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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Apex #1923
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 18:09:40 GMT
See <>

Started by timer
[EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
Building remotely on beam1 (beam) in workspace <>
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git rev-parse origin/master^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision 85a99e29448670ae6728a8ee2e4cd3ef95877c3e (origin/master)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 85a99e29448670ae6728a8ee2e4cd3ef95877c3e
 > git rev-list 85a99e29448670ae6728a8ee2e4cd3ef95877c3e # timeout=10
Cleaning workspace
 > git rev-parse --verify HEAD # timeout=10
Resetting working tree
 > git reset --hard # timeout=10
 > git clean -fdx # timeout=10
[EnvInject] - Executing scripts and injecting environment variables after the SCM step.
[EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content 

[EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully.
Parsing POMs
Downloaded artifact
Modules changed, recalculating dependency graph
Established TCP socket on 58999
maven33-agent.jar already up to date
maven33-interceptor.jar already up to date
maven3-interceptor-commons.jar already up to date
[beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Apex] $ /home/jenkins/tools/java/latest1.8/bin/java
-Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.showDateTime=true -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.dateTimeFormat=yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS
-XX:+TieredCompilation -XX:TieredStopAtLevel=1 -cp /home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/maven33-agent.jar:/home/jenkins/tools/maven/apache-maven-3.3.3/boot/plexus-classworlds-2.5.2.jar:/home/jenkins/tools/maven/apache-maven-3.3.3/conf/logging
jenkins.maven3.agent.Maven33Main /home/jenkins/tools/maven/apache-maven-3.3.3 /home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/slave.jar
/home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/maven33-interceptor.jar /home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/maven3-interceptor-commons.jar
<===[JENKINS REMOTING CAPACITY]===>   channel started
Executing Maven:  -B -f <>
clean verify --projects runners/apex --also-make --batch-mode --errors --activate-profiles
validates-runner-tests --activate-profiles local-validates-runner-tests
2017-07-06T18:01:49.683 [INFO] Error stacktraces are turned on.
2017-07-06T18:01:49.784 [INFO] Scanning for projects...
2017-07-06T18:01:51.193 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:51.991 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 7.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.000 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.036 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 178.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.046 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.082 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 94.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.084 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.138 [INFO] Downloaded:
(23 KB at 408.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.141 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.182 [INFO] Downloaded:
(32 KB at 776.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.187 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.221 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 401.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.228 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.257 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 144.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.262 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.292 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 110.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.295 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.330 [INFO] Downloaded:
(20 KB at 570.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.334 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.364 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 220.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.367 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.403 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 367.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.408 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.437 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 66.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.443 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.474 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 152.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.477 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.511 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 390.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.514 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.544 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 157.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.548 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.576 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 50.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.579 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.607 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 82.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.609 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.640 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 249.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.642 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.677 [INFO] Downloaded:
(21 KB at 577.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.682 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.709 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1023 B at 37.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.712 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.739 [INFO] Downloaded:
(612 B at 22.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.742 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.771 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 181.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.774 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.806 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 58.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.811 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.839 [INFO] Downloaded:
(965 B at 32.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.843 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.873 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 330.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.876 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.911 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 313.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.916 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.945 [INFO] Downloaded:
(363 B at 12.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.949 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:52.978 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 84.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:52.981 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.014 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 427.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.018 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.047 [INFO] Downloaded:
(815 B at 27.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.049 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.078 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 142.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.081 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.118 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 444.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.123 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.154 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 122.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.157 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.186 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 135.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.189 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.217 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 291.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.220 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.249 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 281.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.268 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.269 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.269 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.270 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.271 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.350 [INFO] Downloaded:
(29 KB at 347.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.350 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.358 [INFO] Downloaded:
(53 KB at 588.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.358 [INFO] Downloaded:
(45 KB at 497.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.358 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.358 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.370 [INFO] Downloaded:
(192 KB at 1919.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.371 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.388 [INFO] Downloaded:
(157 KB at 1300.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.388 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.391 [INFO] Downloaded:
(44 KB at 365.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.391 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.393 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 20.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.393 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.398 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 45.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.399 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.422 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 28.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.422 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.424 [INFO] Downloaded:
(33 KB at 212.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.424 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.449 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 23.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.449 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.461 [INFO] Downloaded:
(46 KB at 241.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.491 [INFO] Downloaded:
(350 KB at 1586.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.507 [INFO] Downloaded:
(285 KB at 1205.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.557 [INFO] Downloaded:
(246 KB at 859.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.658 [INFO] Downloaded:
(1467 KB at 3789.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.860 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.891 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 49.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.894 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.923 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 429.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.925 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.956 [INFO] Downloaded:
(39 KB at 1253.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.960 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.988 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 537.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:53.993 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:53.993 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-06T18:01:54.040 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 156.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:54.062 [INFO] Downloaded:
(165 KB at 2385.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-06T18:01:54.254 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:01:54.254 [INFO] Detecting the operating system and CPU architecture
2017-07-06T18:01:54.254 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:01:54.255 [INFO] linux
2017-07-06T18:01:54.255 [INFO] os.detected.arch: x86_64
2017-07-06T18:01:54.255 [INFO] os.detected.version: 3.19
2017-07-06T18:01:54.255 [INFO] os.detected.version.major: 3
2017-07-06T18:01:54.255 [INFO] os.detected.version.minor: 19
2017-07-06T18:01:54.256 [INFO] os.detected.release: ubuntu
2017-07-06T18:01:54.256 [INFO] os.detected.release.version: 14.04
2017-07-06T18:01:54.256 [INFO] true
2017-07-06T18:01:54.256 [INFO] true
2017-07-06T18:01:54.256 [INFO] os.detected.classifier: linux-x86_64
2017-07-06T18:08:12.366 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:12.366 [INFO] Reactor Build Order:
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] 
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Parent
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Build Tools
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Runner API
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Fn API
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Core
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Construction Java
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Java
2017-07-06T18:08:12.367 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Apex
2017-07-06T18:08:14.622 [INFO]                                                           
2017-07-06T18:08:14.622 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:14.622 [INFO] Building Apache Beam :: Parent 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT
2017-07-06T18:08:14.622 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:14.627 [INFO] Downloading:
[INFO] I/O exception ( caught when processing request to {s}->
Connection reset
[INFO] Retrying request to {s}->
[INFO] I/O exception ( caught when processing request to {s}->
Connection reset
[INFO] Retrying request to {s}->
[INFO] I/O exception ( caught when processing request to {s}->
Connection reset
[INFO] Retrying request to {s}->
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
2017-07-06T18:08:30.241 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:30.241 [INFO] Reactor Summary:
2017-07-06T18:08:30.241 [INFO] 
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Parent .............................. FAILURE
[  2.322 s]
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Build Tools ......... SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs ................................ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common ...................... SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Runner API ........ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Fn API ............ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java ........................ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Core ................ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners ............................. SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Construction Java ... SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Java ................ SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Apex ..................... SKIPPED
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] BUILD FAILURE
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Total time: 06:40 min
2017-07-06T18:08:30.242 [INFO] Finished at: 2017-07-06T18:08:30+00:00
2017-07-06T18:08:30.689 [INFO] Final Memory: 39M/353M
2017-07-06T18:08:30.689 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-06T18:08:30.689 [WARNING] The requested profile "validates-runner-tests" could not
be activated because it does not exist.
Waiting for Jenkins to finish collecting data
2017-07-06T18:08:51.133 [ERROR] Plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-remote-resources-plugin:1.5
or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-remote-resources-plugin:jar:1.5:
Could not transfer artifact org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-remote-resources-plugin:pom:1.5
from/to central ( Connection reset -> [Help 1]
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] 
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with
the -e switch.
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] 
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions,
please read the following articles:
2017-07-06T18:08:51.134 [ERROR] [Help 1]
channel stopped

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