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From Oscar Rugama <>
Subject Re: Log xml request file
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:29:26 GMT
I guess I explained very bad my problem so sorry for it, I will try to make it easier to explain.

 If I have developed a web service client with adb or xmlbeans generated automatically from
axis2 using the wsdl document, how can I see the complete xml file I mean the soap message
which is xml

  I know exactly which is the correct xml to be sent because as Martin said using the soap
ui you can know the xml request and you can see the structure, but the problem I have is that
I have to add within the soap header a security token.

     The process is that I call one web service and retrieve a security token from it
    Then I call another web service using the security token provided by the first web service.

    What I did was to create manually the xml structure of the security token and after I
added it to the soap header.

  So because I have changed the soap header I want to know how exactly the soap envelope will
go I mean the soap request which is a xml file just to compare with the structure I know that
should be sent.

For me it is ok if something like system.out.printl(request) and appears in the log the all
soap request xml file

Does it make sense now?

Thanks your support is her appreciated.

Un saludo,

On 6/3/2015, at 14:42, Martin Gainty <> wrote:


install a copy of SOAPUI from:

...for each service request..

put SOAP request into input request buffer
press/click "send request"

report back what you see 

Saludos Cordiales,

Subject: Log xml request file
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 13:07:17 +0100


   Please could anyone show me how to log the soap message I mea the xml file of an Axis2

   Let me explain.

    I have developed a stand alone app which call two web services.

    I performed one client with ADB
    I performed the other client with XML beans

  I´m getting an error in my clients and I was wondering to know exactly which soap message
I´m sending in order to try it in SOAP ui and knows if it works.

  In the past I now I did it several time ago that´s why I asked about it.

 I have been looking on Gloogle with no successful after trying serveral solutions I found
on Internet.

  The problem also is that because I´m getting an error I can´t use anything at all related
to Axis LastContext.

 Thanks in advance
Kind regards,
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