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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: beam_PostCommit_Java_ValidatesRunner_Twister2 #8
Date Tue, 19 May 2020 18:03:53 GMT
See <>


[amogh.tiwari] lzo-addons

[markliu] [BEAM-8831] Do not copy generated files for Python source copy

[amogh.tiwari] 3rd dec 2019, 12:43AM

[amogh.tiwari] PR corrections

[amogh.tiwari] PR javaPreCommit update

[amogh.tiwari] PR changes: added testLzopSpilttale()

[git] Remove optionality and add sensible defaults to PubsubIO builders.

[amogh.tiwari] updated gradle for supporting optional dependency of lzo- 2:39 AM IST

[jkai] [BEAM-8331] rewrite the calcite JDBC urls

[iemejia] [BEAM-9162] Upgrade Jackson to version 2.10.2

[boyuanz] Update verify_release_build script to run python tests with dev version.

[robertwb] Supporting infrastructure for dataframes on beam.

[robertwb] Basic deferred data frame implementation.

[robertwb] yapf, py2

[millsd] Update Dataflow monitoring URL

[filiperegadas] Add BigQuery useAvroLogicalTypes option

[filiperegadas] fixup! Add BigQuery useAvroLogicalTypes option

[amogh.tiwari] update 19/02/2020 2:32 AM added static class, removed wrappers, updated

[heejong] [BEAM-9335] update hard-coded coder id when translating Java external

[iemejia] Mark Test categories as internal and improve categorization

[robertwb] Update go beam runner generated protos.

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[shubham.srivastava] finishing touch 20/02/2020 6:43PM

[robertwb] Add standard protocol capabilities to protos.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9225] Fix Flink uberjar job termination bug.

[kcweaver] Reuse get_state method.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9339] Declare capabilities for Go SDK.

[lcwik] [BEAM-5605] Eagerly close the BoundedReader once we have read everything

[lcwik] fixup! Fix SpotBugs failure

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9022] publish Spark job server Docker image

[drubinstein] Bump google cloud bigquery to 1.24.0

[github] Revert "[BEAM-9085] Fix performance regression in SyntheticSource

[github] [BEAM-8537] Provide WatermarkEstimator to track watermark (#10375)

[github] Make sure calling try_claim(0) more than once also trows exception.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9339] Declare capabilities for Python SDK.

[robertwb] Add some standard requirement URNs to the protos.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9356] reduce Flink test logs to warn

[github] [BEAM-9063] migrate docker images to apache (#10612)

[github] [BEAM-9252] Exclude jboss's Main and (#10930)

[boyuanz] Clean up and add type-hints to SDF API

[robertwb] [BEAM-9340] Populate requirements for Python DoFn properties.

[hannahjiang] fix postcommit failure

[robertwb] [BEAM-8019] Branch on having multiple environments.

[github] [BEAM-9359] Switch to Data Catalog client (#10917)

[github] [BEAM-9344] Add support for bundle finalization execution to the Beam

[jvilcek] [BEAM-9360] Fix equivalence check for FieldType

[iemejia] [BEAM-9342] Upgrade vendored bytebuddy to version 1.10.8

[chadrik] Create a class to encapsulate the work required to submit a pipeline to

[iemejia] Add Dataflow Java11 ValidatesRunner badge to the PR template

[github] typings and docs for

[github] Merge pull request #10944: [BEAM-7274] optimize oneOf handling

[github] [BEAM-8280] Fix IOTypeHints origin traceback on partials (#10927)

[relax] Support null fields in rows with ByteBuddy generated code.

[robertwb] Allow metrics update to be tolerant to uninitalized metric containers.

[github] [GoSDK] Fix race condition in statemgr & test (#10941)

[rohde.samuel] Move TestStream implementation to replacement transform

[github] [BEAM-9347] Don't overwrite default runner harness for unified worker

[boyuanz] Update docstring of ManualWatermarkEstimator.set_watermark()

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9373] Spark/Flink tests fix string concat

[boyuanz] Address comments

[boyuanz] Address comments again

[github] [BEAM-9228] Support further partition for FnApi ListBuffer (#10847)

[github] [BEAM-7926] Data-centric Interactive Part3 (#10731)

[boyuanz] Use NoOpWatermarkEstimator in sdf_direct_runner

[chamikara] Updates Dataflow client

[github] [BEAM-9240]: Check for Nullability in typesEqual() method of FieldType

[amogh.tiwari] 25/02/2020 updated imports Amogh Tiwari & Shubham Srivastava

[iemejia] [BEAM-8616] Make hadoop-client a provided dependency on ParquetIO

[mxm] [BEAM-9345] Remove workaround to restore stdout/stderr during JobGraph

[iemejia] [BEAM-9364] Refactor KafkaIO to use DeserializerProviders

[mxm] [BEAM-9345] Add end-to-end Flink job submission test

[iemejia] [BEAM-9352] Align version of transitive jackson dependencies with Beam

[michal.walenia] [BEAM-9258] Add integration test for Cloud DLP

[iemejia] [BEAM-9329] Support request of schemas by version on KafkaIO + CSR

[lcwik] [BEAM-9252] Update to vendored gRPC without problematic

[github] Update

[github] Update

[github] Update

[lcwik] [BEAM-2822, BEAM-2939, BEAM-6189, BEAM-4374] Enable passing completed

[crites] Changes TestStreamTranscriptTest to only emit two elements so that its

[chamikara] Logs BQ insert failures

[alex] [BEAM-7274] Add DynamicMessage Schema support

[github] [BEAM-9322] Fix tag output names within Dataflow to be consistent with

[iemejia] [BEAM-9342] Exclude module-info.class from vendored Byte Buddy 1.10.8

[iemejia] Add KafkaIO support for Confluent Schema Registry to the CHANGEs file

[github] [BEAM-9247] Integrate GCP Vision API functionality (#10959)

[github] Fix kotlin warnings (#10976)

[github] Update python sdk container version to beam-master-20200225 (#10965)

[github] [BEAM-9248] Integrate Google Cloud Natural Language functionality for

[iemejia] Refine access level for `sdks/java/extensions/protobuf`

[github] [BEAM-9355] Basic support for NewType (#10928)

[github] [BEAM-8979] reintroduce mypy-protobuf stub generation (#10734)

[github] [BEAM-8335] Background Caching job (#10899)

[crites] Clean up of TestStreamTranscriptTests. Remvoes check for final field in

[github] [BEAM-8458] Add option to set temp dataset in BigQueryIO.Read (#9852)

[iemejia] Make logger naming consistent with Apache Beam LOG standard

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9300] convert struct literal in ZetaSQL

[github] fix breakage (#10934)

[github] Merge pull request #10901 from [BEAM-8965] Remove duplicate sideinputs

[pabloem] Fix formatting

[github] [BEAM-8618] Tear down unused DoFns periodically in Python SDK harness.

[alex] [BEAM-9394] DynamicMessage handling of empty map violates schema

[github] Merge pull request #10854: State timers documentation

[iemejia] [BEAM-9384] Add SchemaRegistry.getSchemaCoder to get SchemaCoders for

[lcwik] [BEAM-5524] Fix minor issue in style guide.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9397] Pass all but output receiver parameters to start

[github] [BEAM-8201] Pass all other endpoints through provisioning service.

[suztomo] Linkage Checker 1.1.4

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9401] bind Flink MiniCluster to localhost

[robinyqiu] Bump Dataflow Java worker container version

[kcweaver] Test schema does not need to be nullable.

[sunjincheng121] [BEAM-9288] Not bundle conscrypt in gRPC vendor

[mxm] [BEAM-9345] Fix source of test flakiness in FlinkSubmissionTest

[github] [BEAM-9396] Match Docker image names in Jenkins jobs with those

[github] [BEAM-9392] Fix Multi TestStream assertion errors (#10982)

[kamil.wasilewski] Add integration test for AnnotateImage transform

[github] Add integration test for AnnotateText transform (#10977)

[chadrik] [BEAM-9405] Fix post-commit error about create_job_service

[chadrik] more typing fixes

[chadrik] Fix typing issue with python 3.5.2

[chadrik] fixes

[chadrik] Address more issues discovered after rebase

[chadrik] Improve the idiom used for conditional imports

[chadrik] Fix more issues

[chadrik] Update to latest mypy version

[amaliujia] Moving to 2.21.0-SNAPSHOT on master branch.

[github] [BEAM-8487] Handle nested forward references (#10932)

[github] [BEAM-9287] Add Postcommit tests for dataflow runner v2  (#10998)

[chadrik] [BEAM-7746] Runtime change to timestamp/duration equality

[github] Adds DisplayData for StateSpecs used by stateful ParDos

[iemejia] Fix non correctly formatted class in sdks/java/core

[iemejia] [BEAM-9342[ Update bytebuddy to version 1.10.8

[] [BEAM-8925] Tika version update to 1.23

[12602502+Ardagan] [BEAM-8327] Override Gradle cache for community metrics prober

[ehudm] Reduce warnings in pytest runs.

[heejong] [BEAM-9415] fix postcommit xvr tests

[github] Merge pull request #10968 from [BEAM-9381] Adding display data to

[github] [BEAM-8335] Add PCollection to DataFrame logic for InteractiveRunner.

[robertwb] Remove excessive logging.

[github] [BEAM-2939] Java UnboundedSource SDF wrapper (#10897)

[iemejia] [website] Update link to environment_type (SDK harness configuration)

[iemejia] Fix typo on python code

[kamil.wasilewski] Fix: skip test if GCP dependencies are not installed

[fernandodiaz] [BEAM-9424] Allow grouping by LogicalType

[github] Revert "[BEAM-8335] Add PCollection to DataFrame logic for

[echauchot] Add metrics export to documentation on the website.

[github] [BEAM-8382] Add rate limit policy to KinesisIO.Read (#9765)

[lcwik] [BEAM-9288] Bump version number vendored gRPC build.

[chadrik] [BEAM-9274] Support running yapf in a git pre-commit hook

[rohde.samuel] [BEAM-8335] Add PCollection to Dataframe logic for InteractiveRunner.

[github] [BEAM-8575] Modified trigger test to work for different runners.

[github] [BEAM-9413] fix beam_PostCommit_Py_ValCon (#11023)

[rohde.samuel] ReverseTestStream Implementation

[github] Update lostluck's info on the Go SDK roadmap

[suztomo] Google-cloud-bigquery 1.108.0

[github] [BEAM-9432] Move expansion service into its own project. (#11035)

[ehudm] [BEAM-3713] Remove nosetests from tox.ini

[github] Merge pull request #11025: [BEAM-6428] Improve select performance with

[github] Switch contact email to

[github] [BEAM-6374] Emit PCollection metrics from GoSDK (#10942)

[amaliujia] [BEAM-9288] Not bundle conscrypt in gRPC vendor in META-INF/

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9448] Fix log message for job server cache.

[github] Update container image tags used by Dataflow runner for Beam master

[github] [BEAM-8328] Disable community metrics integration test in 'test' task

[iemejia] [BEAM-9450] Update links to

[iemejia] [BEAM-9450] Convert links available via https to use https

[github] Add integration test for AnnotateVideoWithContext transform (#10986)

[lcwik] [BEAM-9452] Update classgraph to latest version to resolve windows

[hktang] [BEAM-9453] Changed new string creation to use StandardCharsets.UTF_8

[chuck.yang] Use Avro format for file loads to BigQuery

[jkai] [Hotfix] fix rabbitmp spotless check

[kcweaver] Downgrade cache log level from warn->info.

[github] Revert "[BEAM-6374] Emit PCollection metrics from GoSDK (#10942)"

[github] Merge pull request #11032 from [BEAM-8335] Display rather than logging

[github] Fix a bug in performance test for reading data from BigQuery (#11062)

[suztomo] grpc 1.27.2 and gax 1.54.0

[suztomo] bigquerystorage 0.125.0-beta

[apilloud] [BEAM-9463] Bump ZetaSQL to 2020.03.1

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939, BEAM-9458] Add deduplication transform for SplittableDoFns

[lcwik] [BEAM-9464] Fix WithKeys to respect parameterized types

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9465] Fire repeatedly in reshuffle

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939, BEAM-9458] Use deduplication transform for UnboundedSources

[echauchot] Fix wrong generated code comment.

[github] [BEAM-9396] Fix Docker image name in CoGBK test for Python on Flink

[lcwik] [BEAM-9288] Update to use vendored gRPC without shaded conscrypt

[github] [BEAM-9319] Clean up start topic in TestPubsubSignal (#11072)

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Follow-up on comment in pr/11065

[lcwik] [BEAM-9473] Dont copy over META-INF index/checksum/signing files during

[apilloud] [BEAM-9411] Enable BigQuery DIRECT_READ by default in SQL

[hannahjiang] update for 2.20

[lcwik] [BEAM-9475] Fix typos and shore up expectations on type

[rohde.samuel] BEAM[8335] TestStreamService integration with DirectRunner

[github] [BEAM-7926] Update Data Visualization (#11020)

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9402] Remove options overwrite

[chadrik] Add pre-commit hook for pylint

[github] Additional new Python Katas (#11078)

[github] [BEAM-9478] Update samza runner page to reflect post 1.0 changes

[suztomo] grpc-google-cloud-pubsub-v1 1.85.1

[pabloem] Updating BigQuery client APIs

[github] [BEAM-9481] Exclude signature files from expansion service test

[github] Install typing package only for Python < 3.5.3 (#10821)

[heejong] [BEAM-9056] Staging artifacts from environment

[sunjincheng121] [BEAM-9295] Add Flink 1.10 build target and Make FlinkRunner compatible

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9485] Raise error when transform urn is not implemented

[12602502+Ardagan] [BEAM-9431] Remove ReadFromPubSub/Read-out0-ElementCount from the

[crites] Adds clearing of pane info state when windows get merged away.

[github] Update Python roadmap for 2.7 eol

[mxm] [BEAM-9474] Improve robustness of BundleFactory and ProcessEnvironment

[github] [BEAM-7815] update MemoryReporter comments about using guppy3 (#11073)

[rohde.samuel] [BEAM-8335] Modify the StreamingCache to subclass the CacheManager

[zyichi] Update BigQuery source in bigquery_tornadoes example

[sunjincheng121] [BEAM-9298] Drop support for Flink 1.7

[github] Fixing at head

[mxm] [BEAM-9490] Guard referencing for environment expiration via a lock

[github] Verify schema early in ToJson and JsonToRow (#11105)

[ehudm] [BEAM-9398] runtime_type_check: support setup

[lcwik] [BEAM-9481] fix indentation

[github] Merge pull request #11103 from [BEAM-9494] Reifying outputs from BQ file

[github] [BEAM-8335] Implemented Capture Size limitation (#11050)

[github] [BEAM-9294] Move RowJsonException out of RowJsonSerializer (#11102)

[github] Merge pull request #11046: [BEAM-9442] Properly handle nullable fields

[relax] switch cogbk to use Beam transform

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9287] disable validates runner test which uses teststreams for

[relax] finish join

[sunjincheng121] [BEAM-9299-PR]Upgrade Flink Runner 1.8x to 1.8.3 and 1.9x to 1.9.2

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Implement interfaces and concrete watermark estimators

[jfarr1] [BEAM-8374] Add alternate SnsIO PublishResult coders

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9499] Sickbay test_multi_triggered_gbk_side_input for streaming

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9503] Insert missing comma in process worker script.

[robertwb] Minor cleanup, lint.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9433] Create expansion service artifact for common Java IOs.

[thw] [BEAM-9490] Use the lock that belongs to the cache when bundle load

[github] Update Dataflow py container version (#11120)

[github] [BEAM-7923] Streaming support and pipeline pruning when instrumenting a

[github] Update default value in Java snippet

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9504] Sickbay streaming test for batch VR

[rohde.samuel] [BEAM-8335] Final PR to merge the InteractiveBeam feature branch

[github] [BEAM-9477] RowCoder should be hashable and picklable (#11088)

[apilloud] [BEAM-8057] Reject Infinite or NaN literals at parse time

[apilloud] [BEAM-7832] Translate ZetaSQL joins without condition

[robertwb] Log in a daemon thread.

[thw] [BEAM-8815] Skip removal of manifest when no artifacts were staged.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9496] Evaluation of deferred dataframes via Beam operations.

[relax] support side-input joins

[relax] support side-input joins

[relax] spotless

[github] [BEAM-9346] Improve the efficiency of TFRecordIO (#11122)

[kawaigin] [BEAM-8335] Refactor IPythonLogHandler

[kcweaver] [BEAM-8866] Use unique temp dir for output of portable word count tests.

[apilloud] [BEAM-8070] Preserve type for empty array

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9509] Improve error message for bad job server URL.

[relax] make FieldAccessDescriptor always be field-insertion order

[davidyan] [BEAM-9510] Fixing version incompatibities in

[github] Merge pull request #10991 [BEAM-3301] Refactor DoFn validation & allow

[davidyan] Bring the dep versions up to par with

[valentyn] Install typing only on 3.5.2 or earlier versions of Python.

[github] Update dataflow py container ver to 20200317 (#11145)

[kawaigin] [BEAM-7923] Include side effects in

[lcwik] [BEAM-9430] Migrate from ProcessContext#updateWatermark to

[github] [BEAM-9498] Include descriptor and type of unsupported fields in RowJson

[github] Merge pull request #11149 from [BEAM-9533] Adding tox cloud tests

[github] Flink 1.10 yarn deployment fix (#11146)

[github] [BEAM-9539] Fix copy-pasted comment in load-tests' build.gradle (#11155)

[lcwik] [BEAM-9540] Rename beam:source:runner:0.1/beam:sink:runner:0.1 to

[github] [BEAM-9526] Add missing unmarshalling in top.LargestPerKey. (#11143)

[robertwb] [BEAM-9535] Remove unused ParDoPayload.Parameters.

[github] Merge pull request #11147 from [BEAM-7923] Support dict and iterable

[coheigea] BEAM-8924 - Update Apache Tika to 1.24

[robertwb] [BEAM-9339] Declare capabilities in the Java SDK.

[kawaigin] [BEAM-7923] Change Transform Label Prefix Syntax

[github] Specify return types of window start/end functions explicitly (#11152)

[apilloud] [BEAM-9511] Uncollect takes arbitrary expressions

[lcwik] [BEAM-9339, BEAM-2939] Drop splittable field from proto, add splittable

[apilloud] [BEAM-9515] Add test

[lcwik] [BEAM-4374] Define the protos for a "short" id mechanism for metrics

[robertwb] [BEAM-9339] Add additional Java capabilities.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9553] Use latest Flink job server image as default.

[jfarr1] [BEAM-9470] fix flaky unit test in :sdks:java:io:kinesis

[relax] fix side-input joins

[relax] fix bug

[github] Merge pull request #11158 from [BEAM-9533] Fixing tox.ini variants

[relax] remove obsolete test

[alex] [BEAM-9035] BIP-1: Typed options for Row Schema and Field

[iemejia] [BEAM-9279] Refactor HBase to disminish relying on Serializable wrappers

[iemejia] [BEAM-9279] Make HBase.ReadAll based on Reads instead of HBaseQuery

[github] [BEAM-9551] Environment PB Pointer cleanup (#11164)

[relax] add javadoc

[iemejia] Move CHANGES template related items into template section

[rohde.samuel] Add dependency comment in streaming cache

[robertwb] Fix and test tuple inputs and outputs.

[lcwik] fixup! Address PR comments.

[github] Merge pull request #11166 from [BEAM-7923] Emit info when capture

[github] fix typo at Python Package name (#11098)

[github]  [BEAM-9552] Bump TestPubsub subscription creation ACK deadline to 60s

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3301] Perform SDF validation (missing RestrictionTrackers).

[kawaigin] Remove the excessive logging from capturable sources property.

[ehudm] [BEAM-8280] Enable type hint annotations

[github] Merge pull request #11128 from [BEAM-9524] Fix for executing

[lcwik] [BEAM-9430] Update to reflect removal of

[piotr.szuberski] [BEAM-9563] Change ToListCombineFn access level to private

[boyuanz] Add Timer to Elements proto representation.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9340] Plumb requirements through Java SDK.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9340] Populate requirements for Java DoFn properties.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3301] Bugfix in DoFn validation.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9558] Add an explicit end field to the data channel protos.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9558] Regenerate go protos.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9558] Produce and respect data channel end bit in runners and

[github] Merge pull request #11153 from [BEAM-9537] Adding a new module for

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9446] Retain unknown arguments when using uber jar job server.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9565] Fix threading issue with WatermarkEstimatorsTest

[relax] add unit tests

[relax] update sql transform

[lcwik] [BEAM-9430] Fix coder sent to Dataflow service for non-portable

[kcweaver] Enable '--option=value' and '-option' syntax.

[github] Merge pull request #10990: [BEAM-9569] disable coder inference for rows

[rohde.samuel] Adds a streaming wordcount integration test

[rohde.samuel] Address leftover styling comments from PR/10892

[github] optionally import grpc (#11187)

[github] [BEAM-9305] Allow value provider query strings in _CustomBigQuerySource

[rohde.samuel] address comments

[github] Merge pull request #11198 from [BEAM-7923] Obfuscates display ids

[github] Merge pull request #11074: Store logical type values in Row instead of

[piotr.szuberski] [BEAM-9507] Fix python dependency check task

[mxm] [BEAM-9573] Correct computing of watermark hold for timer output

[github] [BEAM-7923] Pop failed transform when error is raised (#11174)

[pabloem] Fixing bqtest

[suztomo] google-api-client 1.30.9

[github] [BEAM-9579] Fix numpy logic operators (#11204)

[mxm] [BEAM-9580] Downgrade Flink version to 1.9 for Nexmark and

[github] Merge pull request #11163 from [BEAM-9548] Add better error handling to

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3301] Adding restriction trackers and validation.

[ehudm] [BEAM-8280] Type hints via annotations snippets

[rohde.samuel] changed data to be less repetitive

[github] Merge pull request #11215 from [BEAM-9601] unbreaking precommits

[pabloem] Starting refactor of FnApiRunner

[pabloem] fixup

[pabloem] Fix lint issues

[pabloem] Creating file with worker handlers

[pabloem] Fixup

[pabloem] Fixing lint. Formatting

[pabloem] Fixup

[jozo.vilcek] [BEAM-9420] Configurable timeout for blocking kafka API call(s)

[piotr.szuberski] [BEAM-9606] Add missing parameters in gradle example

[github] Go changes for model updates. (#11211)

[alex] [BEAM-9605] BIP-1: Rename setRowOption to setOption on Option builder

[robertwb] Add base SDK version to environment capabilities for Python and Java.

[apilloud] [BEAM-9609] Upgrade to ZetaSQL 2020.03.2

[robertwb] [BEAM-9340] Validate pipeline requirements in PipelineValidator.

[pabloem] Renaming method to be more appropriate

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-3301] Fix another bug in DoFn validation, in exec.

[github] fix formatter

[github] [BEAM-8078] is missing a test (#10914)

[rohde.samuel] [BEAM-9601] Skip the streaming wordcount test because it uses a

[github] Update Go Protos (#11230)

[github] add @RequiresTimeSortedInput to (#11228)

[github] Add notes to change log.

[ehudm] [BEAM-8078] Disable test_streaming_wordcount_it

[zyichi] [BEAM-9263] Bump up python sdk dataflow environment major versions

[github] [BEAM-9371] Add SideInputLoadTest to Java SDK (#10949)

[github] [BEAM-7505] Add side input load test to Python SDK  (#11136)

[mxm] [BEAM-9566] Mitigate performance issue for output timestamp watermark

[robertwb] [BEAM-9614] Add SDK id for go.

[ehudm] [BEAM-8078] Disable test_streaming_wordcount_debugging_it

[github] [BEAM-9495] Make DataCatalogTableProvider AutoCloseable (#11116)

[ehudm] [BEAM-8466] Make strip_iterable more strict

[robertwb] [BEAM-4150] Use explicit map for data channel coders.

[robertwb] [BEAM-4150] Don't window PCollection coders.

[ehudm] [BEAM-5422] Document DynamicDestinations.getTable uniqueness requirement

[ehudm] [BEAM-1894] Remove obsolete EagerRunner test

[github] [BEAM-9574] Ensure that instances of generated namedtuple classes can be

[github] Update the range for pyarrow

[boyuanz] Remove TimeSpec from proto

[github] add missing bracket

[alex] [BEAM-9605] BIP-1: Rename setRowOption to setOption on Option builder

[lcwik] [BEAM-4374] Update protos related to MonitoringInfo.

[github] Update the Go SDK roadmap for April 2020 (#11239)

[github] Merge pull request #10883: [BEAM-9331] Add better Row builders

[github] [BEAM-8292] Portable Reshuffle for Go SDK (#11197)

[robertwb] Side input signals for legacy worker.

[lostluck] accept generated metrics

[github] Use split instead of rsplit

[lostluck] Remove mType and move type urns to urnToType

[lostluck] add missing pcollection payload

[github] [BEAM-9557] Fix timer window boundary checking (#11252)

[github] Update documentation

[echauchot] [BEAM-5980] Change load-tests build to include spark-sql for spark

[echauchot] [BEAM-9436] avoid one flatmap step and a KV creation per element by

[jozsi] Update Jet version to 4.0

[apilloud] [BEAM-9512] Map anonymous structs to schema

[kawaigin] [BEAM-7923] Fix datatable on notebook reloading

[kyoungha] [BEAM-9325] Added Proper Write Method in UnownedOutputStream

[kyoungha] fix format warning

[valentyn] Fix a Py2/3 incompatibility in profiler.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9638] Strengthen worker region & zone options tests.

[samuelw] [BEAM-9399] Change the redirection of System.err to be a custom

[kyoungha] [BEAM-9325] reflect comment : inline testing methods

[robinyqiu] Clean up code in ZetaSQLDialectSpecTest

[boyuanz] [BEAM-9454] Add Deduplication PTransform

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Rename the Artifact{Staging,Retrieval}Service.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Define the new Artifact{Staging,Retrieval}Service.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Regenerate protos.

[jozsi] Update Jet Runner web page with info about 4.0

[jozsi] Add Beam-Jet compatibility table

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Implement the new Artifact{Staging,Retrieval}Services in

[samuelw] Fix missing test import

[kyoungha] [BEAM-9325] reflect comment : Fix JAXBCoder + change test

[chamikara] Refactors X-Lang test pipelines.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9340] Populate requirement for timer families.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9199] Require Dataflow --region in Python SDK.

[kcweaver] Add --region to tests where needed.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9199] Require --region option for Dataflow in Java SDK.

[kcweaver] Add --region to Java GCP tests.

[pabloem] [BEAM-9608] Increase reliance on Context Managers for FnApiRunner

[pabloem] Revert "Merge pull request #11104 from y1chi/update_tornado_test"

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9642] Create runtime invokers for SDF methods.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9668] Disable tests till Dataflow containers are updated.

[github] [BEAM-9652] Ensure that the multipartition write sets the correct coder

[github] [BEAM-8889]add experiment flag use_grpc_for_gcs (#11183)

[robertwb] [BEAM-9322] [BEAM-1833] Better naming for composite transform output

[ameihm] [BEAM-9476] KinesisIO retry LimitExceededException

[github] [BEAM-7923] An indicator of progress in notebooks (#11276)

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Add dependency information to provision info.

[robertwb] Update go protos.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9677] Fix path -> url typo in ArtifactUrlPayload

[lcwik] [BEAM-9562] Update missed TimerSpec conversion in Go SDK

[kcweaver] Fix DataflowRunnerTest.

[kcweaver] Fix more Java unit tests missing --region.

[github] [BEAM-9667] Allow metrics in DoFn Setup (#11287)

[amaliujia] add 2.20.0 blog post

[kcweaver] Add --region to DF streaming example tests.

[github] [BEAM-9624] Adds Convert to Accumulators operator for use in combiner

[github] Fix minor typo

[github] Fix minor typo

[github] Merge pull request #11290: [BEAM-9670] Fix nullability widening in

[iemejia] [BEAM-9686] Get default TmpCheckpointDir value from PipelineOptions

[github] [BEAM-4374] Short IDs for the Python SDK (#11286)

[spoorti] [BEAM-9660]: Add an explicit check for integer overflow.

[github] [BEAM-9136]Add licenses for dependencies for Python (#11067)

[boyuanz] Populate source data from SDF

[boyuanz] Update Timer encoding

[mxm] [BEAM-9645] Fix premature removal of Docker container and logs

[alex] [BEAM-9044] Protobuf options to Schema options

[kcweaver] Add unit tests for get_default_gcp_region

[kcweaver] Add --region to Dataflow runner webpage.

[mxm] [BEAM-8201] Cleanup FnServices from DockerEnvironmentFactory and

[kcweaver] lint

[kcweaver] Add --region to more Java tests and examples.

[kcweaver] Add --region to more Python tests and examples.

[kcweaver] format

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Update container boot code to stage from dependencies, if

[rohde.samuel] Change delimeter to a dash as it is a reserved symbol in Windows

[valentyn] Fixes platform-dependent assumptions in

[valentyn] Switches a test helper to a Py3-version thereof.

[github] Apply suggestions from code review

[robertwb] Use pointer recievers.

[aldaircr] Change: Fixing typos on javadoc

[robertwb] Attempt to stage resources via new API in portable runner.

[robertwb] ResolveArtifact -> ResolveArtifacts

[robertwb] Regenerate protos.

[veblush] Upgrades gcsio to 2.1.2

[github] Merge pull request #11259: Use attachValues in SQL

[alex] Add Beam Schema Options to changelog

[iemejia] [website] Update information about Beam's LTS policy

[alex] [BEAM-9704] Deprecate FieldType metadata

[eekkaaadrian] [BEAM-9705] Go sdk add value length validation checking on write to

[kcweaver] Remove unrecognized --region option from non-DF tests.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9618] Add protocol for requesting process bundle descriptors.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9618] Update Python to support process bundle descriptor fetching.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9618] Java FnApiClient support for process bundle descriptor

[github] [BEAM-8019] Python SDK support for cross-langauge pipelines in Dataflow.

[robertwb] Typo fix.

[github] remove nose (#11307)

[lcwik] [BEAM-4374, BEAM-6189] Delete and remove deprecated Metrics proto

[ecapoccia] [BEAM-9434] Improve Spark runner reshuffle translation to maximize

[github] [BEAM-9685] remove Go SDK container from release process (#11308)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9716] Alias zone to worker_zone and warn user.

[github] Merge pull request #11226: [BEAM-9557] Fix timer window boundary

[github] Merge pull request #11244 from [BEAM-3097] _ReadFromBigQuery supports

[pabloem] [BEAM-9691] Ensuring BQSource is avoided on FnApi

[pabloem] [BEAM-9715] Ensuring annotations_test passes in all

[github] Name the pipeline_v1 proto import

[github] Update materialize_test.go

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9707] Hardcode Unified harness image for fixing dataflow VR 2

[crites] Updates documentation for WINDOWED_VALUE coder.

[rohde.samuel] Fix flaky interactive_runner_test

[github] Merge pull request #11205 [BEAM-9578] Defer expensive artifact

[robertwb] Update go protos.

[github] Fix some Go SDK linter/vet warnings. (#11330)

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Plumb resources through Python job service and runner.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9618] Pull bundle descriptors for Go.

[github] [BEAM-9529] Remove datastore.v1, googledatastore (#11175)

[github] Update session.go

[github] Update stage.go

[github] Update server_test.go

[github] Update materialize.go

[github] Update materialize_test.go

[github] Update stage_test.go

[github] Update artifact.go

[github] Update provision.go

[github] Update retrieval.go

[github] Update staging.go

[github] Update translate.go

[github] Update datamgr.go

[github] Update datamgr_test.go

[github] Update logging.go

[github] Update logging_test.go

[github] Update monitoring.go

[github] Update session.go

[github] Update statemgr.go

[github] Update statemgr_test.go

[github] Update replace.go

[github] Update replace_test.go

[github] Update provision.go

[github] Update execute.go

[github] Update job.go

[github] Update translate.go

[github] Update translate.go

[github] Update job.go

[github] Update materialize.go

[mxm] [BEAM-9580] Allow Flink 1.10 processing timers to finish on pipeline

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-9721] Add --region to Dataflow-based load tests

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-9721] LoadTestConfig: handle --region parameter and put default

[github] [BEAM-9147] Add a VideoIntelligence transform to Java SDK (#11261)

[mxm] Revert "[BEAM-9580] Downgrade Flink version to 1.9 for Nexmark and

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9714] [Go SDK] Require --region flag in Dataflow runner.

[github] Update translate.go

[mxm] [BEAM-9557] Fix strings used to verify test output

[github] Update session.go

[github] Update materialize_test.go

[mxm] [BEAM-9596] Ensure metrics are available in PipelineResult when the

[samuelw] Ensure that empty messages are not flushed to handler.

[crites] Uses iterable coder for windows and copies all of timestamp encoding

[github] Update session.go (#11352)

[github] [BEAM-9618] Java SDK worker support for pulling bundle descriptors.

[chamikara] Adds nose back under packages needed for testing.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9618] Mark push registration as deprecated.

[github] [Beam-9063]update documentation (#10952)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9726] [py] Make region optional for non-service Dataflow.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9726] [java] Make region optional for non-service runner.

[github] [BEAM-9550] Increase JVM Metaspace size for the TaskExecutors. (#11193)

[github] [BEAM-9721]Conditionally add Dataflow region to Dataflow-based

[michael.jacoby] [BEAM-9647] fixes MQTT clientId to long

[lcwik] [BEAM-4374] Fix missing deletion of metrics.

[github] [BEAM-8280] Document Python 3 annotations support (#11232)

[github] [BEAM-9731] Include more detail in passert.Equals errors. (#11359)

[github] [BEAM-9085] Fix performance regression in SyntheticSource on Python 3

[amaliujia] add a known issue

[samuelw] [BEAM-9651] Prevent StreamPool and stream initialization livelock

[boyuanz] [BEAM-9562, BEAM-6274] Fix-up timers to use Elements.Timer proto in data

[robertwb] Allow unset write threshold for state backed iterable coder.

[github] Revert "[BEAM-9651] Prevent StreamPool and stream initialization

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9735] Adding Always trigger and using it in Reshuffle

[samuelw] [BEAM-9651] Prevent StreamPool and stream initialization livelock

[github] [BEAM-9727] Automatically set required experiment flags for dataflow

[github] Update to add a method to specify container image

[huangry] Include user distritribution into metric-dedicated validate runner test.

[huangry] update inline comment.

[huangry] To allow only assert on committed metrics, bypassing the attempted ones.

[huangry] Use distribution matcher for testing.

[kcweaver] Moving to 2.22.0-SNAPSHOT on master branch.

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-8671] Migrate Load Tests to Python 3.7

[michal.walenia] [BEAM-9734] Revert #11122

[sebastian.graca] [BEAM-9439] Return split instead of total backlog size

[github] Add --region to changelog

[pabloem] Fix from_container_image call

[ankurgoenka] TOIL: Update Unified worker image

[boyuanz] [BEAM-9562] Update Element.timer, Element.Timer to Element.timers and

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] New artifact staging and retrieval service for Java.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Multi-threaded artifact staging service backend.

[alxavier] [BEAM-9739]Retry SpannerIO write on Schema change

[robertwb] Comments and clarification.

[github] [BEAM-9443] support direct_num_workers=0 (#11372)

[APryor] Correct a typo in documentation

[chamikara] Updates Dataflow stateful DoFn setup to support external transforms

[github] [BEAM-9738] Update dataflow to setup correct docker environment options.

[github] [BEAM-9136]Add licenses for dependencies for Java (#11243)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9744] Add missing region option to py perf tests.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9562] Fix output timestamp to be inferred from scheduled time when

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9744] Remove --region option from SQL tests.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Update unbounded source as SDF wrapper to resume

[pabloem] Fixing type names for BQ Avro Tools

[github] Merge pull request #11389 from Refactor the BCJ and capture controls to

[github] [BEAM-i9751] upgrade zetasql to 2020.04.1 (#11410)

[xhan] Documentation bug fix for FlatMapElements#via() SimpleFunction in the

[github] [BEAM-9650] Add PeriodicImpulse Transform and slowly changing side input

[github] [BEAM-7923] Screendiff Integration Tests (#11338)

[lcwik] fixup! Fix spotbugs warning

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9756] Nexmark: only use --region in Dataflow.

[github] [BEAM-9642] Add SDF execution units. (#11327)

[lcwik] [BEAM-9577] Fix test to create urls from paths which are compatible with

[github] [BEAM-9136] reduce third_party_dependencies size (#11416)

[thw] Fix py37-lint

[thw] Maven compatible publish repository authentication via settings.xml

[github] [BEAM-9746] check for 0 length copies from state (#11413)

[pabloem] Removing underscore from _ReadFromBigQuery to make it external. It

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9642] Fix infinite recursion.

[kamil.wasilewski] Remove outdated doc for ReadFromBigQuery transform

[ehudm] [BEAM-9119] Disable flaky test

[github] [BEAM-8889] add gRPC suport in GCS connector (behind an

[amaliujia] fixup! update 2.20.0 date

[github] [BEAM-9729, BEAM-8486] Runner-side bundle registration cleanup. (#11358)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9765] Exclude module-info.class from vendored Calcite.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Small fixes to portable runner staging.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9768] Gradle command for Python ULR.

[github] Add new release 2.20.0 to beam website (#11285)

[pabloem] [BEAM-9608] BundleManagers use BundleContextManager for configuration

[jkw] Fix typo

[pabloem] [BEAM-9769] Ensuring JSON is the default export format for BQ sink

[github] Merge pull request #11151 from [BEAM-9468]  Hl7v2 io

[echauchot] Add GBK load tests script for spark structured streaming runner

[echauchot] Add CoGBK load tests script for spark structured streaming runner

[echauchot] Add Combine load tests script for spark structured streaming runner

[echauchot] Add Pardo load tests script for spark structured streaming runner

[nielm] Remove spurious error message.

[ehudm] [BEAM-6860] Fix iobase non-global windows bug

[github] [BEAM-9678] Create Go SDK introduction kata (#11340)

[rohde.samuel] Add a timeout to the TestStream GRPC and fix the Streaming cache timeout

[github] Merge pull request #11436: Document Beam Schemas (forked PR)

[github] [BEAM-9648]: DirectRunner should return null on timeout (#11275)

[ehudm] [BEAM-9737] Don't use docker create option -u

[github] [BEAM-5379] Ignore go.sum files in RAT checks

[skoonce] [BEAM-9773]: Update Dataflow Debug Capture to use Google API client

[github] [BEAM-5605, BEAM-2939] Add support for FnApiDoFnRunner to handle split

[pabloem] [BEAM-9639] Saving side inputs after producer execution, not before

[pabloem] [BEAM-9639] Separate Stage and Bundle execution. Improve typing

[github] [BEAM-9674] Don't specify selected fields when fetching BigQuery table

[github] [BEAM-9650] Cleanup documentation on side inputs patterns (#11415)

[github] [BEAM-8646] Fix external environment on OS X as well. (#11431)

[github] [BEAM-9743] Fix TFRecordCodec to try harder to read/write (#11397)

[github] Updates and clarifications on type safety. (#11449)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9600] Get metrics in Flink uber jar job server.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9600] Add a test for Flink REST metrics.

[valentyn] Renames run_test -> run_scenario so that nose test runner does not think

[huangry] Fix user distribution metric test by using less restricting value.

[github] Log job id similar to Java and Go

[robertwb] [BEAM-6960] More sophisticated job server starting and stopping.

[robertwb] Abort pipeline if docker containers die unexpectedly.

[robertwb] [BEAM-6960] Go ULR validates runner tests.

[huangry] Apply yapf fix.

[github] [BEAM-3836] Enable dynamic splitting/checkpointing within the Java SDK

[github] [BEAM-8872] Support split at fraction for OffsetRangeTracker (#11418)

[iemejia] [BEAM-9569] Fix BeamSqlPojoExample logRecords method to not require Row

[github] Display correct package in help message

[mxm] [BEAM-9733] Always let ImpulseSourceFunction emit a final watermark

[kawaigin] add display:block to datatable so that the columns can have various

[michal.walenia] [BEAM-9147] Add @Experimental annotation to VideoIntelligence related

[michal.walenia] Add @Experimental to the package-info as well

[iemejia] [BEAM-9285] Add Postcommit ValidatesRunner CI Job for Flink on Java 11

[skoonce] Remove all Dataflow google-api-client-jackson(1) dependencies

[huangry] Replace all explicit validation.

[skoonce] Missed cleanup

[github] Add release date for 2.20.0

[github] [BEAM-9692]: Make CombineValues portable (#11335)

[aiyangar] Changed sns writes to async

[robertwb] lint

[github] [BEAM-9788] Add RetainDockerContainers flag support to Go SDK. (#11467)

[github] [BEAM-9775] Add Go support for SDF StandardRequirements. (#11443)

[github] [BEAM-9496] Add to_dataframe and to_pcollection APIs. (#11264)

[ankurgoenka] [BEAM-9791] Add precommit for dataflow runner v2

[apilloud] [BEAM-9662][BEAM-9663] Reject Null Limit and Offset

[boyuanz] Fix SplittableParDoNaiveBounded DoFnInvoker.

[shoaib.zafar] update release 2.20.0 blog post and added contributors name

[mxm] [BEAM-9794] Reduce state cells needed for BufferingDoFnRunner

[sniemitz] [BEAM-9795] Support custom avro DatumWriters when writing to BigQuery

[github] Revert "[BEAM-8131] Provide Kubernetes setup for Prometheus (#9482)"

[github] Merge pull request #11466 from [BEAM-9787] Clear error message on UW +

[pabloem] [BEAM-9639][BEAM-9608] Addressing review comments.

[github] [BEAM-9764] multi threading & optional pulling (#11428)

[github] Revert "[BEAM-9014] CachingShuffleBatchReader use bytes to limit cache

[github] [BEAM-9789] Fix lock error. Add test. (#11468)

[github] [BEAM-7981] Correct ParDo(callable) test (#11446)

[apilloud] [BEAM-9514] Ensure nullability passes through sum

[rohde.samuel] [BEAM-9692] Replace the apply_read with a PTransformOverride

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-8790] Kubernetes deployment for InfluxDB

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-8790] Local deployment of InfluxDB with docker-compose.yml

[github] [BEAM-6597, BEAM-6467] Add support for reporting monitoring infos to the

[yoshiki.obata] [BEAM-9755] changed MAKE_ADD stack pop order according to Python version

[github] Merge pull request #11489 [BEAM-9577] Ensure required directories exist

[github] [BEAM-9642] Enabling SDF exec runners and fixing small bug. (#11474)

[robertwb] Conditionally cleanup tempdir.

[github] [BEAM-9717] update future version to 0.18.2 for Python 3.8 (#11494)

[github] [BEAM-9577] Use new artifact API to stage go artifacts. (#11490)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9807] [BEAM-9808] Add missing region to Dataflow examples.

[github] Force output names to be unicode-compatible on Python 2. (#11485)

[github] Make tolerate directory already existing (#11501)

[github] [BEAM-9778] remove temp directory & add docker-pull-licenses to release

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Expose HasProgress interface for restriction trackers and

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Add the ability for SDK harness runners to provide

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Integrate progress reporting for splittable dofns.

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Fold Sizes sub-interfaces into RestrictionTracker

[lcwik] [BEAM-2939] Drop HasSize in favor of using

[github] [BEAM-8603] Add Python SqlTransform (#10055)

[kcweaver] Missed a few spots.

[echauchot] [BEAM-5192] move metadata serialization configuration code to

[mxm] [BEAM-9733] Make up for timers set while processing the bundle

[robertwb] Use futures, better error handling.

[github] [BEAM-9701] Increments fastavro version range upper bound to 0.24.

[pabloem] [BEAM-9812] Fixing bug causing pipelines requiring temp tables to not

[robertwb] [9577] Attempt to stage artifacts via new API on Java.

[ehudm] [BEAM-7405] Workaround for bad Docker config

[boyuanz] [BEAM-8871] Support trySplit for ByteKeyRangeTracker

[robertwb] [BEAM-9813] Replace outputs with respect to the correct tag.

[tweise] [BEAM-9811] Nightly snapshot publish error

[github] [BEAM-9775] Adding Go SDF example, adjusting GetProgress signature.

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-9761] Disable auto builds for tests that are currently failing.

[tweise] [BEAM-9811] Copy pom for all publishMavenJavaPublication tasks

[github] add licenses and license types for zetasql packages (#11516)

[github] Added a batch example with covid tracking data for interactive notebook.

[kcweaver] Only add --region for Dataflow runner.

[github] Fix invalid formatting specifier in verify

[github] [BEAM-9488] Ensure we pass through PCollection ids instead of attempting

[iemejia] [BEAM-9820] Upgrade Flink 1.9.x to 1.9.3

[github] [BEAM-9819] Relaxes the version range for httplib2 to <0.16.0. (#11522)

[coheigea] BEAM-9826 - Update Tika to 1.24.1

[mxm] [BEAM-9827] Ensure minimum watermark hold is computed across all keys

[github] Merge pull request #11154: [BEAM-1819] Key should be available in

[mxm] [BEAM-6661] Properly close channel for external environment

[mxm] [BEAM-6661] Avoid FileNotFoundException when no files have been staged

[mxm] [BEAM-6661] Avoid printing empty lines in subprocess job server

[apilloud] [BEAM-9658] Plumb through WITH OFFSET

[github] Updates Dataflow Python containers to 20200423 (#11535)

[bhulette] Fix JavaSDK typo

[bhulette] Add Python SqlTransform to

[github] [BEAM-9779] Patch HL7v2IOWriteIT Flakiness (#11450)

[github] virtualenv (#11502)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9833] Add .asf.yaml file.

[kcweaver] Send issues to github@

[kcweaver] Add license header.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9758] Use quotes in echo statements to prevent * expansion.

[github] Merge pull request #11546 from [BEAM-9832] Ensuring tags are not added

[david.moravek] [BEAM-9824] Do not ignore chained Reshuffles on flink batch runner.

[github] [BEAM-9443] update document about direct_num_workers=0 for FnApi

[robertwb] Use logging to reduce verbosity of license checking when all goes well.

[lcwik] [BEAM-9846] Clean up references to unused native BQ source/sink

[github] Speedup on FnApiRunner start up time (#11543)

[github] All Python DirectRunners call setup/teardown on DoFns (#11547)

[github] [BEAM-9815] Correct go integration test if clauses.  (#11524)

[relax] Support schemas in state API

[github] [BEAM-7923] Support docker screendiff integration tests (#11507)

[robertwb] [BEAM-9802] Customization of automatically started services.

[jhnmora000] [BEAM-9418] Support ANY_VALUE aggregation functions

[github] [BEAM-9147] Make VideoIntelligence use PTransform on user-facing API

[bhulette] remove PipelineRunner.fromOptions call

[dcavazos] [BEAM-9771] Fix notebook github URLs

[mxm] [BEAM-2128] Remove dependency on PipelineRunner#fromOptions to stage

[bhulette] Modify PipelineTest to check if exception is thrown on Pipeline run

[bhulette] Call FileSystems.setDefaultPipelineOptions in

[github] Fix typo in go installation link. (#11445)

[rohde.samuel] move redundant testing pieces to function

[github] [BEAM-9561] Add a framework for running pandas doctests with beam

[echauchot] [BEAM-8025] Increase the number of retrials en retrial delay in case of

[github] [BEAM-9720] Add Aws Http client configurations capability. (#11341)

[mxm] [BEAM-9801] Pass in fire timestamp and pane info to timer callback

[mxm] [BEAM-9733] Repeatedly fire in batch mode until there are no more timers

[github] skip pulling licenses by default (#11548)

[boyuanz] Update container version

[github] [BEAM-8078] is missing a test (#11568)

[github] Merge pull request #11538 from [BEAM-9831] Improve UX for HL7v2IO

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9860] Require job_endpoint when using PortableRunner.

[kcweaver] Replace portableWordCount tests with portableWordCountFlinkRunner.

[robertwb] Guard grpc import.

[sjvanrossum] [BEAM-9776] Fixes filesystem not found error

[robertwb] Test simplification.

[lcwik] [BEAM-8944] Improve UnboundedThreadPoolExecutor performance

[lcwik] fixup! Fix lint

[kcweaver] Refactor timer firing in Flink & Spark portable batch.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9801] Fire timers set within timers in Spark.

[mxm] [BEAM-9841] Support finite wait on PortableRunner's PipelineResult

[github] Merge pull request #11523 from [BEAM-8414] Cleanup Python codebase to

[pawel.pasterz] Update error prone

[pawel.pasterz] Aling EP core and annotations versions

[mxm] [BEAM-9874] Support clearing timers in portable batch mode (Spark/Flink)

[tudor.marian] Do not attempt to estimate sizes of group-by-key values behind a key;

[echauchot] [BEAM-8025] Trace caught NoHostAvailableException and

[tudor.marian] remove comments

[github] [BEAM-9870] Always generate Dataflow-compatible FnApi protos. (#11593)

[tudor.marian] Make BatchGroupAlsoByWindowViaIteratorsFn extend the

[tudor.marian] revert changes to grouping shuffle reader and iterable like coder

[aiyangar] [BEAM-8542] V2 async changes for SNSIO

[tudor.marian] fix merge conflicts

[tudor.marian] remove obsolete class

[github] Go fmt changes. (#11576)

[apilloud] [BEAM-9661] Fix ORDER BY with LIMIT

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9875] Use FlinkRunner instead of PortableRunner in cross-language

[apilloud] [BEAM-9659][BEAM-9657][BEAM-9664] Reject unsupported unnest joins

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9799] Automated validation for RTrackers.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9643] Adding Go SDF Documentation.

[github] [BEAM-9880] fix cannot touch issue (#11606)

[kcweaver] Remove runner check in xlang wordcount.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9643] Adjusting signature for TrySplit.

[github] Merge pull request #11560 from [BEAM-9886] Auto-inferring project for

[github] [BEAM-9650] Add PeriodicSequence generator. (#11477)

[je.ik] Disable two flaky tests (BEAM-8035, BEAM-9164)

[github] Pass pipeline options from caller to expansion service (#11574)

[je.ik] [BEAM-9888] Drop data based on input watermark in

[robertwb] Move job server to its own module.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9845] Stage artifacts over expansion service.

[robertwb] [BEAM-9577] Resolve dependencies in Java expansion service.

[robertwb] Start artifact service in expansion service driver. 0;256;0c# Please

[robertwb] [BEAM-7746] Enable mypy type checking for Beam Python code.

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9908] Fix Python build failures in release script.

[github] [BEAM-9840] Support for Parameterized Types when converting from

[kcweaver] Update instructions in release guide.

[iemejia] [BEAM-9836] Exclude Spark runner from UsesKeyInParDo tests

[robertwb] Fix thread local to be initialized on every thread.

[alxavier] [BEAM-9911]Replace SpannerIO.write latency counter to distribution

[github] un-duplicate _BEAM_SERVICES

[github] Update sdks/python/mypy.ini

[github] Remove a bunch of spurious warnings in tests. (#11621)

[github] [BEAM-8134] Grafana dashboards for Load Tests and IO IT Performance

[github] [BEAM-8133] Push ioit tests metrics to influxdb

[mxm] [BEAM-8742] Add stateful and timely processing benchmarks

[mxm] [BEAM-9900] Remove shutdownSourcesOnFinalWatermark flag

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-6710] Add landing page with links to relevant dashboards

[github] [BEAM-9913] remove license dir if exists (#11630)

[github] Merge pull request #11624 from [BEAM-9767] Make streaming_wordcount use

[github] [BEAM-9731] passert.Equals: sort output strings for easier reading

[github] Revert "Pass pipeline options from caller to expansion service (#11574)"

[kcweaver] [BEAM-4782] Remove workaround in Python multimap tests.

[klk] Remove tests of Java on Dataflows Java Runner Harness

[github] [Beam-9679] Add Core Transforms section / Map lesson to the Go SDK katas

[amaliujia] [BEAM-9929] Support UNNEST(array_column) in ZetaSQL.

[mxm] [BEAM-9930] Beam Summit Digital 2020 announcement on blog

[mxm] Correct URL in blog post

[matthias.baetens] Minor (markup) changes

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-8132, BEAM-8133] Apply InfluxDB pipeline options in Load Tests and

[kamil.wasilewski] [BEAM-8132, BEAM-8133] Assume no trailing slash after a hostname

[iemejia] [BEAM-2530] Compile and run tests on java 11 for Precommit portability

[github] [BEAM-9883] Refactor SDF test restrictions. (#11605)

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9835] [Portable Spark] Broadcast a PCollection at most once.

[chambers] Add a BeamJava test with Flatten with different input and output Coders

[github] [BEAM-3288] Add suggested fix to error message (#11622)

[jferriero] check lastAttemptedOffset non-null

[zyichi] [BEAM-9940] Set timer family spec for TimerDeclarations in dataflow

[robertwb] [BEAM-9935] Respect allowed split points in Python.

[mxm] [BEAM-9930] Correct authors of beam summit digital blog post

[mxm] [BEAM-9930] Add image to Beam Summit blog post

[github] Add License file for the Go SDK  for

[sniemitz] Allow users of AvroIO to specify a custom DatumReader implementation

[pawel.pasterz] [BEAM-2530] PreCommit Dataflow examples - test compiled with java 11

[mxm] [BEAM-9947] Store updated ParDoPayload for length-prefixed timer coders

[kamil.wasilewski] Fix InfluxDB credentials binding

[mxm] [BEAM-9947] Add unit test to check length prefixing of timer key

[robertwb] More comments.

[rohde.samuel] Return empty iterator on empty cache

[rohde.samuel] Change TestStreamImpl to a producer/consumer pattern

[borzoo.esmailloo] [BEAM-9216] Upgrade katas gradle to version 5.2.1

[github] [BEAM-9887] Throw IllegalArgumentException when building Row with

[klk] [BEAM-9952] Revert "remove PipelineRunner.fromOptions call"

[github] Merge pull request #11637 from Waiting for BQ Query and Export jobs for

[robertwb] Make grpc-requiring class definition optional.

[github] [BEAM-9884] Add options to SqlTransform for specifying planner (#11647)

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9642] Adding Go SDF fallback for unexpanded SDFs.

[kamil.wasilewski] Fix metrics reporting in HDFS IO IT tests

[mxm] [BEAM-9963] Fix coder type in failing ParDo streaming load test

[github] Merge pull request #11567: [BEAM-8132] Report Python metrics to InfluxDB

[mxm] [BEAM-9164] Re-enable UnboundedSourceWrapper#testWatermarkEmission test

[kamil.wasilewski] Fix InfluxDB measurement names to match those in Grafana dashboards

[github] [BEAM-9945] Report data channel progress via a designated counter.

[kawaigin] Use csv reader instead of split to read csv data.

[github] [BEAM-9577] Update Java Runners to handle dependency-based artifact

[github] Merge pull request #11673 from [BEAM-9967] Adding support for BQ labels

[github] [BEAM-9622] Add Python SqlTransform test that joins tagged PCollections

[github] [BEAM-9959] Root Transform fixes (#11686)

[mxm] [BEAM-9966] Use dataproc staging bucket for checkpoints directory

[tysonjh] Disambiguate method filter for toArray.

[pabloem] Revert "Merge pull request #11673 from [BEAM-9967] Adding support for BQ

[thw] Bump Flink 1.10 version

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9975] Log invalid dictionary after unsuccessful struct conversion.

[github] [BEAM-9945] Ensure that the read index represents the number of fully

[github] [BEAM-9942] reduce groovy code duplication in python test-suites

[boyuanz] [BEAM-9935] Respect allowed split points in Java

[apilloud] [BEAM-9522] Reject FULL JOIN ON false

[pabloem] [BEAM-9967] Adding support for BQ labels on Query/Export jobs. (Roll

[github] Switch to %s

[github] [BEAM-9001, BEAM-6327] Ensure that all transforms (except for required

[github] [BEAM-9928] Add qualified import name to task descriptors (#11690)

[mxm] [BEAM-9966] Remove unnecessary Reshuffles

[robinyqiu] Support ZetaSQL DATE type as a Beam LogicalType

[omarismail] [BEAM-9964] Setting --workerCacheMB to make its way to the

[github] [BEAM-9634] Add natural language analysis transform (#11611)

[github] [BEAM-9430] Fixes the bounds of initial watermark set to estimators

[kcweaver] [BEAM-9993] Add option defaults for Flink Python tests.

[github] [BEAM-9941] Added a test of a GBK followed by a Flatten with an unknown

[github] Clarify pubsub IO comment about timestamps (#11672)

[omarismail] [BEAM-9964] Added testMaxWeight method in WIndmillStateCacheTest as per

[iemejia] [BEAM-9833] Add yamllint config

[iemejia] [BEAM-9833] Fix .asf.yaml issues, sort labels and disable rebase button

[github] Clarifies an error message in Katas to explain what is actually wrong.

[github] Merge pull request #11210 from [BEAM-8949] SpannerIO integration tests

[github] [BEAM-9876] Migrate the Beam website from Jekyll to Hugo to enable

[github] Update the range for pyarrow to qualify pyarrow 0.17.x (#11699)

[yifanzou] Run Inventory job twice a day at 6 and 18.

[github] Update release notes link for 2.20.0

[jiangxuehua1213] [BEAM-9136] Update doc about docker image license pulling

[kamil.wasilewski] Make Post-Commits status dashboard compatible with the latest Grafana

[] Modified the codeblock background

[mxm] [BEAM-9966] Propagate the keys to the load generator correctly

[github] [BEAM-2939] Ensure that we don't checkpoint the initial restriction as

[mxm] [BEAM-6733] Add pipeline option to flush bundle data before

[github] support isRelease tag for docker build command & update release guide

[github] [BEAM-1866] Enable validation of PAssert counts in Java validates runner

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9951] Creating a synthetic source for the Go SDK.

[daniel.o.programmer] [BEAM-9951] Creating a synthetic step for the Go SDK.

[github] Merge pull request #11725: [BEAM-10015] Fix output timestamp on dataflow

[hsuryawirawan] Remove all answer placeholder checks as they can be confusing at times

[hsuryawirawan] Update course in Stepik

[ihr] [BEAM-10018] Fix timestamps in windowing kata

[ihr] [BEAM-10018] Kata failing due to failed parsing

[github] [BEAM-2939] Ensure that we update the watermark even when no elements

[ihr] Remove unused import

[ihr] Add missing dependency

[ihr] Fix member variable name in Kata documentation

[ihr] Fix placeholder location

[github] [BEAM-2530] Implement Zeta SQL precommit compile tests and run on java

[pawel.pasterz] [BEAM-2530] Sql precommit compile and run on java 11

[github] Python3 fix - convert dict.keys() to list before indexing (#11733)

[github] Updates google-apitools and httplib2 (#11726)

[github] [BEAM-9964] Update  (#11743)

[github] [BEAM-9577] Artifact v2 support for uber jars. (#11708)

[nielm] Populate all SpannerIO batching parameters in display data.

[nielm] Fix capitalization, clarify descriptions

[nielm] fix capitalization, clarify description Grouped

[nielm] Refactor to extract single method for popuplating displayData

[github] [BEAM-9339] Ensure that Dataflow's pipeline proto also contains the

[github] [BEAM-9363] TUMBLE as TVF (#10946)

[sruthi.sreekumar] Updated Flink runner version in NEXMark documentation

[kcweaver] Upgrade Dataflow Python container versions.

[github] [BEAM-9383] Staging Dataflow artifacts from environment (#11039)

[github] [BEAM-1589] Added @OnWindowExpiration annotation. (#11350)

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 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
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 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
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 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 03d99dfa359f44a29a772fcc8ec8b0a237cab113
Commit message: "[BEAM-1589] Added @OnWindowExpiration annotation. (#11350)"
 > git rev-list --no-walk 7392322bc448c16d429b0c06ca5f5965738b9f7f # timeout=10
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Starting a Gradle Daemon, 1 busy Daemon could not be reused, use --status for details
> Task :buildSrc:compileJava NO-SOURCE
> Task :buildSrc:compileGroovy FROM-CACHE
> Task :buildSrc:pluginDescriptors
> Task :buildSrc:processResources
> Task :buildSrc:classes
> Task :buildSrc:jar
> Task :buildSrc:assemble
> Task :buildSrc:spotlessGroovy
> Task :buildSrc:spotlessGroovyCheck
> Task :buildSrc:spotlessGroovyGradle
> Task :buildSrc:spotlessGroovyGradleCheck
> Task :buildSrc:spotlessCheck
> Task :buildSrc:pluginUnderTestMetadata
> Task :buildSrc:compileTestJava NO-SOURCE
> Task :buildSrc:compileTestGroovy NO-SOURCE
> Task :buildSrc:processTestResources NO-SOURCE
> Task :buildSrc:testClasses UP-TO-DATE
> Task :buildSrc:test NO-SOURCE
> Task :buildSrc:validateTaskProperties FROM-CACHE
> Task :buildSrc:check
> Task :buildSrc:build
Configuration on demand is an incubating feature.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

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