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From bhanu lakkala <>
Subject axis2 spring tomcat 8 issue
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2016 12:43:42 GMT
Axis2 team:
I have been working on an issue for the past few days and wanted to check
with you guys if you have any suggestions on fixing this issue.
My current technology stack is: windows 7, java 7/8, tomcat 8, axis2 1.6.3.
I have a web service that is very basic and it just connects to a database
and reads some info and spits out the info it read.
I have setup a Jndi resource for the datasource.  In the service's init
class's startup method, I am attempting to load the spring's
ApplicationContext and thereby load the jndi resource.
All of this used to work well with the combination of java 7, tomcat 7.x
axis2 1.6.3.
Recently due to a need to upgrade to newer version of tomcat, I upgraded to
tomcat 8. this resulted in "Name not found" exception.  I ditched the
spring's usage of finding jndi resource and used the initContext to lookup
the jndi resource and it worked fine. I have to use spring to find the jndi
context since most of our applications are already using spring and if i
need to change every single one of them it is a tedious process.
We also have a unix environment that I tested this with and I didnt find
any issues there. ie., I used spring to load the jndi resource, tomcat 8.x,
java 7, axis2 1.6.3.
I have also posted this issue on the stackoverflow site but haven't had
much luck finding a solution to the issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Bhanu Lakkala

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