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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [VOTE] Apache BatchEE 0.3-incubating (2nd try)
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2015 11:29:09 GMT
Hi again!

We fixed all the blockers and rolled the release again.
Thus I’d like to call a 2nd [VOTE] on releasing Apache BatchEE-0.3-incubating.

The following improvements and bug fixes got implemented:


	• [BATCHEE-41] - JAX-RS module should create a jar
	• [BATCHEE-52] - Partition-level artifacts don't accept #{jobProperties} substitutions
(see RI Bug 5748)
	• [BATCHEE-53] - JSefa Flr/CsvField converterType won't get picked up
	• [BATCHEE-55] - RI Bug 5806 - JobExecution returned by jobOperator.getJobExecutions(jobInstance)
has null parameters
	• [BATCHEE-56] - ChunkListener.onError() should not be called in case of exceptions outside
of chunks
	• [BATCHEE-57] - StepListener.afterStep() should not be called in case of exceptions inside
the step
	• [BATCHEE-58] - fix tests on windows
	• [BATCHEE-59] - Invoking JobOperator#start() using BatchEEJAXRS2Client always produces
	• [BATCHEE-66] - store checkpoint variables etc in human readable format
	• [BATCHEE-67] - Some more cases with JobContext/StepContext info not propagated
	• [BATCHEE-74] - blacklist org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.,org.apache.commons.collections.functors.,org.apache.xalan
in our custom ObjectInputStream
	• [BATCHEE-82] - TransactionalWriter can miss some lines if closed is called without a
Synchronization entry
	• [BATCHEE-83] - default header size for JsefaCsvReader
	• [BATCHEE-84] - Batches.waitForEnd should return BatchStatus
	• [BATCHEE-85] - allow to configure file encoding for JSefaReader

	• [BATCHEE-63] - use tomcat OneLineFormatter by default in batchee cli
	• [BATCHEE-64] - StepLauncher should allow to get JobExecution instead of StepExecution
	• [BATCHEE-65] - remove unnecessary try/catch in CDIBatchArtifactFactory
	• [BATCHEE-70] - upgrade to jsefa 1.1.1
	• [BATCHEE-76] - Instances command doesnt list total
	• [BATCHEE-79] - batchee diagram mojo doesnt handle split properly
New Feature

	• [BATCHEE-60] - add skippedHeaderLines property in BeanIOReader
	• [BATCHEE-61] - upgrade openejb in cli assembly to support java 8
	• [BATCHEE-62] - add matchingStrategy to model mapper processor
	• [BATCHEE-72] - commons csv integration
	• [BATCHEE-75] - [cli] upgrade airline and allow user command to be registered
	• [BATCHEE-77] - add a cleanUp(Date until) to persistence service
	• [BATCHEE-78] - add documentation mojo for jbatch component
	• [BATCHEE-80] - add jsonp components
	• [BATCHEE-81] - migrate our cli to [cli] instead of airline

	• [BATCHEE-86] - upgrade dependencies to newer versions

The staging repo can be found here:

The source-zip can be found under:

my gpg key is in the KEYS file.

The branch used for releasing is available under

The tag is

Please VOTE
[+1] yes, all ok, let’s ship it!
[+0] meh, don’t care
[-1] stop, I found a ${blocker}

The VOTE is open for 72h

Thanks to all who contributed (this includes Scott, txs again!)

txs and LieGrue,

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