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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Apex #2284
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2017 18:07:14 GMT
See <>

[...truncated 501.40 KB...]
2017-08-30T18:06:55.378 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.403 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 284.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.405 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.432 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 418.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.434 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.461 [INFO] Downloaded:
(278 B at 10.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.462 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.487 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 162.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.489 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.516 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 270.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.518 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.545 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 610.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.547 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.573 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 355.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.575 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.602 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 202.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.604 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.630 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 87.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.631 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.657 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 314.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.659 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.684 [INFO] Downloaded:
(922 B at 34.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.686 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.711 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 453.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.712 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.741 [INFO] Downloaded:
(57 KB at 1945.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.745 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.772 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 121.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.774 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.802 [INFO] Downloaded:
(18 KB at 616.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.803 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.829 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 206.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.830 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.856 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 603.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.857 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.883 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 535.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.886 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.913 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 104.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.931 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.931 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.933 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.933 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.934 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.971 [INFO] Downloaded:
(67 KB at 1616.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.971 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:55.972 [INFO] Downloaded:
(100 KB at 2381.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:55.972 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.045 [INFO] Downloaded:
(267 KB at 2383.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.045 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.048 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 125.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.048 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.086 [INFO] Downloaded:
(528 KB at 3446.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.086 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.099 [INFO] Downloaded:
(173 KB at 1042.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.100 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.100 [INFO] Downloaded:
(99 KB at 588.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.105 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.133 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1563 KB at 7733.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.133 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.136 [INFO] Downloaded:
(145 KB at 711.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.136 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.144 [INFO] Downloaded:
(67 KB at 313.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.144 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.164 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 78.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.164 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.192 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 33.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.192 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.214 [INFO] Downloaded:
(528 KB at 1875.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.214 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.223 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.230 [INFO] Downloaded:
(92 KB at 309.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.230 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.245 [INFO] Downloaded:
(870 KB at 2786.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.245 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.258 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 49.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.259 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.282 [INFO] Downloaded:
(79 KB at 223.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.282 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.314 [INFO] Downloaded:
(182 KB at 477.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.315 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.330 [INFO] Downloaded:
(182 KB at 456.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.331 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.332 [INFO] Downloaded:
(676 KB at 1692.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.332 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.335 [INFO] Downloaded:
(44 KB at 109.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.335 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.350 [INFO] Downloaded:
(68 KB at 162.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.350 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.389 [INFO] Downloaded:
(265 KB at 580.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.389 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.389 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3398 KB at 7418.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.389 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.436 [INFO] Downloaded:
(76 KB at 149.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.436 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.464 [INFO] Downloaded:
(332 KB at 624.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.464 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.466 [INFO] Downloaded:
(41 KB at 76.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.466 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.491 [INFO] Downloaded:
(775 KB at 1387.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.491 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.498 [INFO] Downloaded:
(63 KB at 110.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.498 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.521 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1181 KB at 2006.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.521 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.524 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1442 KB at 2438.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.524 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.538 [INFO] Downloaded:
(99 KB at 163.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.538 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.546 [INFO] Downloaded:
(448 KB at 730.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.546 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.555 [INFO] Downloaded:
(88 KB at 140.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.555 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.572 [INFO] Downloaded:
(21 KB at 32.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.572 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.584 [INFO] Downloaded:
(339 KB at 520.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.584 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.587 [INFO] Downloaded:
(62 KB at 94.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.587 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.608 [INFO] Downloaded:
(128 KB at 188.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.608 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.612 [INFO] Downloaded:
(39 KB at 56.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.612 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.636 [INFO] Downloaded:
(510 KB at 725.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.636 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.640 [INFO] Downloaded:
(32 KB at 44.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.640 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.641 [INFO] Downloaded:
(49 KB at 69.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.641 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.662 [INFO] Downloaded:
(20 KB at 27.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.662 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.665 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 11.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.665 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.668 [INFO] Downloaded:
(30 KB at 40.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.668 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.709 [INFO] Downloaded:
(102 KB at 130.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.709 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.710 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1508 KB at 1939.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.710 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.722 [INFO] Downloaded:
(279 KB at 352.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.722 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.725 [INFO] Downloaded:
(123 KB at 155.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.725 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.765 [INFO] Downloaded:
(94 KB at 112.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.765 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.788 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1117 KB at 1307.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.788 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.833 [INFO] Downloaded:
(61 KB at 67.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.833 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.848 [INFO] Downloaded:
(242 KB at 263.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.848 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.884 [INFO] Downloaded:
(104 KB at 109.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.884 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.976 [INFO] Downloaded:
(277 KB at 265.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.976 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.977 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1168 KB at 1118.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.977 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:56.999 [INFO] Downloaded:
(579 KB at 542.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:56.999 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.004 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 13.7 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.004 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.025 [INFO] Downloaded:
(125 KB at 114.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.025 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.034 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 15.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.034 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.123 [INFO] Downloaded:
(479 KB at 402.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.123 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.172 [INFO] Downloaded:
(103 KB at 82.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.172 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.199 [INFO] Downloaded:
(23 KB at 18.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.199 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.207 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2164 KB at 1698.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.207 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.236 [INFO] Downloaded:
(64 KB at 48.8 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.236 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.344 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1827 KB at 1295.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.344 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.356 [INFO] Downloaded:
(694 KB at 487.9 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.356 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.373 [INFO] Downloaded:
(43 KB at 29.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.374 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.377 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1565 KB at 1084.2 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.377 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.385 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 10.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.385 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.397 [INFO] Downloaded:
(697 KB at 476.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.397 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.418 [INFO] Downloaded:
(18 KB at 12.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.418 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.430 [INFO] Downloaded:
(204 KB at 136.3 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.430 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.434 [INFO] Downloaded:
(77 KB at 51.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.434 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.454 [INFO] Downloaded:
(129 KB at 84.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.454 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:57.489 [INFO] Downloaded:
(278 KB at 178.5 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.493 [INFO] Downloaded:
(142 KB at 90.6 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.495 [INFO] Downloaded:
(98 KB at 62.4 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:57.621 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1954 KB at 1158.1 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:58.334 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16937 KB at 7054.0 KB/sec)
2017-08-30T18:06:58.352 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:58.498 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-08-30T18:06:58.741 [INFO] Downloading:
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Reactor Summary:
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] 
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Parent .............................. SUCCESS
[ 23.369 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Build Tools ......... SUCCESS
[ 10.252 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs ................................ SUCCESS
[  2.837 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common ...................... SUCCESS
[  2.492 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Runner API ........ SUCCESS
[ 31.779 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Fn API ............ SUCCESS
[  7.261 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.639 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java ........................ SUCCESS
[  2.169 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Core ................ SUCCESS
[01:58 min]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners ............................. SUCCESS
[  2.377 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Construction Java ... SUCCESS
[ 16.668 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Java ................ SUCCESS
[ 34.615 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Apex ..................... FAILURE
[  8.068 s]
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] BUILD FAILURE
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Total time: 05:15 min
2017-08-30T18:07:06.640 [INFO] Finished at: 2017-08-30T18:07:06+00:00
2017-08-30T18:07:07.379 [INFO] Final Memory: 121M/1568M
2017-08-30T18:07:07.379 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-08-30T18:07:07.379 [WARNING] The requested profile "validates-runner-tests" could not
be activated because it does not exist.
2017-08-30T18:07:07.384 [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project beam-runners-apex: Could
not resolve dependencies for project org.apache.beam:beam-runners-apex:jar:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT:
Could not transfer artifact commons-configuration:commons-configuration:jar:1.6 from/to central
( GET request of: commons-configuration/commons-configuration/1.6/commons-configuration-1.6.jar
from central failed: Connection reset -> [Help 1]
2017-08-30T18:07:07.384 [ERROR] 
2017-08-30T18:07:07.384 [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with
the -e switch.
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] 
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions,
please read the following articles:
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] [Help 1]
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] 
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR] After correcting the problems, you can resume the build with
the command
2017-08-30T18:07:07.385 [ERROR]   mvn <goals> -rf :beam-runners-apex
channel stopped

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