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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Apex #2023
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2017 21:45:51 GMT
See <>


[altay] [BEAM-2636] Make sure we only override the correct class

[...truncated 471.31 KB...]
2017-07-19T21:45:30.607 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.634 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 59.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.636 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.673 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 246.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.676 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.705 [INFO] Downloaded:
(20 KB at 684.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.710 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.738 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 221.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.741 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.770 [INFO] Downloaded:
(26 KB at 882.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.781 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.813 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 62.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.815 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.846 [INFO] Downloaded:
(32 KB at 1002.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.852 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.879 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 81.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.884 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.911 [INFO] Downloaded:
(967 B at 35.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.917 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.944 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 85.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.948 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:30.976 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 142.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:30.978 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.013 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 324.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.015 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.062 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 322.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.065 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.094 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 629.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.099 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.125 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 60.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.128 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.163 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 173.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.166 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.191 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 99.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.194 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.221 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 582.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.225 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.251 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1016 B at 38.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.254 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.281 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 44.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.283 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.309 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 295.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.312 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.338 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 100.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.340 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.367 [INFO] Downloaded:
(28 KB at 1009.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.370 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.402 [INFO] Downloaded:
(21 KB at 646.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.407 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.440 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 79.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.447 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.480 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 110.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.486 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.515 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 90.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.521 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.548 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 94.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.557 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.589 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 64.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.593 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.621 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 118.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.628 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.656 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 149.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.658 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.687 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 654.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.691 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.719 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 224.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.722 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.753 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 96.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.755 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:31.782 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 187.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:31.784 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.013 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 38.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.015 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.046 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 339.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.048 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.084 [INFO] Downloaded:
(54 KB at 1493.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.094 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.122 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 93.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.124 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.156 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 355.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.158 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.190 [INFO] Downloaded:
(22 KB at 665.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.195 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.223 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 61.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.225 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.253 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 387.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.258 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.290 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 79.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.292 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.319 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 387.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.321 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.349 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 535.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.352 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.380 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 88.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.383 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.411 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 237.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.414 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.442 [INFO] Downloaded:
(666 B at 23.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.443 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.471 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 291.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.474 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.501 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 146.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.507 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.542 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 30.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.544 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.571 [INFO] Downloaded:
(651 B at 23.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.573 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.605 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 408.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.608 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.641 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 503.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.645 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.684 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 208.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.686 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.720 [INFO] Downloaded:
(25 KB at 711.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.724 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.758 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 174.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.763 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.789 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 87.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.793 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.820 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 188.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.822 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.850 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 556.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.852 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.882 [INFO] Downloaded:
(27 KB at 886.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.886 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.912 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 172.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.913 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.942 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 444.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.946 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:32.974 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 216.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:32.975 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.002 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 150.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.005 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.033 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 208.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.034 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.062 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 395.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.063 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.091 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 584.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.094 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.120 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 313.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.123 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.150 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 315.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.153 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.189 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 171.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.191 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.218 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 129.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.219 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.250 [INFO] Downloaded:
(43 KB at 1366.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.254 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.282 [INFO] Downloaded:
(18 KB at 630.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.286 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.313 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 86.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.318 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.346 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 160.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.352 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.385 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 310.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.392 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.442 [INFO] Downloaded:
(915 B at 18.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.444 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.529 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 41.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.531 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.566 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 362.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.568 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.594 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 92.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.596 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.627 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 229.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.629 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.656 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 418.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.658 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.684 [INFO] Downloaded:
(278 B at 10.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.685 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.711 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 156.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.713 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.740 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 270.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.742 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.769 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 610.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.771 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.798 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 342.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.799 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.827 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 195.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.829 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.854 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 91.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.855 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.882 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 302.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.884 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.910 [INFO] Downloaded:
(922 B at 34.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.912 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.937 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 453.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.939 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.969 [INFO] Downloaded:
(57 KB at 1880.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:33.973 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:33.999 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 125.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:34.000 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:34.028 [INFO] Downloaded:
(18 KB at 616.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:34.029 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:34.056 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 198.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:34.057 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:34.084 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 581.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:34.086 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:34.118 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 435.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-19T21:45:34.121 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-19T21:45:34.147 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 108.2 KB/sec)
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
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[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
2017-07-19T21:45:41.268 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Reactor Summary:
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] 
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Parent .............................. SUCCESS
[ 26.918 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Build Tools ......... SUCCESS
[ 10.930 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs ................................ SUCCESS
[  3.291 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common ...................... SUCCESS
[  4.113 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Runner API ........ SUCCESS
[ 12.399 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Fn API ............ SUCCESS
[ 17.311 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java ........................ SUCCESS
[  2.147 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Core ................ SUCCESS
[02:54 min]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners ............................. SUCCESS
[  2.999 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Construction Java ... SUCCESS
[ 25.731 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Java ................ SUCCESS
[ 39.966 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Apex ..................... FAILURE
[  5.540 s]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] BUILD FAILURE
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Total time: 06:15 min
2017-07-19T21:45:41.269 [INFO] Finished at: 2017-07-19T21:45:41+00:00
2017-07-19T21:45:41.884 [INFO] Final Memory: 122M/1458M
2017-07-19T21:45:41.884 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-19T21:45:41.885 [WARNING] The requested profile "validates-runner-tests" could not
be activated because it does not exist.
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project beam-runners-apex: Could
not resolve dependencies for project org.apache.beam:beam-runners-apex:jar:2.2.0-SNAPSHOT:
Failed to collect dependencies at org.apache.apex:apex-common:jar:3.6.0: Failed to read artifact
descriptor for org.apache.apex:apex-common:jar:3.6.0: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.apex:apex-common:pom:3.6.0
from/to central ( Connection reset -> [Help 1]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] 
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with
the -e switch.
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] 
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions,
please read the following articles:
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] [Help 1]
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] 
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR] After correcting the problems, you can resume the build with
the command
2017-07-19T21:45:41.889 [ERROR]   mvn <goals> -rf :beam-runners-apex
channel stopped

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