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From Kavan Sheth <>
Subject Axis2 stub using Wsdl2java gives compilation error
Date Sun, 31 May 2015 12:56:41 GMT

Using Axis2[1.6.2] Wsdl2Java utility to generate stub files (adb)

But getting following error during compilation of stub:

 incomparable types: long and <nulltype>

xsd/_2008/_08/[350,77] long cannot be dereferenced

In code I found following snippets in *AutoGenerated* code:

public static PricePlanOptionStateType fromValue(long value)

                  throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException {

       PricePlanOptionStateType enumeration = (PricePlanOptionStateType)

       _table_.get(value + "");

       if ((enumeration == null) && !((value == null) ||
(value.equals("")))) {

                  throw new java.lang.IllegalArgumentException();


       return enumeration;


issue lies at line

if ((enumeration == null) && !((value == null) || (value.equals("")))) {

found similar issue regarding int values, but it seems to have been fixed
in releases after 1.6.0

So wondering whether this issue is not fixed for long primitive type or am
I making some mistake?

Also if any workaround possible, please suggest.

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