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From Enrique Soriano <>
Subject WSsecurity: SignatureMethod error
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2016 13:40:27 GMT
Hi all, I need some help with Axis2/rampart.

I'm implementing a WS client. I generated the client stubs from a WSDL
file by using wsdl2java (jaxbri binding). The WSDL file includes a
WS-security policy, which sets TripleDesSha256Rsa15 as the

Rampart is engaged, my Keystore is ok, and so on. The problem: the
requests are signed with RsaSha256, but the server requires RsaSha1


AFAIK, WS-SecurityPolicy specifies that RsaSha1 is always used for the
signatures. The AlgorithmSuite (e.g. TripleDesSha256Rsa15) is used to
configure the other crypto algorithms (digest, symmetric, wrapping,
etc.), right?

What's happening here? Am I missing something?

I'm using Java 1.8, axis2-1.7.1, rampart-1.7.0 and wss4j-1.6.19.

Thanks in advance.

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