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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Apex #2035
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 17:06:34 GMT
See <>


[tgroh] Register a PTransformTranslator for Combine

[...truncated 53.91 KB...]
2017-07-21T17:06:14.763 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 57.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.766 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.793 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 125.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.795 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.834 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 46.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.835 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.862 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 324.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.864 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.901 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 85.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.903 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.931 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 287.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.934 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.961 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 61.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.965 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:14.994 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 268.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:14.996 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.024 [INFO] Downloaded:
(25 KB at 859.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.027 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.054 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 162.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.057 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.083 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 77.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.086 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.137 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 135.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.140 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.167 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 45.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.171 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.199 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 115.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.201 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.228 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 107.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.230 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.261 [INFO] Downloaded:
(7 KB at 214.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.263 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.290 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 303.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.292 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.319 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 74.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.322 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.349 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 109.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.351 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.378 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 659.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.380 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.410 [INFO] Downloaded:
(24 KB at 785.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.414 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.445 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 228.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.446 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.475 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 171.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.477 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.508 [INFO] Downloaded:
(37 KB at 1201.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.510 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.538 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 512.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.542 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.568 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 76.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.570 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.600 [INFO] Downloaded:
(28 KB at 907.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.604 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.632 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 131.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.634 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.661 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 314.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.663 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.691 [INFO] Downloaded:
(26 KB at 887.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.693 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.721 [INFO] Downloaded:
(15 KB at 516.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.726 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.754 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 109.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.756 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.800 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 268.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.802 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.833 [INFO] Downloaded:
(20 KB at 631.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.836 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.877 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 65.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.880 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.908 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 140.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.910 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.939 [INFO] Downloaded:
(16 KB at 520.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.942 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.969 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 101.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:15.971 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:15.998 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 670.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.001 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.027 [INFO] Downloaded:
(145 B at 5.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.029 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.056 [INFO] Downloaded:
(6 KB at 193.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.058 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.085 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 89.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.087 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.113 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 58.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.115 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.142 [INFO] Downloaded:
(5 KB at 174.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.148 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.176 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 387.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.179 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.207 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 129.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.211 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.239 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 41.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.240 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.267 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 51.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.269 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.296 [INFO] Downloaded:
(771 B at 27.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.298 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.326 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 69.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.328 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.356 [INFO] Downloaded:
(8 KB at 253.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.359 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.405 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 73.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.407 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.435 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 321.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.438 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.466 [INFO] Downloaded:
(4 KB at 112.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.468 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.496 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 105.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.497 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.526 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 626.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.530 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.563 [INFO] Downloaded:
(2 KB at 51.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.565 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.595 [INFO] Downloaded:
(3 KB at 90.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.596 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.624 [INFO] Downloaded:
(19 KB at 649.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.637 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.637 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.637 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.638 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.639 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.671 [INFO] Downloaded:
(86 KB at 2436.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.672 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.675 [INFO] Downloaded:
(36 KB at 936.7 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.675 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.683 [INFO] Downloaded:
(131 KB at 2836.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.683 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.684 [INFO] Downloaded:
(63 KB at 1320.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.684 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.695 [INFO] Downloaded:
(191 KB at 3347.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.695 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.701 [INFO] Downloaded:
(31 KB at 489.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.701 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.712 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 163.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.712 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.721 [INFO] Downloaded:
(79 KB at 945.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.721 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.734 [INFO] Downloaded:
(48 KB at 498.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.734 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.742 [INFO] Downloaded:
(35 KB at 332.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.743 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.744 [INFO] Downloaded:
(153 KB at 1439.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.744 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.756 [INFO] Downloaded:
(66 KB at 559.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.759 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.774 [INFO] Downloaded:
(30 KB at 214.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.774 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.777 [INFO] Downloaded:
(50 KB at 357.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.777 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.790 [INFO] Downloaded:
(324 KB at 2131.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.791 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.803 [INFO] Downloaded:
(22 KB at 131.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.804 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.807 [INFO] Downloaded:
(9 KB at 50.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.807 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.809 [INFO] Downloaded:
(174 KB at 1021.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.809 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.819 [INFO] Downloaded:
(22 KB at 120.5 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.819 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.835 [INFO] Downloaded:
(17 KB at 82.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.835 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.836 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 63.2 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.837 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.837 [INFO] Downloaded:
(10 KB at 48.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.837 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.847 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 53.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.847 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.864 [INFO] Downloaded:
(13 KB at 56.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.864 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.868 [INFO] Downloaded:
(26 KB at 110.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.870 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.870 [INFO] Downloaded:
(41 KB at 173.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.873 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.884 [INFO] Downloaded:
(39 KB at 157.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.884 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.898 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 50.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.898 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.899 [INFO] Downloaded:
(11 KB at 39.1 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.899 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.902 [INFO] Downloaded:
(37 KB at 140.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.902 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.913 [INFO] Downloaded:
(28 KB at 101.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.913 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.932 [INFO] Downloaded:
(14 KB at 44.8 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.932 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.942 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 36.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.942 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.949 [INFO] Downloaded:
(240 KB at 769.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.949 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.953 [INFO] Downloaded:
(240 KB at 760.4 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.953 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.981 [INFO] Downloaded:
(97 KB at 281.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.981 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.983 [INFO] Downloaded:
(35 KB at 100.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.983 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.987 [INFO] Downloaded:
(12 KB at 33.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.988 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:16.996 [INFO] Downloaded:
(276 KB at 770.6 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:16.997 [INFO] Downloading:
2017-07-21T17:06:17.029 [INFO] Downloaded:
(57 KB at 145.9 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:17.032 [INFO] Downloaded:
(181 KB at 462.0 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:17.035 [INFO] Downloaded:
(44 KB at 111.3 KB/sec)
2017-07-21T17:06:17.038 [INFO] Downloaded:
(240 KB at 599.7 KB/sec)
[WARNING] Failed to getClass for org.apache.maven.plugins.enforcer.EnforceMojo
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
[JENKINS] Archiving disabled
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Reactor Summary:
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] 
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Parent .............................. FAILURE
[ 14.147 s]
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Build Tools ......... SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs ................................ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common ...................... SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Runner API ........ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Common :: Fn API ............ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java ........................ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: SDKs :: Java :: Core ................ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners ............................. SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Construction Java ... SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Core Java ................ SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Apache Beam :: Runners :: Apex ..................... SKIPPED
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] BUILD FAILURE
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Total time: 51.402 s
2017-07-21T17:06:24.034 [INFO] Finished at: 2017-07-21T17:06:24+00:00
2017-07-21T17:06:24.357 [INFO] Final Memory: 45M/582M
2017-07-21T17:06:24.357 [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2017-07-21T17:06:24.357 [WARNING] The requested profile "validates-runner-tests" could not
be activated because it does not exist.
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1:enforce
(enforce) on project beam-parent: Execution enforce of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1:enforce
failed: Plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-enforcer-plugin:1.4.1 or one of its dependencies
could not be resolved: Could not transfer artifact from/to central
( GET request of: com/ibm/icu/icu4j/56.1/icu4j-56.1.jar
from central failed: Connection reset -> [Help 1]
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] 
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with
the -e switch.
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] 
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions,
please read the following articles:
2017-07-21T17:06:24.361 [ERROR] [Help 1]
channel stopped

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