb2 files to mvn clean. (#4287)

[chamikara] Update BigTable client version

[ehudm] Initial implementation of HadoopFileSsytem.

[github] [BEAM-3060] explicitly use Apache's Google project for file-based

[jbonofre] Remove semicolon

[lcwik] Increment the Dataflow container version

[lcwik] [BEAM-981] Add parameter allowing adding jars to spark context

[lcwik] Post code review amendments and refactor

[lcwik] Remove @JsonIgnore to allow setting filesToStage from command line

[lcwik] Post code review amendments

[lcwik] Revert "Update BigTable client version"

[kirpichov] Splits BigQueryIOTest into a read and a write test

[kirpichov] Some cleanups in write test

[lcwik] Translate Flink batch nodes by URN

[github] Remove extraneous logging.

[kirpichov] Some cleanups in read test too

[ankurgoenka] Clean data receive queue

[github] Update

[dariusz.aniszewski] use dedicated BigQuery table for performance tests of FileBasedIOIT

[dariusz.aniszewski] enable large-scale test for FileBasedIOIT

[dariusz.aniszewski] Allow to specify timeout for FileBasedIOIT ran via PerfKit with default

[lcwik] Made replaceTransforms protected so that DataflowRunner subclass can

[github] Use beam-master-$DATE pattern for default Dataflow containers in

[altay] Upgrade oauth2cleitn and google-apitools dependencies

[altay] Use pip download instead of the deprecated pip install --download

[altay] Remove Queue based 60 seconds timeout for GCS io.

[valentyn] Make release versions of Python sdks use containers tagged with the

[mariagh] Address review comment

[github] Update

[valentyn] Add unit tests to check default values of worker harness container

[yiyan.lyy] Set utf-16 as SQL DSL default charset

[github] fixup: lint

[lcwik] Allow Python postcommits to run on beam{1,2,3}.

[lcwik] Fixes a typo in type signature of

[david.sabater] Added ProxyInfoFromEnvironmentVar() & GetNewHttp() methods to get proxy

[david.sabater] Added parsing HTTP_PROXY variable in uppercase as well.

[david.sabater] Some nit-picks around lower cases.

[david.sabater] Adding example to show http_proxy format and accept only lower case

[david.sabater] Added warnings about malformed proxy URL Removed initialising ProxyInfo

[david.sabater] Reformatted function names from camel case to underscores.

[david.sabater] Cleaned function get_new_http, removing unnecessary arguments, kwargs

[david.sabater] Changed environment variable format checks using regexp (re.match)

[david.sabater] Initialised proxy_info = None

[david.sabater] Added extra newline before Returns section

[david.sabater] Wrap to 80 chars for lint

[david.sabater] Lint - Added two blank lines

[david.sabater] Merged changes from gcsio

[david.sabater] Shortening condition.

[david.sabater] Reverting splitting comments longer than 80 characters to keep them in

[david.sabater] Returning None and removing unnecessary if condition.

[david.sabater] Correct os.environ.get call Fix Docstring conventions as per PEP 257

[david.sabater] Fixing trailing whitespace

[holdenkarau] Apply futurize on gen_protos

[holdenkarau] Run futurize regardless

[holdenkarau] Only futurize for sys version geq 3

[holdenkarau] Long form command line options

[iemejia] Disable incremental compilation for SQL module

[iemejia] Remove repeated slf4j-api dependency from java-fn-execution module

[lcwik] [SQL] Fix shading configuration

[kedin] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement sql query 0

[lcwik] Fix typechecking for FluentIterable use.

[lcwik] Avoid importing testing hierarchy for Javadoc comments.

[lcwik] Build unshaded JARs.

[github] Correctly handle pass-through "composites" in the Fn Api Runner. (#4326)

[aromanenko-dev] [BEAM-3228] Add fix to prevent crashing forked VM during running Kinesis

[iemejia] [BEAM-3404] Update KinesisIO to use AWS SDK 1.11.255 and KCL 1.8.8

[iemejia] [BEAM-3404] Fix and enable KinesisReaderIT

[chamikara] Updates due to a Cython bug.

[kedin] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement Query1

[robertwb] Plumb user metrics through Fn API.

[mariagh] Clean mock import

[iemejia] [BEAM-3187] Ensure that teardown is called in case of Exception on

[iemejia] [BEAM-3187] Enable PardoLifecycleTest for the Spark runner

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-3411] Fixing KeyError when on progress update request

[iemejia] [BEAM-3373] Add serviceEndpoint parameter to KinesisIO

[github] NotImplementedErrror --> NotImplementedError

[chamikara] Reduce the size of file-based I/O tests

[chamikara] Reduce the size of file-based I/O tests

[jb] Exclude go from rat configuration, use .gitignore for excludes and align

[tgroh] Add RemoteGrpcPort[Read/Write] abstractions

[iemejia] [BEAM-3422] Update reproducible-build-maven-plugin to version 0.4

[robertwb] Return state from wait_until_finish.

[ehudm] Cleanup DeprecationWarning for BaseException.message.

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3282] MqttIO reader now use receive for timeout in order to return

[rmannibucau] BEAM-682 try to define generated classes in the correct classloader

[arostami] Fixes unclosed files in VcfSource when exception is thrown.

[kenn] Shade protobuf-java-util alongside protobuf-java

[kenn] Remove Dataflow hack from shared translation code

[lcwik] Add the ability to create an offline repository using

[dariusz.aniszewski] split one job into several jobs, one for each IO.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2863] Create an EncodedBoundedWindow allowing runners to pass

[abhyankar] Add support for ValueProvider in JdbcIO.DataSourceConfiguration methods

[lcwik] [BEAM-3257] Move sdist execution to execution phase instead of

[swegner] Increment Dataflow worker container version

[robertwb] Remove legacy windowfn translation.

[chamikara] Updates the error message when trying to execute an export job on an

[ryan] Enable multiple stopping conditions for KafkaIO

[iemejia] [BEAM-3405] Make maxNumRecords a long and validate if stream exists for

[swegner] Revert "Increment Dataflow worker container version"

[tgroh] Fix sdks/java/fn-execution dep declarations

[tgroh] Move BeamFnDataGrpcMultiplexer to java-fn-execution

[tgroh] Mark BeamFnDataGrpcMultiplexer ApiServiceDescriptor as Nullable

[samuelw] Update NexmarkLauncher to not cancel jobs that have completed their

[batbat] Fixed a bug that prevented processing time timers to be reset

[batbat] Added ParDoTest for resetting timers.

[chamikara] [BEAM-3060] HDFS cluster configuration, kubernetes scripts, filebased io

[github] Update

[iemejia] [BEAM-3467] Remove Java 7 from the docker development images

[thw] [BEAM-3240] Fix quickstart archetypes to include expected Hadoop

[tgroh] Handle a populated Error field in FnApiControlClient

[tgroh] Enable Java8 for fn execution modules

[sidhom] Expose side inputs in CombineTranslation and refactor portable

[sidhom] Use portable constructs in Flink batch translator

[lcwik] [BEAM-2863] Add the ability to length prefix unknown coders using the

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3126] Creating flatten operation for bundle processor.

[klk] Temporarily disable permared Dataflow integration tests

[github] [BEAM-3436] Fix RetryHttpRequestInitializerTest to use fake

[github] [BEAM-3336] Fix thread safety issues of MqttIOTest (#4406)

[lcwik] [BEAM-3478] Fix checkstyle issue in runners/flink

[iemejia] Fix unused dependency error on Flink runner

[rmannibucau] adressing comments

[iemejia] Add missing protobuf-java dependency on runners/java-fn-execution module

[ryan] [BEAM-3454] Use multiple stopping conditions on JmsIO, AmqpIO, MqttIO.

[dariusz.aniszewski] use VirtualEnv for PerfKit jobs

[shashank] fix serialization error in BigQueryIO's DynamicDestinations

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3438] Disable it on Kinesis

[shashank] correct side input check in BigQueryIO DynamicDestination for pull

[tgroh] Update GRPC Multiplexer and Associated to Java8

[lcwik] [BEAM-3125] Creating flatten runner, unfinished.

[lcwik] [BEAM-3125] Creating flatten runner

[lcwik] [BEAM-3125] Fixing little nitpicks and typos.

[lcwik] [BEAM-3126] Fixes for flatten runner.

[niemo] Update BigTableSource to use multiple key ranges

[niemo] Add tests for supporting multiple key ranges.

[niemo] Use multiple key ranges in BigtableServiceImpl

[tgroh] Implement a GRPC Provision Service

[lcwik] [BEAM-3461] Drop redundant beam-YYY-parent and use directory names for

[ankurgoenka] Fixing Work Progress reporting

[klk] Move DoFnAndMainOutput to top level

[klk] Move DoFnSignature helpers to DoFnSignatures and rename

[klk] Clarify names and visibility of ParDoTranslation helpers

[klk] Make default ParDo output tag explicit

[klk] Fix coders in Java SDK harness

[klk] More logging and error checking in ProcessBundleHandler

[klk] Pass portable transform IDs in Dataflow runner

[klk] Correct getAdditionalInputs for Dataflow single-output ParDo override

[tgroh] Add wire_coder_id to RemoteGrpcPort

[tgroh] Add joda-time dependency to java/fn-execution

[tgroh] Add InboundDataClient

[kedin] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement sql query 2

[kenn] Add unshaded configurations in the default profile

[tgroh] Update Dataflow Container Version

[zoy] Increasing BatchElements's max_batch_size to 10K

[tgroh] Revert "Temporarily disable permared Dataflow integration tests"

[sidhom] Identify unconsumed reads by URN

[sidhom] Use portable constructs in Flink streaming translator

[robertwb] Fix reshuffle test on non-direct runners.

[ekirpichov] Removes maxBundleSize option accidentally introduced in unrelated PR

[robertwb] Curry CombineFn arguments into runner API protos.

[batbat] Added an example pipeline that uses stateful processing to output team

[robertwb] Enable counters from sources on workers.

[robertwb] lint

[chamikara] [BEAM-3456] Enable jenkins and large scale scenario in JDBC (#4392)

[lcwik] [BEAM-2863] Fix translation of side inputs due to missing method.

[chamikara] [BEAM-3217] add HadoopInputFormatIO integration test using DBInputFormat

[lcwik] [BEAM-2863] Migrate away from deprecated methods.

[tgroh] Give UnknownPTransformRunnerFactory a real name

[robertwb] [BEAM-2732] Starting refactor of state tracking in Python (#4375)

[lcwik] Add a more complete FnHarness#main method

[chamikara] [BEAM-3496] Add missing dependencies in hadoopInputFormats build.gradle

[markliu] [BEAM-2762] Python code coverage report in Postcommit

[markliu] fixup! Exclude auto-generated files in portability/api

[markliu] fixup! Clean up configuration and use better way to exclude cover in mvn

[markliu] fixup! Add more comments

[wcn] Update generated version of Fn API code.

[iemejia] [BEAM-3275] Update KafkaIO to support Kafka version 1.0.0

[lcwik] Update generated version of Fn API code.

[Pablo] Tracking of time spent reading side inputs, and bytes read in Dataflow.

[Pablo] Fix lint issues

[Pablo] Fixing counter names

[Pablo] Using comments to improve changes

[Pablo] Placing feature behind an experiment flag.

[Pablo] Fixing lint issue

[Pablo] Rebasing

[Pablo] Added cythonization and test

[Pablo] Fixing lint issue

[Pablo] Modifying the experiment flag check to reduce performance impact.

[Pablo] Addressing comments. Profile pending.

[lcwik] Use platformThreadFactory for default thread pool.

[robertwb] [BEAM-3490] Wrap DistributionData in a DistributionResult for

[Pablo] Reducing impact - Tracking only Bytes if experiment is active.

[tgroh] Add a BundleProcessor to SdkHarnessClient

[robertwb] [BEAM-3490] Picklable side inputs for FnApi Workers.

[robertwb] Manually specify direct runner for global-state modifying tests.

[robertwb] FakeSource requires direct runner.

[robertwb] Explicitly use DirectRunner in DirectRunner tests.

[markliu] fixup! Improve comments

[altay] Disable combiner lifting optimization in DataflowRunner for fnapi

[lcwik] [BEAM-3502] Remove usage of proto.Builder.clone() in DatastoreIO (#4449)

[jb] [BEAM-3507] Add a way to specify the batch size in JdbcIO Write

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3507] Add DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE and use batchSize in default

[iemejia] [BEAM-3492] Fix spark 2.10 dependency leak on hadoop tests

[iemejia] [BEAM-3492] Force netty version when running with the spark runner

[lcwik] [BEAM-3427] Update build to Java 8 (before clean out) (#4424)

[sduskis] [BEAM-3412] Upgrade Cloud Bigtable to 1.0.0 The 1.0.0 Cloud Bigtable

[sduskis] BigtableServiceImplTest now uses a List of ranges. The PR did not

[sduskis] Updating Cloud Bigtable dependnecy to 1.0.0 in build.gradle.

[ekirpichov] Introduces the Wait transform

[github] [BEAM-2963] Remove layer of indirection in output name mapping in

[ehudm] Pass PipelineOptions to FileSystem constructor.

[altay] Disable combiner lifting when only the streaming flag is set.

[Pablo] Addressing comments

[Pablo] Improved IO Target documentation

[tgroh] Register Environments in SdkComponents

[Pablo] Improving documentation

[tgroh] Move BeamFnDataInboundObserver to java-fn-execution

[tgroh] Add an implementation of the Fn API Data Service

[robertwb] Document DirectRunnerOnly tests.

[robert] Add

[lcwik] [BEAM-3008] Adds parameters templatization for Bigtable (#4357)

[lcwik] Migrate Flink ValidatesRunner to Gradle

[lcwik] Increment the Dataflow runner major version to 7.

[zhouhai02] Update copyright date in NOTICE

[sduskis] Using 1.0.0-pre3 for bigtable-proto. This should allow Cloud Bigtable's

[sduskis] Updating build.gradle with a bigtable_proto_version of 1.0.0-pre3

[robertwb] [BEAM-3126] Adding a new Flatten test to Python SDK. (#4463)

[rober] Update printed gcloud cancel commands to include the job's region.

[sduskis] Fixing a bad merge in BigtableServiceImpl.

[kirpichov] Code compiles after auto-transition to lambda

[kirpichov] google-java-format

[kirpichov] Removes unnecessary explicit type arguments

[kirpichov] google-java-format

[kirpichov] checkstyle fixups

[kirpichov] More removal of explicit type arguments

[kirpichov] google-java-format

[kirpichov] Manually fixed a couple cases of bad comment formatting

[kirpichov] Manual fixup of some call sites where lambdas mess up coder inference

[kirpichov] A couple of final example fixups

[lcwik] Upgrade Jenkins jobs to use Maven 3.5.2

[iemejia] [BEAM-3432] Remove hadoop/jdk1.8-tests module

[lcwik] [BEAM-2728] Add Count-Min Sketch in sketching extension

[lcwik] Small fix in SketchCoder

[lcwik] Make Sketch AutoValue + Javadoc update

[lcwik] Optimize coder memory use

[lcwik] [BEAM-3160] Fix issue where we would choose which coder to use

[lcwik] Initial post-release snapshot test

[lcwik] Make the snapshot and url parameters to the job to allow installing a

[lcwik] Make the snapshot and url parameters to the job to allow installing a

[lcwik] Rename TestHelper to TestScripts, it() to intent()

[chamikara] [BEAM-3060] Support for Perfkit execution of file-based-io-tests on HDFS

[Pablo] Addressing comments.

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3428] Merge Java8 examples in "main" Java examples

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3428] Replace MinimalWordCount with Java8 one

[echauchot] [BEAM-3534] Add a spark validates runner test for metrics sink in

[coheigea] BEAM-3533 - Replace hard-coded UTF-8 Strings

[tgroh] Retrieve Environments from PTransforms

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3466] Remove JDK 7 references in Jenkins

[kirpichov] [BEAM-3083] Do not call getSchema() and getTable() on every element

[altay] Use non-deprecated version of Futures.transform

[] [BEAM-3539] BigtableIO.Write javadoc of some methods is incorrect

[iemejia] Remove unneeded profile for javadoc on Java 8

[iemejia] Remove unneeded explicit Java 8 references on maven-compiler-plugin

[iemejia] Fix doc error on hadoop-input-format ITs after move to Java 8 only tests

[iemejia] Remove references to non-existent examples:java8 module in gradle

[iemejia] Remove references to java 7/8 only examples from the README

[iemejia] Remove some comments on Java 7/8 only stuff that don't make sense

[kenn] Add a test for an event time timer loop in ParDo

[lcwik] [BEAM-2273] Cleanup examples Maven Archetype to copy in a clean state

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-3526] KakfaIO support for finalizeCheckpoint() (#4481)

[kedin] Add Avro dependency to KafkaIO

[rangadi] Remove an unused test dependency in KafkaIO.

[lcwik] [Beam-2500] Add S3FileSystem to SDKs/Java/IO

[lcwik] implement serializing AWS credentials provider

[lcwik] fixup! Clarify error message is received from SDK harness

[iemejia] Fix modules that were activated only on Java 8 profile

[iemejia] [BEAM-3275] Fix ValidatesRunner Spark runner after the Kafka update

[iemejia] Refactor code into idiomatic Java 8 style

[iemejia] Fix missing gearpump module activated only on Java 8 profile

[iemejia] Add missing amazon-web-services module from javadoc

[jbonofre] [BEAM-2271] Exclude files not intended to be in the releases source

[jbonofre] Typo fix in MinimalWordCount example

[Mottyg1] [BEAM-675] Introduce message mapper in JmsIO

[iemejia] Update maven-shade-plugin version to 3.1.0

[iemejia] Update maven-compiler-plugin version to 3.7.0

[iemejia] Update maven-dependency-plugin version to 3.0.2

[iemejia] Update maven-surefire-plugin version to 2.20.1

[iemejia] Update maven-failsafe-plugin version to 2.20.1

[iemejia] Update maven-assembly-plugin version to 3.1.0

[iemejia] Update versions-maven-plugin version to 2.5

[iemejia] Update findbugs-maven-plugin version to 3.0.5

[iemejia] Update license-maven-plugin version to 1.14

[iemejia] Update jacoco-maven-plugin version to 0.7.9

[iemejia] Update dockerfile-maven-plugin version to 1.3.6

[iemejia] Add maven-enforcer-plugin version to pluginManagement

[iemejia] Fix warning on using directly parent.version on Nexmark

[iemejia] Remove warnings on repeated maven-jar-plugin invocation / deps

[iemejia] Remove warning on defining <prerequisites> for non-maven plugin project

[iemejia] Update parent POM to version 19

[iemejia] Remove repeated dependency in hadoop-input-format module

[mariagh] Support argparse-style choices for ValueProvider

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3551] Add -parameters flag to the compiler

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3551] Align gradle java compile task options with the

[coheigea] BEAM-3560 - Switch to use BigInteger/BigDecimal.ZERO/ONE/TEN

[lcwik] [BEAM-2500, BEAM-3249] Add amazon-web-services gradle build rules.

[jbonofre] [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch release-2.3.0

[jbonofre] [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[jbonofre] Update Python SDK version post release

[iemejia] Fix dependency order error, harness must be built before container

[robertwb] [BEAM-3537] Allow more general eager in-process pipeline execution

[lcwik] [BEAM-3550] Add --awsServiceEndpoint option and use with S3 filesystem.

[lcwik] Fixes for sdks/java/core for the eclipse compiler

[lcwik] Add some m2e lifecycle things to get the various maven plugins running

[lcwik] Set the proper package for the Snippets example so eclipse won't raise

[lcwik] Add some template args and direct casts to help the eclipse compiler

[lcwik] Incorporate reviews and rebase on latest master

[lcwik] Return no environment more often

[Pablo] Logging deviation from sampling expectation. This will allow to track

[kedin] [SQL] Refactor Variance

[robertwb] [BEAM-3490] Make runtime type checking code runner agnostic.

[kedin] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement sql query 3

[github] [BEAM-3557] Sets parent pointer of AppliedPTransform objects correctly

[] [BEAM-2469] Handling Kinesis shards splits and merges

[Pablo] Adding a static getter for RuntimeValueProvider.

[tgroh] Add CoderTranslatorRegistrar

[tgroh] Add slf4j_simple to the top level Gradle build

[tgroh] Implement FnService in FnApiControlClientPoolService

[tgroh] Add a Timeout to GrpcDataService#send

[tgroh] Use a Data Service in SdkHarnessClient

[github] get the query from configuration not options

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-3525] Fix KafkaIO metric (#4524)

[chamikara] Updates PTransform overriding to create a new AppliedPTransform object

[dariusz.aniszewski] use build $WORKSPACE as pkb temp_dir and update pip and setuptools in

[iemejia] [BEAM-3578] SQL module build breaks because of missing dependency

[Pablo] Renaming the ZERO element of DistributionResult to be IDENTITY_ELEMENT.

[kenn] google-java-format

[kenn] Fix Distinct null pointer error with speculative triggers

[kenn] Move TestCountingSource to appropriate location

[robertwb] Direct runner fixes.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2926] Add support for side inputs to the runner harness.

[kenn] Sickbay ApexRunner gradle WordCountIT

[kenn] Sickbay flakey KinesisReaderTest

[Pablo] Addressing comments.

[ehudm] Split out buffered read and write code from gcsio.

[github] Removing unnecessary code.

[lcwik] [BEAM-3249] Make sure that all java projects package tests. Also package

[lcwik] [BEAM-3249] Do not assume build directory is within build/, use the

[github] Fix undefined names: exc_info --> self.exc_info

[github] import logging for line 1163

[iemejia] [BEAM-3592] Fix spark-runner profile for Nexmark after move to Spark 2.x

[dkulp] [BEAM-3562] Update to Checkstyle 8.7

[klk] Encourage a good description in a good spot on a PR description.

[lcwik] Change info to debug statement

[cclauss] global INT64_MAX, INT64_MIN to placate linters

[tgroh] Add QueryablePipeline

[gene] Changing FileNaming to public to allow for usage in lambdas/inheritance

[robertwb] [BEAM-3207] Create a standard location to enumerate and document URNs.

[cclauss] xrange() was removed in Python 3 (en masse)

[robertwb] Reduce the flakiness of the state sampler progress metrics.

[robertwb] Revert URNs that are currently hard-coded in the Dataflow worker.

[kedin] [SQL] Inherit windowing strategy from the input in Aggregate operation

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3551] Define compiler -parameters flag in the default options

[tgroh] Add SdkHarnessClientControlService

[tgroh] Update Synchronization in FnApiControlClient

[coheigea] BEAM-3593 - Remove methods that just call super()

[lcwik] Move off of deprecated method in Guava.

[tgroh] Add a LocalArtifactStagingLocation

[tgroh] Add LocalArtifactStagingLocation#forExisting

[tgroh] Add an ArtifactRetrievalService interface

[tgroh] Implement a Local ArtifactRetrievalService

[chamikara] Adds a ReadAll transform to tfrecordio.

[rangadi] KafkaIO : move source and sink implemenations into own files.

[rangadi] minor

[kedin] [SQL] Add SqlTypeCoder, replace java.sql.Types

[Pablo] Moving User metrics to be in the PTransform proto for Fn API.

[mairbek] Update cloud spanner library to 0.29.0

[mairbek] Fix test

[mairbek] More google-cloud-platform whitelisting

[mairbek] pom updates to make maven happy

[mairbek] Update netty deps

[ccy] [BEAM-3566] Replace apply_* hooks in DirectRunner with

[ccy] Address reviewer comments

[davidyan] Correct typo in SpannerIO.Write.withHost

[klk] google-java-format

[klk] Fix empty window assignments in Nexmark

[klk] Fix empty window assignment in FlattenEvaluatorFactoryTest

[klk] Switch DataflowRunner to its own private ValueInEmptyWindows

[klk] Remove deprecated valueInEmptyWindows

[jiangkai] Covariance Functions

[aljoscha.krettek] Remove erroneous cast in FlinkStreamingTransformTranslators

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-3186] Correctly use deserialized timerService in Flink Runner

[lcwik] Adjust gradle build dirs and hints to help IntelliJ (#4583)

[coheigea] BEAM-3618 - Remove extraneous "return" statement

[robertwb] [BEAM-3183] Allow a callable as input to

[sidhom] Fix gradle java sdk image build

[kenn] Add MoreFutures utility

[kenn] Switch runners/java-fn-execution from Guava futures to Java 8 futures

[kenn] Switch DataflowRunner from Guava futures to Java 8 futures

[kenn] Switch gcp-core from Guava futures to Java 8 futures

[kenn] Switch runners/core-construction-java from Guava futures to Java 8

[kenn] Switch AWS IO from Guava futures to Java 8 futures

[kenn] Switch BigTableIO from Guava futures to Java 8 futures

[kenn] Deprecate DoFnTester

[mairbek] Fixed broken test

[rangadi] Remove older Kafka versions from build time support.

[ekirpichov] Adds PositionT and claim callback to RestrictionTracker

[ekirpichov] Changes OutputAndTimeBounded invoker to start checkpoint timer after

[ekirpichov] Compresses encoded GrowthState with Snappy - about 2x-3x more compact

[ekirpichov] InMemoryStateInternals.copy clones the values using the coder

[ekirpichov] Final fixups

[ekirpichov] Bump worker to 20180205

[klk] Sickbay flaky KinesisIO tests

[klk] Remove DoFnTester from core SDK tests

[cclauss] from six import integer_types (en masse)

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2806] Fix pipeline translation mode recognition in Flink Runner

[github] Consistantly show Python and pip versions in tests

[jbonofre] Revert "Reinstate proto round trip in Java DirectRunner"

[tgroh] Update Assign Window URN Constant Name

[coheigea] BEAM-3624 - Remove collapsible if statements

[kenn] Sickbay ApexRunner ParDoTranslatorTest.testAssertionFailure

[kenn] Switch FullWindowedValueCoder to bypass validation

[kedin] Refactor BeamRecordType and BeamRecord

[sidhom] Allow docker tag root to be specified as in Maven image build

[herohde] [BEAM-3457] Upgrade gogradle and fix thrift resolution issue

[herohde] [BEAM-3457] Add Go Gradle precommit

[ccy] [BEAM-3635] Infer type hints on PTransformOverrides

[robertwb] [BEAM-3625] Enable DoFn params in Map, Filter, etc.

[kedin] Rename BeamRecord -> Row, BeamRecordType -> RowType

[mariagh] Add test for processing-time timer

[iemejia] Add missing gradle build config for sdks/java/extensions/sketching

[iemejia] Fix type on shadowTest when it should be testShadow

[ccy] Update snippets to fix pickling and clarify encoding issues

[wcn] Modify BufferedElementCountingOutputStream to use a buffer pool for its

[klk] Fix stable name errors in HBaseIOTest

[arnaudfournier021] Minor Javadoc corrections for SketchFrequencies

[arnaudfournier021] [BEAM-2728] Add Quantiles finding transforms to sketching extension

[arnaudfournier021] Change coder serialization + improve Javadoc comments + minor fixes

[] [BEAM-3291] Add Kinesis write transform

[coheigea] Remove unused private variables.

[ehudm] Add and migrate to HdfsCLI library for Python SDK.

[klk] Fix typo in gradle idea hints

[dkulp] [BEAM-3639] Update to gradle 4.5.1

[herohde] Also ignore alternative path for gogradle thrift location

[herohde] Remove gogradle manual dependency ordering

[herohde] Lock Go dependency versions

[herohde] Ignore gogradle.lock in rat check

[herohde] Ignore gogradle.lock in rat check for maven

[github] Revert "Update cloud spanner library to 0.29.0"

[tgroh] Add Javadoc on how Teardown is best-effort

[kedin] [Schema Generation] Generate BeamRecordTypes based on pojos.

[alan] [BEAM-3524] Automate testing using python sdk container built at head

[coheigea] Replace boolean ternary operator + simplify some Boolean expressions

[apilloud] [BEAM-410] Sort PriorityQueue<QuantileBuffer> with explicit comparator

[robertwb] Disable verbose typecoder warnings.

[fjetumale] [BEAM-2817] BigQuery queries are allowed to run in either BATCH or

[jb] [BEAM-793] Add backoff support in JdbcIO Write

[kenn] Increase gradle logging to --info

[tgroh] Add a Primitive Impulse PTransform

[ccy] Add switchable DirectRunner which uses the fast FnApiRunner when

[rangadi] Move kafka-clients dependency to provided scope.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-419] Modifying FindBug comment.

[tgroh] Add a single-stage fusion implementation

[robertwb] [BEAM-3074] Serialize DoFns by portable id in Dataflow runner.

[lcwik] [BEAM-3629] Send the windowing strategy and whether its a merging window

[jb] [BEAM-3668] Quick workaround fix for netty conflict waiting better fix

[iemejia] Fix warning on jenkins on non-existent profile 'validates-runner-tests'

[iemejia] Remove unneeded overwrites of maven-compiler-plugin

[iemejia] Change tests execution order from filesystem (default) to random

[iemejia] Remove repeated dependencies on runners/java-fn-execution module

[iemejia] Add missing modules to javadoc generation: TikaIO, RedisIO, Jackson, Xml

[iemejia] [BEAM-2530] Make final fixes to ensure code and tests compile with Java

[] [BEAM-3637] HBaseIOTest - random table names for every test

[jbonofre] [BEAM-3692] Remove maven deploy plugin configuration with skip in the

[herohde] Remove bad gogradle.lock files

[] [BEAM-3605] Use verification with timeout instead of Thread.sleep

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-3176] support drop table (#4184)

[kirpichov] Two fixes to common URN handling

[arnaudfournier921] Improve Javadoc ° minor fixes

[dkulp] [BEAM-3581] Make sure calcite gets an appropriate charset PRIOR to any

[ehudm] Print correct line numbers for warnings.

[Pablo] Adding Gauge metric to Python SDK.

[Pablo] Fix lint issue

[lcwik] [BEAM-3626] Add a handler capable of executing a window mapping fn on a

[Pablo] Addressing comments

[lcwik] [BEAM-3339] Fix failing post-release test by running groovy from gradle,

[batbat] Fixed a bug that timer ID was not used for comparing timer data. Added

[ccy] Use TestClock when TestStream is present in pipeline

[klk] Function interface for Fn API instructions

[cclauss] Exception.message was removed in Python 3

[iemejia] [BEAM-3697] Add Maven profile to run error-prone static analysis

[iemejia] [BEAM-3697] Fix MoreFutures errorprone

[alan] [BEAM-3695] Fix failing validates container test

[] [BEAM-3228] Fix flaky Kinesis tests

[tgroh] Add a multi-stage fuser

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-3345][SQL] Reject unsupported inputs into JOIN (#4642)

[kedin] Update 'PCollectionTuple.apply()' generic definition

[kedin] [SQL] Refactor BeamSql

[tgroh] fixup! Add a multi-stage fuser

[Pablo] Addressing comments.

[luke_zhu] Support Python 3 in the metrics, internal, typehints, and utils modules.

[apilloud] [Nexmark][SQL] Use Timestamp type for timestamps

[dcavazos] Added snippets for BigQueryIO, serializable functions, Dynamic

[apilloud] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement Query5

[dcavazos] Use

[rangadi] Fix unbounded reader leak in direct-runner. Also close the reader at end

[rangadi] `extractOutput()` ended up resetting underlying aggregation. This is due

[rangadi] review comments.

[kirpichov] Updates BigQuery dependency version

[XuMingmin] Bump calcite version to 1.15.0 (#4692)

[ccy] Use the switching DirectRunner implementation

[cclauss] long was renamed to int in Python 3 (en masse)

[dkulp] [BEAM-3640] Part1: Update Checkstyle to enforce blank lines for imports

[tgroh] fixup! Add a multi-stage fuser

[kenn] Ignore IntelliJ Gradle build outputs

[Pablo] Renaming to MetricAggregator.identity_element

[apilloud] [Nexmark][SQL] Implement Query7

[kenn] Add hints for IntelliJ owned output dirs

[iemejia] Update byte-buddy to version 1.7.10 (adds support for Java 9)

[iemejia] Update google-auto-value to version 1.5.3

[iemejia] Pin maven-gpg-plugin to version 1.6

[iemejia] Pin missing version for license-maven-plugin to version 1.14

[iemejia] [BEAM-2530] Fix dependencies for XmlIO on Java 9

[iemejia] [BEAM-2530] Add a java 9 profile to parent pom

[iemejia] Add extra-enforcer-rules maven plugin to version 1.0-beta-7

[iemejia] Add ignore rule for multi-release jars compatible with Java 8

[sidhom] Use maven-publish plugin to publish java artifacts

[lcwik] [BEAM-3690] swapping to use mockito-core, hamcrest-core and

[github] Updates javadocs of Setup and Teardown

[willy] [BEAM-3662] Port MongoDbIOTest off DoFnTester

[lukasz.gajowy] [BEAM-3456] Re-enable JDBC performance test

[lukasz.gajowy] fixup! [BEAM-3456] Re-enable JDBC performance test

[lukasz.gajowy] fixup! fixup! [BEAM-3456] Re-enable JDBC performance test

[kirpichov] Updates BigQuery documentation

[luke_zhu] Revert invalid use of io.StringIO in utils/

[Pablo] Plumbing Gauge metrics through the Fn API.

[dkulp] [BEAM-3640] part 2 - add

[kenn] Spotless gradle: remove extraneous globbing of all java everywhere

[rmannibucau] ensure pipeline options setup is using contextual classloader and not

[kenn] Explicitly exclude some troublesome optional deps from

[Pablo] Fixing nanosecond translation issue in Gauge Fn API translation.

[lcwik] Break fusion for a ParDo which has State or Timers

[boyuanz] Add distribution counter implementation

[kirpichov] A relative directory should be applied (if specified) even when using a

[kenn] Explicitly exclude further optional deps from elasticsearch-hadoop

[lcwik] [BEAM-2573] Don't force importing filesystems, if they fail then give up

[tgroh] Use Conccurrent Constructs in InMemoryArtifactStagerService

[kirpichov] Adds more logging of BigQuery jobs and makes load job naming more

[tgroh] Add Environment Manager Interfaces

[] [BEAM-3538] Remove (or merge) Java 8 specific tests module into the main

[iemejia] [BEAM-3632] Add missing partitioning parameter in WriteTables

[iemejia] [BEAM-3632] Add TableDestination.withTableReference and fix WriteTables

[rmannibucau] [BEAM-3728][BEAM-3729] fixing the classloader lookup for pipeline

[] [BEAM-3317] Use fixed system time for testing

[lukasz.gajowy] [BEAM-3732] Fix broken maven profiles

[rangadi] Use TreeSet in place of PriorityQueue.

[coheigea] Make sure there is a space between closing round bracket and opening

[robertwb] Add MultiMap side inputs to Python SDK.

[altay] Fixing minor bugs:

[ankurgoenka] Making default thread count 12

[rangadi] update checksWithMultipleMerges() to check for multiple merges by

[holden] First pass at fixing all of E999 (invalid parsing) errors in Py3 found

[aljoscha.krettek] Make parameter of DoFnRunners.lateDataDroppingRunner() more specific

[aljoscha.krettek] Allow overriding DoFnRunners in subclasses of Flink DoFnOperator

[aljoscha.krettek] Invoke finishBundle() before teardown() in DoFnOperator

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Ignore event-time timers in SplittableDoFnOperator

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Block DoFnOperator.close() if we have pending timers

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Don't use StatefulDoFnRunner when running SDF in FlinkRunner

[aljoscha.krettek] Make ProcessFnRunner constructor public

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Use ProcessFnRunner in DoFnRunner for executing SDF

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Enable SDF tests for Flink Streaming Runner

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-2140] Enable SDF tests in gradle for Flink Streaming Runner

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-3727] Never shutdown sources in Flink Streaming execution mode

[mairbek] Changes multipe structuredValue implementations. Most notably, updates

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-3634] Refactor BeamRelNode to return a PTransform (#4705)

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-591] KafkaIO : Improve watermarks and support server side

[holden] Fix some raise_from to reraise.

[holden] vcfio somehow has some sort issues. It's not overly important and

[wtanaka] [BEAM-3034] Utilize some java 5 features

[xumingmingv] add setup/teardown for BeamSqlSeekableTable.

[xumingmingv] rename method as suggested and declare as default methods.

[yifanzou] [BEAM-3339] add python RC validation automation

[github] Fixes typo in BigQueryIO javadoc

[XuMingmin] [BEAM-591]: Update KafkaIO JavaDoc to reflect new timestamp API. (#4749)

[tgroh] Add To/From Proto Round Trip for ExecutableStage

[tgroh] Make GreedyStageFuser a Factory Class

[aljoscha.krettek] [BEAM-3648] Support Splittable DoFn in Flink Batch Runner

[aljoscha.krettek] fixup! address comments

GitHub pull request #4640 of commit 35d50d107dcee3650ac28d437436dd041c8943da, has merge conflicts.
Setting status of 35d50d107dcee3650ac28d437436dd041c8943da to PENDING with url and message: 'Build started sha1 is original commit.'
Using context: Jenkins: Apache Flink Runner ValidatesRunner Tests
[EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
Building remotely on beam8 (beam) in workspace <>
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* +refs/pull/4640/*:refs/remotes/origin/pr/4640/*
 > git rev-parse 35d50d107dcee3650ac28d437436dd041c8943da^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision 35d50d107dcee3650ac28d437436dd041c8943da (detached)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 35d50d107dcee3650ac28d437436dd041c8943da
Commit message: "fixup! address comments"
 > git rev-list --no-walk 7890d77e4a90ab7773e8fd52d8c4abe31eec8c21 # timeout=10
Cleaning workspace
 > git rev-parse --verify HEAD # timeout=10
Resetting working tree
 > git reset --hard # timeout=10
 > git clean -fdx # timeout=10
[EnvInject] - Executing scripts and injecting environment variables after the SCM step.
[EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content 

[EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully.
[Gradle] - Launching build.
[src] $ <> --info --continue --max-workers=16 -Dorg.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx3328m :beam-runners-flink_2.11:validatesRunner
Initialized native services in: /home/jenkins/.gradle/native
To honour the JVM settings for this build a new JVM will be forked. Please consider using the daemon:
Starting process 'Gradle build daemon'. Working directory: /home/jenkins/.gradle/daemon/4.5.1 Command: /usr/local/asfpackages/java/jdk1.8.0_152/bin/java -Xmx3328m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Duser.language=en -Duser.variant -cp /home/jenkins/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-4.5.1-bin/a5vbgfvpwtoqz8v2cdivxz28k/gradle-4.5.1/lib/gradle-launcher-4.5.1.jar org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.GradleDaemon 4.5.1
Successfully started process 'Gradle build daemon'
An attempt to start the daemon took 2.126 secs.
The client will now receive all logging from the daemon (pid: 10564). The daemon log file: /home/jenkins/.gradle/daemon/4.5.1/daemon-10564.out.log
Closing daemon's stdin at end of input.
The daemon will no longer process any standard input.
Daemon will be stopped at the end of the build stopping after processing
Using 16 worker leases.
Starting Build
Compiling settings file '<'> using SubsetScriptTransformer.
Compiling settings file '<'> using BuildScriptTransformer.
Settings evaluated using settings file '<'.>
Projects loaded. Root project using build file '<'.>
Included projects: [root project 'src', project ':examples', project ':model', project ':release', project ':runners', project ':sdks', project ':examples:java', project ':model:fn-execution', project ':model:job-management', project ':model:pipeline', project ':runners:apex', project ':runners:core-construction-java', project ':runners:core-java', project ':runners:direct-java', project ':runners:flink', project ':runners:gcp', project ':runners:gearpump', project ':runners:google-cloud-dataflow-java', project ':runners:java-fn-execution', project ':runners:local-artifact-service-java', project ':runners:local-java', project ':runners:reference', project ':runners:spark', project ':sdks:go', project ':sdks:java', project ':sdks:python', project ':runners:gcp:gcemd', project ':runners:gcp:gcsproxy', project ':runners:reference:java', project ':runners:reference:job-server', project ':sdks:java:build-tools', project ':sdks:java:container', project ':sdks:java:core', project ':sdks:java:extensions', project ':sdks:java:fn-execution', project ':sdks:java:harness', project ':sdks:java:io', project ':sdks:java:maven-archetypes', project ':sdks:java:nexmark', project ':sdks:python:container', project ':sdks:java:extensions:google-cloud-platform-core', project ':sdks:java:extensions:jackson', project ':sdks:java:extensions:join-library', project ':sdks:java:extensions:protobuf', project ':sdks:java:extensions:sketching', project ':sdks:java:extensions:sorter', project ':sdks:java:extensions:sql', project ':sdks:java:io:amazon-web-services', project ':sdks:java:io:amqp', project ':sdks:java:io:cassandra', project ':sdks:java:io:common', project ':sdks:java:io:elasticsearch', project ':sdks:java:io:elasticsearch-tests', project ':sdks:java:io:file-based-io-tests', project ':sdks:java:io:google-cloud-platform', project ':sdks:java:io:hadoop-common', project ':sdks:java:io:hadoop-file-system', project ':sdks:java:io:hadoop-input-format', project ':sdks:java:io:hbase', project ':sdks:java:io:hcatalog', project ':sdks:java:io:jdbc', project ':sdks:java:io:jms', project ':sdks:java:io:kafka', project ':sdks:java:io:kinesis', project ':sdks:java:io:mongodb', project ':sdks:java:io:mqtt', project ':sdks:java:io:redis', project ':sdks:java:io:solr', project ':sdks:java:io:tika', project ':sdks:java:io:xml', project ':sdks:java:maven-archetypes:examples', project ':sdks:java:maven-archetypes:starter', project ':sdks:java:io:elasticsearch-tests:elasticsearch-tests-2', project ':sdks:java:io:elasticsearch-tests:elasticsearch-tests-5', project ':sdks:java:io:elasticsearch-tests:elasticsearch-tests-common']
Parallel execution with configuration on demand is an incubating feature.
Evaluating root project 'src' using build file '<'.>
Compiling build file '<'> using SubsetScriptTransformer.
Resource missing. [HTTP GET:]
Resource missing. [HTTP HEAD:]
Resource missing. [HTTP GET:]
Resource missing. [HTTP HEAD:]
Compiling build file '<'> using BuildScriptTransformer.
Compiling script '<'> using SubsetScriptTransformer.
Compiling script '<'> using BuildScriptTransformer.
Applying build_rules.gradle to src
Offline dependencies root configured at 'offline-repository'

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Project 'beam-runners-flink_2.11' not found in root project 'src'.

* Try:
Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at

Build step 'Invoke Gradle script' changed build result to FAILURE
Build step 'Invoke Gradle script' marked build as failure
Recording test results
ERROR: Step ‘Publish JUnit test result report’ failed: No test report files were found. Configuration error?
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