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From lukecwik <>
Subject [GitHub] beam pull request #4096: Enable building Apache Beam using Gradle
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 01:24:35 GMT
GitHub user lukecwik opened a pull request:

    Enable building Apache Beam using Gradle

    Follow this checklist to help us incorporate your contribution quickly and easily:
     - [x] Make sure there is a [JIRA issue](
filed for the change (usually before you start working on it).  Trivial changes like typos
do not require a JIRA issue.  Your pull request should address just this issue, without pulling
in other changes.
     - [x] Each commit in the pull request should have a meaningful subject line and body.
     - [x] Format the pull request title like `[BEAM-XXX] Fixes bug in ApproximateQuantiles`,
where you replace `BEAM-XXX` with the appropriate JIRA issue.
     - [x] Write a pull request description that is detailed enough to understand what the
pull request does, how, and why.
     - [x] Run `mvn clean verify` to make sure basic checks pass. A more thorough check will
be performed on your pull request automatically.
     - [x] If this contribution is large, please file an Apache [Individual Contributor License

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull gradle

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #4096
commit cc9a58d80e7d66c1836376dcf72e54318e6c5031
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T19:00:56Z

    Move AVRO files to avro source location

commit a55c109aaf2bfa3dbaea47fa593900f857768da5
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T19:04:45Z

    Initial gradle build definitions for all java based modules which is able to assemble

commit 4727e1b71134c4956799d950f3805595aff76a77
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T19:12:31Z

    Add license headers to all build.gradle files.

commit 7bd940aba0b5f8ec105e6c701d0d8c900cd42251
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T21:59:40Z

    Add provided scope plugin and migrate compileOnly/testCompileOnly to provided scope

commit 9763c9222187a8753547ee1711c632e890058fac
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T22:31:42Z

    Add the ability to list dependencies recursively.
    Also ban the guava-jdk5 and modules from all dependencies.

commit b3ce651220b0d1efd60394530b31b4abcba1353e
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T22:45:59Z

    Update comments

commit 6763e6e501ed39d0df897acf07fb89aff3286248
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T23:05:34Z

    Configure the checkstyle plugin

commit a4b23fed0e2990e9589a2a69f36008e8626a1eaf
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-10-31T23:32:17Z

    Add support to run the Apache Rat plugin
    Add gradle generated files to .gitignore

commit 6c4ef41e5c571fc21946196ca04cd0c963aeeceb
Author: Pablo <>
Date:   2017-11-01T20:43:20Z

    Adding Python gradle changes

commit 3df139feb224d83bf937a4ca8a61b65bfd40316f
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-01T20:51:30Z

    Fix python tasks to not re-use the default gradle lifecycle names.

commit 2e62c20183efb2069d2430e1e4bdeaa22621b99a
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-01T20:59:34Z

    Add test task dependencies for testCython and testGcp and also add lint to the check task

commit 427feccad268517738a8efc0d6c80d87334b90e3
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-02T01:06:08Z

    Create build_rules file moving out specific plugins to them.
    This requires re-adding common lifecycle tasks to the Python SDK.

commit 9810e8d23c8e12e9f8b759614a02e3772df25baf
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-02T16:42:06Z

    Add missing build_rules file.

commit c007eb85287f3ff7b24c72729f90223357cc2901
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-02T16:46:36Z

    Ignore test categories NeedsRunner, ValidatesRunner, and all *IT tests
    Match current Mvn build logic

commit 96ac3c21d864849f75d1390c0f8ab7b9c0939766
Author: Scott Wegner <>
Date:   2017-11-02T17:45:10Z

    Add code style validation and auto-formatting to Gradle build.
    Note: actual style validation is currently disabled since the checked-in
    format rules seem to be out-of-date.

commit 011f07b27fc49af4c9fc3f37bc62575b5af9cfca
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-02T17:58:45Z

    Add beam-sdks-java-core dependency to beam-local-artifact-service
    Fix test initialization

commit a204d3c3be1a33c0f7a6f506912bdbb5e3a6dd71
Author: Henning Rohde <>
Date:   2017-11-02T18:34:04Z

    Add gradle build for sdks/go

commit 4d18215ac6d81edefc87b2fe9598d42ff59c20ab
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-02T18:41:28Z

    Get evaluation dependency order fixed because of dependency on sourceSets.test.output
in builds

commit 9361cc53d7c559f796a1545d6aebd4977fb2ac5f
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-02T20:08:42Z

    Update comments on root project

commit b005ee1f13c2cf314b901ca2db7cb1080540ef3b
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-02T20:32:30Z

    Set beamUseDummyRunner = true
    Match pom.xml

commit b58f2c2d9751d1054da67bcaa2b3e8e8b8075016
Author: Scott Wegner <>
Date:   2017-11-02T20:56:06Z

    Move spotless plugin to delegate config

commit 43f44b16e16fca12cd03c678b2815275bde65d81
Author: Scott Wegner <>
Date:   2017-11-02T20:59:20Z

    Fix spotless config

commit 090d0001b18b7590974d5b579b3c7f33d7073c79
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-02T21:49:36Z

    Change hamcrest and junit to testCompile in beam-runners-google-cloud-dataflow-java

commit 1321958d8c3954cf9b7ce930041a8d0c478c9f6f
Author: Scott Wegner <>
Date:   2017-11-02T22:11:13Z

    Add findbugs to the build

commit 55d77e44c84282dae7e9ca1e86ce09d7744d6ee9
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-02T23:19:07Z

    Filter resources to set dataflow environrment versions in beam-runners-google-cloud-dataflow-java
    Matching maven behavior

commit a70867cd02e6306bfbf38fcca8b88a9874c849c0
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-03T00:11:43Z

    Add test to check phase

commit c17c1d7c9c913274c0b1fd281503dc42092f4f15
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-03T16:51:46Z

    Force dependency resolution of common Java dependencies

commit e5a7a496d8ce72745e7d44fe3a48e79091b38336
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-03T17:11:32Z

    Filter, set pom.version and build timestamp

commit 97023e504ec6b6e6c2d94232ca720aa7b1551ab7
Author: Anton Kedin <>
Date:   2017-11-03T17:17:39Z

    Use dummy runner in tests in google-cloud-dataflow-java

commit 87d4f09c4b70599cfef8494ec2e96693181df85b
Author: Luke Cwik <>
Date:   2017-11-03T17:38:20Z

    Migrate findbugs to be configurable from the JavaNatureConfiguration instead of a hardcoded



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