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From Navinderjit Kahlon <>
Subject Re: Axis2 Performance Issue
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2014 16:04:11 GMT

i m also working on same topic to call web service dynamically but not able
to achieve it so far...

could u plz help me how u have performed dynamic invocation of web
service... the complete scenario and its entire development....

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 1:37 AM, Sardar Hussain <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a strange issue with performance evaluation using Axis2 middleware.
>  I have two scenarios of calling web services through a client. One in
> centralised fashion and the other in decentralised fashion. Centralised
> scenario 1 goes like this:
>  I have a client that dynamically invokes 5 different services in a
> workflow fashion. I have engaged a custom module as inflow handler to the 5
> different services. I calculate the performance evaluation of calling these
> 5 services with the engagement of my module as well as without engaging the
> module.
> When I call these services through the same client as a workflow, without
> my custom module then it takes 1912 milli seconds. However, when I engage
> my custom module to the services it takes 2070- milli seconds. This shows
> the performance overhead of my custom module equivalent to 160 milli
> seconds.
> The second secnario 2 of decentralised invocation of the same services
> goes like this:
> A client invokes the first service of the 5 different services. Then the
> first service invokes the second service and similarly the sequence goes to
> the invocation of service 5 through the service 4. These services are
> invoked asynchronously (withoutout blocking) as a workflow. These services
> perform their own functionalities like in the earlier scenario, however,
> they are playing the role of a client for the invocation of the next
> service.
> Now the performance I get with the engagement and without engagement of my
> custom module goes like this:
> Without engageing the module it takes ~ 1450 milli second, which is less
> than 1850 as was the case in scenario 1, because they are invoked in
> decentralised fashion and hence no centralised bottleneck.
> But when I invoke this decentralised invocation with the engagement of the
> same module, it takes more than 2094 milli second. which shows that the
> module I have engaged is taking more than 600 milli second. I am wondering
> this module is the same as was engaged in scenario 1 and it took 160 milli
> second.  However, here it takes much more (~ 600 milli second) compared to
> the centralised one. Can one kindly guide me through where and what the
> reason might be?
> regards,
> Sardar Hussain

With thanks and regards

Navinderjit Kaur

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