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From Oscar Rugama <>
Subject Relative path keystore Axis2
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:25:04 GMT
 Hi all:

      I'm developing a web service using axis2 & tomcat .  

     It´s a little bit complicated due to the fact that I act as a server but within the
aar in which I act as a server in same procedure I have to call to external Web Services (for
calling those External Web Service which are legacy it´s used Axis.

     Those external Web Service are not secured, I´m not using SSL because tender are not
asking for it.

  All work Ok, I mean I deploy aar and I make a calle to my server and everything ok.

     One of this Web Service now needs to be used using SSL, it means use a certificate.

      I know how to secure a Web Service that´s not the problem, in fact I have got all working.

     The key problem is that to get my keystore path I don´t want to use absolute path because
I´m not the admin of the server.

     And I´m facing that I don´t know how to do it, let me explain it with an example.

    There I use a  keystdata.jks keystore file to store some certificates. When I give the
Absolute Path 
for the keysdata.jks, everything works fine. But I am looking for a way
 to give the file path in relative to the source file. To achive that I 
have tried several methods and nothing works.

My project could be like that, so at first glance my keystore is placed at the what I thought
is the root level, so just writing 


I thought it should look in the root level. But nothing works (I mean an absolute path yes
it works)


Do anyone have any idea?
Thank you
Kind regards,

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