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From Jayanga Dissanayake <>
Subject json.gson : 'NodeMap' in ConfigurationContext doesn't get cleared with service redeployment
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2014 12:37:08 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying out some samples with axis2 json.gson [1] implementation. In my
sample I have an Axis2 service which accept and sends json contents.
According to the json.gson implementation, it creates the 'NodeMap' in the
first invocation and sets it in the ConfigurationContext.

I made some changes to the json mappings in my service and simply redeploy
the service without restarting the server. While doing this I found out
that org.apache.axis2.json.gson.GsonXMLStreamReader failed to read the
request. While debugging the code found out that, this is happened by the
un-updated 'NodeMap' in the ConfigurationContext.

Though my service get redeployed, the 'NodeMap' doesn't get updated. Once I
try to access the service it tries to parse the request with old 'NodeMap'
and fails. ConfigurationContext doesn't get updated/invalidated with
service redeployment.

So, shouldn't the 'NodeMap' be stored in a context like ServiceContext,
 which get refreshed with service redeployment.

Can someone please help me to understand and solve the above issue.



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