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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache BatchEE 0.1-incubating
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 12:38:46 GMT

I'd like to call a VOTE on releasing Apache BatchEE 0.1-incubating.

BatchEE is a JBatch implementation (based on the RI code) plus many useful extensions and
additional SPI implementations.

The following bugs and enhancements got implemented:


    [BATCHEE-1] - move from javax.* dependencies to org.apache.geronimo.specs.*
    [BATCHEE-2] - make the thread creation an SPI
    [BATCHEE-3] - Job/StepContext getExecutionId()/getInstanceId() return wrong value on
partition threads
    [BATCHEE-4] - Spec change on skip/retry exception matching coming in 1.1
    [BATCHEE-5] - Metrics weren't fully implemented in RI for partition steps
    [BATCHEE-6] - JAX-RS requires an Application impl
    [BATCHEE-9] - Once a batch action (JobOperator) is invoked it should use a single ServicesManager
and not a contextual one
    [BATCHEE-17] - Class 'IOs' is redundant in many modules
    [BATCHEE-19] - add TransactionManager support for IBM WebSphere
    [BATCHEE-24] - create the DB create table scripts for a few standard databases
    [BATCHEE-25] - entity StepExecutionEntity use reserved names as attributes

New Feature

    [BATCHEE-7] - ModelMapper ItemProcessor
    [BATCHEE-8] - basic test module
    [BATCHEE-10] - helper to execute step directly in batchee-test
    [BATCHEE-11] - basic cli
    [BATCHEE-12] - bar goal for mvn plugin and support for cli
    [BATCHEE-13] - suuport more than string injecton types
    [BATCHEE-14] - add JobExecutionCallbackService
    [BATCHEE-15] - try to generate a diagram (png?) from a batch file through a mvn plugin
    [BATCHEE-16] - create a war with batchee-servlet
    [BATCHEE-18] - AsynchronousProcessor

The release notes are available online:

Maven staging repo:

Source Release:
sha1: 2e5ffb5cf0c3b3bc762fbeed29bcc36b6d4abe75

My PGP release key 2FDB81B1 

I've staged the release commits in my private repo for a review
This gets merged to trunk once the VOTE succeeds.

The VOTE will be open for 72 hours. 

[ ] +1 approve 

[ ] +0 no opinion 

[ ] -1 veto (and reason why) 

txs and LieGrue, 


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